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Dem commissioner nears decision on whether to stick with Meek

by George Bennett | October 4th, 2010

Aaronson: watching polls

Aaronson: watching polls

When Democratic Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson expressed his support for Democratic Senate nominee Kendrick Meek in early September, he said he might reconsider around Oct. 1 and back independent Charlie Crist if Meek continued to be a distant third in the polls and appeared unable to defeat Republican frontrunner Marco Rubio.

Oct. 1 came last week with Meek continuing to trail Rubio and Crist. Aaronson made no announcement. This morning, Aaronson said he’ll decide next week — before the Oct. 18 beginning of early voting.

“I’ll make my decision between the 11th and the 15th. I’m looking at the polls very closely,” Aaronson said.

Aaronson and Crist are both expected at Wednesday’s Alliance of Delray Residential Associations meeting, but Aaronson said no one-on-one meeting with Crist is planned.


20 Responses to “Dem commissioner nears decision on whether to stick with Meek”

  1. ozmo Says:

    Meek should give up and throw his support to Crist. Meek has less than zero chance. If Meek is not interested in ego and power, then he should do the right thing. He could put ultra T Party extremist and corrupt Rubio in office.

  2. pghjim Says:

    Who cares what Commissioner Burt Aaronson says about anybody. We should only concern ourselves as to when this blowhard gets out of public office and stays there. He can retire an take cruises gratis of all the film festival people send him. This is why we need to get rid of single member districts to be able to have all of the people to vote all of the commissioners out of office.

  3. Native Says:

    Whio cares what this fat ass thinks!!! I hope soon the Feds will investigate this moron

  4. Mike Says:

    Only in the minds of Republicans can a Floridian see the differences between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist.

    This scramble of influential Democrats to support or jump onto a Charlie Crist bandwagon is pitiful.

    With no recognizable differences to promote from Rubio, Crist’s only positive is that he will be available to more Democratic politicians.

    Where does this benefit reach down to the Democratic voters? In what specific manner does voting for Charlie Crist do anything for Florida Democrats?

    Recently Rubio has been filing down his Tea Party edges because he and Charlie Crist are really very very close in their insider status.

    The benefit of Charlie Crist versus Marco Rubio is miniscule to Democratic voters and not worth the cost.

    If your elected Democrat supports Charlie Crist it is for their own individual aggrandizement and has no relevancy to you because Crist and Rubio are too similar to make a difference.

  5. Patricia Abbott Says:

    Democrats choosing to support Christ will split the vote and ensure that Rubio wins.

  6. d Says:

    Meek does not have a chance to win against Marco Rubio, not in this environment…

  7. Who cares? Says:

    If anyone is going to vote based on who Aaronson supports, the same person who retired from the county commission then came back to double dip into the taxpayer’s trough, who received a free cruise from the film festival non-profit he founded, whose daughter in law got a job with GL Homes after he approved a road extension…..if anyone is going to cast their vote based on who Aaronson “endorses” that person should simply give up their right to vote and admit they cannot think critically. Seriously, who cares who Burt supports?

  8. swathdiver Says:

    Aaronson is a BIG GOVERNMENT STATIST, who cares what he thinks.

    It doesn’t matter if Meek or Crist drops out, Rubio is going to win. Americans are choosing LIBERTY over TYRANNY which these men represent.

  9. Common Sense Says:

    It isn’t that voters will follow suit and vote for Crist simply because Aaronson or other Dem supporters back him; It is that people will stop and realize that if they waste their vote by choosing Meek over Crist, they will surely be sorry come Nov 2nd because Rubio will be the benefactor and we, the citizens of Florida will lose. Please, do the right thing and vote for the one person who has the support of all types of voters — Charlie Crist.

  10. LOL! Says:

    Yes Rubio represent the LIBERTY to stuff a $48 million earmark to build a Taj Mahal courthouse for two former Jeb Bush aides appointed as appellate judges by their boss. Yes you vote for Rubio and choose the freedom to let him rip you off. Hell, give him a credit card while you’re at it.

