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Dem Pac to Meek: Get out of the race

by Jane Musgrave | October 12th, 2010

Worried that Kendrick Meek can’t beat GOP candidate Marco Rubio, a group of Democratic leaders is asking the congressman to pull out of the U.S. Senate race and throw his support to Gov. Charlie Crist who says he is the only one who can beat Rubio.

Members of the People’s Choice of Palm Beach County PAC voted Monday to send County Commissioner Burt Aaronson a letter, asking him to relay their concerns to Meek, said Jay Weitz, president of the PAC that he says represents 80 to 85 percent of the Democratic clubs in the county.

Aaronson, who has been flirting with the idea of endorsing independent candidate Crist, is to meet with Meek on Wednesday to decide which of the two candidates will get his support.

In the letter, members of the PAC agreed to ask Aaronson to urge Meek to get out of the race “for the good of the Democratic Party,” Weitz said.

“I don’t think Kendrick Meek can win,” Weitz said. “He’s a fine gentleman but we don’t want Rubio.”

County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Alan Siegel downplayed the significance of the vote.

“It’s Burt writing a letter to himself,” he said initially. Later, after Aaronson said he wasn’t at the meeting when the vote took place, Siegel retracted the statement. Still, Siegel said the vote was improper. Many PAC members weren’t notified of the meeting. The 12 or so people who voted represent a fraction of the roughly 30 voting members of the PAC, he said.

The vote, he said, doesn’t represent dissension in the ranks. Rather, he said, it represents fear on the part of some Democrats. “There are always people who will break and run at the first sniff of (trouble),” he said.

But the fear that Meek can’t beat Rubio isn’t groundless. Polls have consistently shown Crist ahead of Meek. Siegel, however, said he expects that to change in the next week. Meek, he said, is surging while Crist is fading.

Aaronson said he would present the letter to Meek when they meet Wednesday. But, he said, he doesn’t plan to ask Meek to step down. Instead, he said, he will ask him how he plans to beat Rubio.

“This is a very difficult decision on my part,” he said. “But having been a loyal Democrat for many years, my conscience can not be cured if Marco Rubio were to become our senator.”

33 Responses to “Dem Pac to Meek: Get out of the race”

  1. Moderate Democrat Says:

    Finally some rational thought on the subject of uniting to stop Rubio.

  2. LOL! Says:

    This is precisely why these flaky individuals need to stop doing such PR stunts and simply support Instant Runoff Voting so they don’t have to reveal their general lack of principles and hold themselves hostage to choosing the lesser of evils in every single election cycle.

  3. could it be Says:

    Could it be they are sick of supporting an angry black guy? Maybe they got enough of that in the ’08 election

  4. Hot Java Band Man Says:

    Crist is still the best of the 3 running.

  5. No No Rubio Says:

    Independents and Democrats…don’t waste a vote on Meek, vote for Crist, unite against the worst candidate in 30 years, Marco Rubio

  6. Julie in Lantana Says:

    Agreed it is time to unite.

  7. A true independent Says:

    Why doesn’t Crist drop out and endorse Meek? Charlie Flip-flop has done nothing for FL so give someone who at least has taken a position on issues a chance. Crist just takes whichever position will get him votes. Rubio still gets my vote, but that’s irrelevant to this story.

  8. Rubio supporter Says:

    Great idea, Indy. Please Charlie, drop out and support Kenny.

  9. Real Dem Says:

    That’s the Dumbest thing I have Ever read. These Dems need to get their heads out of their ass. Kendrick on the ticket benefits many other Democratic races around the state.
    Rubio is not the only zombie up for election.
    Support who you may but STFU about it and just get out the vote.

  10. d Says:

    I agree..Get out of the race Meek..Crist has the only chance to pick up the moderates of both parties and many independents…Meek will only pick up democrats ..Crist is the only chance….

