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Crist tells Dems ‘I can win’ against ‘radical right’ Rubio

by George Bennett | October 1st, 2010

In case you missed Gov. Charlie Crist’s hourlong sitdown with The Palm Beach Post editorial board this morning, the Republican-turned-independent governor made it pretty clear his strategy over the next month will be to paint GOP nominee Marco Rubio as a “radical-right” fringer and woo Democratic voters by convincing them that Dem nominee Kendrick Meek can’t win.

Several recent polls show Rubio opening up a double-digit lead over Crist, with U.S. Rep. Meek a distant third.

“I can win,” Crist told the editorial board when asked about the difference between himself and Meek.

Crist continued: “And I think that it’s important in this race, unless you want to have a radical right U.S. Senator, a decision has to be made pretty fast, in the next 32 days. What’s the reasonable alternative, and can it be victorious? I’m that person. I’m number two in every poll I’ve seen….And God bless the congressman (Meek), he’s a fine person, a good guy, I like him. But I don’t want to have Marco Rubio as my United States Senator.”

At one point in the editorial board interview, Crist referred to Rubio as “a Jeb Bush guy.”

Afterward, Crist was reminded that he once called himself a “Jeb Bush Republican.”

“Yeah, well, that’s changed,” Crist said. “I think Jeb and I both agree on that. I’m not even a Republican.”

Crist was then asked if he had changed or if Bush had changed.

“I think the party’s changed, dramatically,” Crist said. “I think it’s gone hard right. It’s why I had to veto ultrasound, it’s why I had to veto Senate Bill 6. I think they’ve lost their minds, really, the hard-right part of the party.”

18 Responses to “Crist tells Dems ‘I can win’ against ‘radical right’ Rubio”

  1. PanhandleConservative Says:

    Crist says that the Republican’s have lost their minds. We haven’t lost our minds, we have found our soul…We want our country back, we want to give our grandchildren the country we were given and it begins NOW, with this election. GO MARCO! GO RICK! GO WEBSTER!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

    Way to take on the extreme right which Meek is incapable of doing.

  3. Concerned voter Says:

    Looks like we got a fighter willing to say hell no the the wingnuts.


    Get the hell out of our state…
    You bring the ds and rs together in making us both sick.

    I might for the first time vote for Rubio because Robert Wexler is backing a turncoat just like him.


  5. mARTY STEVENS Says:

    Take off your jacket don’t stay awhile.
    The funny part is you should of stayed as Governor because Sink will Sink and the Ds are going to get Rubio elected


  6. Moderate Democrat Says:

    I agree “Give em hell Charlie!”.

  7. FloridaNative for Charlie Says:

    Excellent interview Governor!! We are with you all the way to D.C.!!!

    Remember – Vote Line 9

  8. jason Says:

    I am not big into politics but I am voting for Meek because I know that this guy is so dumb and he was running to be VP with McCain.

    There is no way my party is this dumb. If so in 2012 I will be voting Republican.

    Good luck Congressman Meek.

  9. theloneconsumer Says:

    Charlie ,oh poor Charlie. When he was running for Governor, he said what he needed to say to get past Gallagher. Looking back, I believe that Delmar Johnson with Brett Doster did Gallagher’s campaign. Delmar and another party faithful lied to Gallagher about the polls. And so at the last minute, he realized they were in Crist’s camp all along. Gallagher fired half the staff, Jeb Bush faithfuls, from the state GOP. It was too late.
    Later, Crist flip flopped on everything just to get the general election swing voters.
    If you get GOP money, maybe you have to tow the party line. Crist’s only nature that allowed him to get this far? He pushed through voucher progam bills for Jeb in Liberty City. He covered Jeb’s back when he was Atty general. He supported Dept of State Glenn Hood with legal firepower, when it was obvious to some of us shinanigans were going on with the voter software, the voter database..
    And at the last minute, they had to support the voter software print ballot change. Too many lawsuits.
    It was obvious as Jeb was running for offices, that the state was changing to DEM Blue state. By restraining the eligible voters to vote, like convicted felons and shortening voting times (especially in South Florida) things changed to benefit GOP Red Republicans.
    So, Charlie is at the end of his rope, and all those friends with party GOP campaign donations are hoping like heck Governor wnna be Rick Scott will keep Florida a state in heavy property resident tax receipts. Because the alternative is big business needs to pay their way!
    Well, Charlie cant flip flop, the pancake is too dark and burning!

  10. FIXIT Says:


  11. l Says:

    you go which ever way the wind blows and thats why our country is in the mess it is in now because of politicians like you. you snowed me once and you wont do it again.

  12. Independent lady Says:

    I’m voting for Charlie. The party hacks from both parties can stuff it.

  13. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Please Explain To Me Why We Tolerate Crist and McCollum?


  14. brigitte Says:


  15. Crist is an idiot Says:

    Dude does not even know what a fillibuster really means.

    So sick and tired of his crap.

    He won’t tell us who he’ll caucus with, because he will caucus with whoever wins in November. No principle here. Raw politician. Sick of him.

    Vote for Rubio or Meek. Don’t believe Crist’s lies.

  16. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    NY Times Columnist Admits: Republicans More “civically literate” Than Democrats


  17. Lady Says:

    When it comes to Rubio, follow the money. You’ll find the banksters who have destroyed the middle class supporting him as well as the oil billionaires.the only thing Rubio ever did for the people of Florida was support bills which would end up in cushy paybacks and $ for himself. We have enough of that in Washington DC already. He’s for teaching children “creationsism”, not evolution; for privatizing social security,and says its too bad if the banks lose it for you, for stopping unemployment benefits but wants to extend tax cuts for the 2% wealthiest which will cost $750 billion more to us, the taxpayers. Hey, if you’re that wealthy I guess he’s your man. I want a Senator who will work for my good, and thats not Marco Rubio. My vote goes to Governor Crist for US Senator from Fl.

  18. da_truth Says:

    Kudos to Crist for telling it like it is. “Lost their minds” is a pretty apt description.

    And I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why my taxpayer dollars are paying for Marco Rubio to have a no-show, six figure job at Florida Int’l University.

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