  11. Common Sense Says:

    Swathdiver – Liberty is what Charlie Crist has had since he realized the republican party, of which I was a member for 30 years, has gone off the deep end. Charlie Crist has the liberty and freedom to choose what is best for the people without being controlled by either party! Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing!! Vote line 9!!

  12. ycb Says:

    once again the Democratic Party is putting ego, appearance before the needs of the people of Florida. The fact that Kenkrick is stuck in 3rd place is evidence enough that Floridians would vote for Crist over Kendrick. We’ve seen the parade of the democratic heavyweights throughout the state on behalf of Kendrick yet no miracle, Kendrick is still stuck- when will you people get it or better yet, when will do the right thing for Florida.

  13. RealAngst Says:

    If I was Meek, I would ask him to support anyone else. This guy is a cancer.

  14. ycb Says:

    RealAngst, I see that you haven’t gotten over the fact that Crist rejected you and the GOP’s racist ultra radical tea party politics – your comment is a reflection of your anger– that is the cancer you need to attend to. Get use to Senator Crist.

  15. Laugher Says:

    Who cares what Burt has to say 1 and 2 why would Crist want a soon to be felon’s endorsement? Burt is the most corrupt out of all the ones who went down already. Remember the FBI tapped his phone first years ago. Along with that other Azz clown Andre.

  16. swathdiver Says:

    Common Sense – Charlie dumped the Republican Party when he realized the voters chose Rubio over him. Charlie went independent for Charlie, like Murkowski and Specter before him.

    Charlie has the backing of the teacher’s unions and Obama so it’s no surprise who he’d caucus with if elected. The only morality the statist accepts is that which will further his belly.

  17. Moderate Democrat Says:

    Today Republican Chamber poll:

    Rubio 40
    Crist 33
    Meek 16

    The numbers speak and Rubio must be stopped.

  18. Barry Says:

    MOderate Dem,

    Its from the are just as dumb as Aaronson who has been supporting anyone but Meek since day one. He got Green to run in the primary so little Bobby can get his deal.

    This boys are scum.

    Aaronson legacy is going to be remember me I am the corrupt politician who with Wexler, Deutch, Sachs and Slosberg help ruin the future of not just the Democratic party but the state of Florida in general.

    No chutzpah just uses the word a lot to appease the Jewish voters and mensch too in order to pretend they care about the Jewish voters or anyone else.

    They are racist but most importantly dumb.
    If they wanted to be good leaders they should of stood up to Obama when he was wrong on Israel

    No chutzpah…just a bunch of yutzis with no shmeckles

  19. Jews before Blacks Says:

    Burt Aaronson places jews ahead of blacks.

    Joe Abruzzo endorsed jewish billionaire (two yr Florida resident and former republican candidate in CA) over Kendrick Meek.

    Maria Sach endorses Charlie Crist over Kendrick Meek.

    Robert Wexler (he RESIDED in Maryland while representing S FL-did NOT pay FL taxes, school taxes, insurance, visit local merchants) endorses Charlie Crist.

    The democrats in S FL are throwing over the black man. They don’t unify and support him. They cast him aside. That’s what blacks in S FL should take note of.

    YOU CAN’T TRUST these DEMOCRATS. They want JEWISH representatives, not black representatives.

    S FL jewish democrats slapped black people in the FACE.

    Look how they demean the black republican running against Ron Klein.

    Blacks- vote for Allen West, forget Ron Klein.

    If the ‘tolerant’ jewish democrats throw black candidates SO easily under the bus, there is no parity in that party.

    These people do NOT support Kendrick Meek

    Joe Abruzzo don’t vote for him
    Maria Sach don’t vote for her
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz don’t vote for her
    Irv Slosberg don’t vote for him

    Note those NAMES!

    What a slap in the face! NO TRUST!

  20. Says:

    Posted it to twitter. Greetings from the Speedy DNS

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