  11. Boca Jew! Says:

    Crist is NOT a Democrat nor has he EVER been a Democrat! STAY WITH MEEK! If this dysfunctional PB County Democratic Group goes with Charlie I will never vote for you all again. Aaronson has been such a disappointment. If Meek resigns I vote for RUBIO! RUBIO at least has the balls to tell people exactly who he is.

  12. Pat Says:

    Boca Jew: You are so full of it. Rubio hides behind his slick tv ads. No one knows who he is. Hopefully, the debates will let Floridians know how they are being fooled by Marco Rubio.

  13. Marge Says:

    Wow, Meek IS the democrat candidate. He beat another democrat, Jeff Greene, to get the nomination.

    Charlie Crist is an Independent. You can’t trust him. Meek has been loyal the whole way. Obama and Biden and even Rahm Emanuel showed up for Kendrick.

    Crist is a sicko. Hope the black community sees how they are being manipulated by democrats. You have a qualified, PROVEN black candidate and what are ‘some’ of the democrat bigwigs doing? Debasing him.

    Don’t vote for democrats.

  14. BobinBoynton Says:

    I agree with PAC, Meek out, all Votes for Crist!If you can’t beat em’, Join em’! We have to do whatever it takes to keep Rubio OUT OF OFFICE! Meek, we just saw you this last weekend at the CTA Rally. If you mean what you say, join Crist so we can keep Rubio out.

  15. Sandra Hellman Says:

    What is happening to the Democratic Party? Why can’t they support their candidate? When they do this, they don’t represent us!

  16. Frank Tilano Says:

    This old boys need to get off the playground and be medicated.

    They are sick and they are wrong…and they are criminals.

    Watch out because if you continue to do this..the Democratic party will be the Republican Party.

    Oh yeah it is you have Sachs (Republican) and Slosberg (Republican) Abruzzo (Republican)

    Deutch (a feminine product a woman may use when she is not feeling fresh in the area)

    Wexler (Who, yeah I made sure you guys had to pay millions for me leaving..

    “Burt push this guy out so I can get my other job to keep this one termer re-elected)

    Klein…poor baby you are going down with the ship.

    I feel bad for the people of Palm have NO leaders

  17. Cory Credo Says:

    Take the PAC and shove it where the sun don’t shine…out of Florida.

  18. Reality Says:

    I will not vote Democrat if Meek gets out the race. Meek is the one who has FOUGHT for Democratic ideals, like small class sizes when he was in the state house, and the stimulus bill, which SAVED thousands of Florida jobs. Crist is an opportunist who, admirably, wasn’t enough of a wingnut to win his party’s nomination, but that doesn’t equate to Meek having to get out of the race. If anyone should get out of the race, it should be CRIST NOT MEEK! Without Charlie’s diversion, Meek WOULD beat the nutwing Rubio. Democrats for Democrats!

  19. Biill Neubauer Says:

    They just have it backward. Crist should quit and leave the Democrats to the Democrats. Crist is “neither fish nor fowl,” only somebody who will flip-flop and do anyting he thinks will benefit HIM. He has proved that:
    1. He is a buddy of Obama.
    2. He can’t be trusted by anybody.

  20. Educator Says:

    I agree, Meek needs to go, I believe Crist will win in any case…

  21. Mimi Says:

    Meek is a do nothing political hack.

    I usually side with liberal democrats, yet I don’t give a damn about party loyalty if the candidate is weak.

    Crist has acted in the best interests of Florida more often than not, and since he owes allegiance to no committee or block of voters … I think this will continue. He’s moderate politically and I think that in this political climate, that’s best.

  22. Racist Dems Bail on Meek Says:

    Racist democrats want Meek to drop out? Democrats far out number GOP in florida, yet Meek is at 20% in the polls. Why?
    Racist democrats.

  23. Marcus Says:

    As a lifelong democrt who follows politics, I’d like to apologize to Kendrick Meek for the behavior of a few idiots in the party that dont understand loyalty, trustworthiness, and integrity. Charlie Crist put black people in “Chain Gangs” and thought it was funny. Charlie Crist has been in the pocket of the gun rights people for 20 years. He is practically married to Marion Hammer. Charlie Crist cut and veteod programs that helped out kids in the inner cities. He pushed Jeb Bush’s education agenda. He pushed Jen Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy. He pushed every Republican proposal the last 20 years.

