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Fair Districts ad: politicians like bank robbers and foxes in the hen house

by Dara Kam | October 11th, 2010

Politicians are foxes guarding the hen house or bank robbers protecting the banks when it comes to drawing their own districts, a new ad by the backers of Amendments 5 and 6 accuses.

The amendments would change the way Congressional and legislative districts are drawn by prohibiting them from favoring incumbents or political parties.

Opponents of the measures are fighting back – they’ve enlisted the help of former NAACP president and civil rights icon Benjamin Chavis to boost their argument that the proposals would make it harder for minorities to get elected.

Supporters of Fair Districts, the group that collected the petitions to put the amendments on the ballot and is running the ad, include the NAACP, the League of Women Voters and national groups – including ACORN – that traditionally back Democrats who’ve pumped millions of dollars into Fair Districts’ campaign fund.

But the amendments are pitting minority leaders against one another and Democrats.

Opponents of the measures include GOP legislative leaders, the state’s biggest business groups and U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown, a Democrat who is black, who’ve set up their own political committee – Protect Your Vote.

They say the measures will make it harder for minorities to get elected, although Fair Districts supporters say federal voting rights laws won’t let that happen.

Chavis is now on board and, like other opponents, challenged Fair Districts to draw districts.

“Supporters of Amendments 5 and 6 cannot guarantee their guidelines will not reduce minority representation in Florida, which is why they have yet to produce a map,” Chavis said in a statement.

Supporters of the amendments say they won’t create districts because they would be challenged in court if they wound up being used by lawmakers in their redistricting plans.

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9 Responses to “Fair Districts ad: politicians like bank robbers and foxes in the hen house”

  1. Helen Says:

    This coming from the same people who are bankrolled by unions, trial lawyers, ACORN and George Soros??? Seriously, Fair Districts is run by con artists.

  2. smarter than helen Says:

    As opposed to the largest business groups who don’t care about workers, families, and job creation. If they can make more money shipping jobs out of the state they will. And they’ll do It with the tax breaks given to the by the majority power because of gerrymandering.

  3. Also smarter than Helen Says:

    This issue is no-brainer. Lawmakers are drawing their own districts with no standards. They’re picking their voters plain and simple and as a result they stay in office until they term out. If you want your vote to matter in legislative races vote for 5 & 6.

  4. unreal Says:

    Do you really think redistricting is going to make any difference? The crux of the problem lies with the two party system. You can vote out an old dog, and put in a new dog who votes the exact same way because that’s what the parties want him to do. We would be better served to do things that upset both parties and rest control of our lives from their one sided political agendas.

  5. Looters all of them Says:

    Politicians and the Lobbyists who buy them are now the biggest human scum in the history of all time.

    Almost all Politicians and Lobbyists are also Lawyers, and we know what most of them are.

    We do not need Career Politicians bouncing from fat govt job to fat govt job all coming from the legal field.

    We need Citizen Politicians who basically volunteer to serve their community for one term and then go back to their community.

    The system now….BOTH PARTIES, is just like 2 lawyers in a lawsuit….they care nothing for the people or the case, just what’s in it for them.

    They look at us like a fat bankroll to loot and plunder, not a State to build up in a healthy manner.

    Its really pathetic.

  6. unreal Says:

    Good analogy but Rick Scott fits that bill, and he looks to be a total tragedy waiting to happen. I like the small business owner as a leader who has had to deal with employees on a personal level and understand their issues, and who has sacrificed for the greater good, while still managing to stay in budget. Too bad most of those people are too smart to run for office.

  7. Stop Rick the Trick Says:

    unreal is right on the money..look at the background and past of the candidates, and choose the best person for Florida…Scott will come out in third place…he is a disaster and will lead Florida from 46 in Education to 50. Vote with your brain, Florida1 It is no longer Repub vs. Democrat.. Choose the best person for the job!!!

  8. LOL! Says:

    Undemocratic gerrymandering is not a solution for diversity in political representation. The main challenge to diversity in representation is the two party system and its monopolistic control of all “viable” political expression.That means regardless of your continental ancestry you must go through one of two parties and its dominant biases in order to get on a ballot in a particular jurisdiction and be considered a “legitimate” candidate by the media and public. You do not have the option of identifying with a party that does not use race theory in its judgment of candidate “viability” and competing on an equal level with the Democrats or Republicans and win on the basis of your ideas and the quality of the case you make. Instead Democrats and Republicans will run minority candidates in mostly minority access districts, with an exception in certain races beyond those boundaries, without competition from other parties who run more diverse tickets in non-minority access districts. The reason Republicans stick up for minority access districts is because for every one homogenous minority access district they create, they get three homogenous, white Republican, districts back.

    The real solution in addition to Amendments 5 & 6 is implementing Instant Runoff Voting for all single member elections, and changing the state Senate into a semi-proportionally elected body based on the Single Transferable Vote method. That would diversify representation in class, continental ancestry, gender, and faith much more greatly than the current methods of gerrymandering and two-party monopoly politics.

  9. Mike Blake Says:

    Thanks to Ben Chavis for giving me a “personal” phone call noting he opposes Props 5 & 6. Ben, boobie, I live in California and we have our own problems!!

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