    You rich white democrats are supposed to be better educated than some of “us”. Yet, you look foolish. Go ahead and abandon Kendrick Meek, I know one family that will not be voting for any white democrats that need my vote if that happens.

  24. Rational thinker Says:

    Do not forget the enemy here is the extreme far right Rubio. I will vote for the candidate who posesses the best chance to defeat him. If that is Crist that is a very palatable choice.

  25. allenhip Says:

    Rumor has it a very small number of this PAC held a secret meeting without all the members present.

    If all the members were present the vote would favor Meek and that is why they did NOT notify all the members.

    If they did not they can not speak for the full PAC.

    As I see it Meek can still win it.

    Remember when Meek was running against Greene they said we will lose, and he won with almost 60% of the vote.

    Burt Aaronson has no choice but to dump the letter in basket and support Meek.

    Failure to do so will tear the party apart and finally the DEC will end the PAC’s power in deciding who will get support or not.

    One way would be for all the heads of our Democratic clubs resign from this so call PAC.

    We need unity to win…..

  26. ELC Says:

    MEEK-Stay exactly where you are and don’t think of moving. If anyone should get out of the race is Mr. Flip Flop himself. Crist is a total disgrace and as an Independent, I would NEVER VOTE FOR HIM. If he can’t decide which way to go why should I choose him?As for the
    PB whatever sending FAT BOY BURT AARONSON to talk you into leaving-well tell FAT BOY TO SHOVE IT!As of now, Marco Rubio gets my vote.

  27. Been There Says:

    It’s almost as if the Democrat party is telling Black folks to do what they say, and if you dare to disagree, they will destroy you, either by publishing your social security number, or by demanding you cede the race to a conservative independent, or even by casting you as a radical angry extremist.

    Black folk should stop simply voting for Democrats just because they’re supposed to. Their votes are just taken for granted. If Meek quits, he earns the name “meek”.

    In honor of Lt. Col. West’s hometown, let’s call it Plantation politics.

  28. unreal Says:

    How pathetic. Maybe the PAC should spend their efforts getting the rest of the Dems to vote for Kendrick rather than throwing him under the bus. How disgraceful.
    And for all you Dems who are jumping on the anti-Rubio bandwagon, i wonder if you would be in such a panic and abandoning a loyal Democrat if you were not so concerned that the entire House and Senate is going to be lost.
    While the GOP is full of religious morons, the Dems have shown how they have no faith in their own candidates, and that they are willing to jump ship at the first sign of trouble.
    All of you pro Charlie Dems why don’t you ask Obama why he came down to support Kendrick. Or have you grown weary of him also?

  29. F. Grey Parker Says:

    From my open letter to Mr. Meek:

    With you in the race, Marco Rubio will almost certainly win. If Crist were to drop out, you still can’t win. Consider the impact of Rubio representing your core constituents. Really, think about it. The supporters that are doggedly behind you and your philosophies are the ones who will be least listened to and most threatened by this slick and smarmy star of the new Know-Nothings; The Tea Party.

  30. jason Says:

    Charlie Crist has no chance. Ballots went out weeks ago. Sink needs Meek voters at the polls. Crist has terrible ballot placement being 9th on the ballot. The focus should be on the governor’s race and congressional races that would be effected if Meek were to drop out.

  31. Tesla Says:

    I voted to Meek in the Primary and if he bows out because the of you idiots I shall vote for RUBIO! Crist is a desperate politician who needs to come out of the closet!

  32. Reality Says:

    If both Meek and Crist stay in the race both will lose. One must drop out. If Meek drops out practically 100% of his votes would go to Crist and he would win. If Crist drops out, the votes would be split and Rubio would win. There’s no alternative. Meek really must drop out or Rubio wins.

  33. RJN4181775volunteer Says:

    jokers to the right, clowns to the left

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