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Crist scores Robert F. Kennedy endorsement

by Dara Kam | October 13th, 2010

In the midst of chatter about whether U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek should drop out of the U.S. Senate race, Gov. Charlie Crist nailed down the endorsement of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Crist, a lifelong Republican who turned independent to avoid running against Marco Rubio in the GOP primary, will appear with Kennedy in Deerfield Beach this morning to make the endorsement announcement.

Crist first hooked up with fellow environmentalist Kennedy at Crist’s climate change summit three years ago.

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19 Responses to “Crist scores Robert F. Kennedy endorsement”

  1. Rational thinker Says:

    It is time to unite behind Governor Crist to teach the wingnuts a lesson.

  2. A true independent Says:

    Why should we care wether some politician/celeb or whoever endorses a candidate? Don’t we have minds of our own in this country? I personally use endorsements to decide who NOT to vote for in most cases…

  3. Fred C Dobbs Says:

    Big deal. An endoresement from a family known for cokeheads, alcoholics, philanderers, whores, cheats, etc..

    Might be meaningful if it came from JFK or RFK.

  4. Rob Gorman Says:

    Take the Jr off his name and it might matter.

  5. Why Crist? Says:

    Why would anyone vote for Charlie Crist? He flip flops on issues not just day-to-day, but hour-to-hour. Which ever way the wind is blowing is the way Charlie will go.

    I don’t care what whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, you can’t believe a single word that Charlie Crist says.

    First he was the “most conservative guy in the room”, then he was pro-choice. He said five times in one debate that he was a Republican and would be on the ballot in November as a Republican. It take long for him to go “Independent”. Whether you like Meek or not, at least he’s consistently a liberal-Democrat.

  6. Ron Says:

    I’d be embarrassed to get RFK Jrs. endorsement. He’s a phoney and a fraud of the highest caliber. Flies in his private Lear jet to spout off about the hoax of globull warming. Uses large SUVs and limos for local travel etc. A true whack-job eco-nut. Just another in a long line of Kennedy drunks and druggies.

  7. Walter Kraft Says:

    Big Deal…Wexler we don’t care what favors you used to get this douche endorsed…we are not voting for this guy because he has always voted on bad policy period.

    Stop blogging staffers…
    This is the NO DEAL
    Look what happened last got this one termer elected

  8. joe Says:

    I think Christ is the only one with ties to our area. And has held public office longer than any of the other candidates, that means more political connections and would handle the senate office better.

  9. Native Says:

    Joe your an idiot!!! Those are the reasons not to vote for The gay man!! He’s been in office way to long. He’s lost site of the public’s intrest! Hell with the great health care, great pay, and the benifit’s they give themselves! Well let’s just say, I would like this job! I couldn’t do any worse!!Say NO YO CAHRLIE CRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. floridaforall Says:


    “It is time to unite behind Governor Crist to teach the wingnuts a lesson.”

  11. unreal Says:


    The very thing you said is why we need to get rid of Crist for good. Too entrenched in the system and all the old crooked dogs who run America. He is just going to fall right into it, and do what is good for his bank account, not ours.

  12. Shawn Patterson Says:

    I find this quite humorous. Frankly, any Kennedy other than John or Bobby (and there’s obviously a problem with either of those) endorsing a candidate is reason enough all by itself NOT to vote for that candidate.

  13. Craig Says:

    Crist would sell out his own mother if he thought it would gain him votes. I don’t need some spoiled Kennedy brat who pleaded guilty to heroin possession to tell me who is good for Florida!

  14. unreal Says:

    Honestly if JFK would rise up and endorse Charlie then i might support him. That would be two miracles in a row.

  15. Tom Bender Says:

    I’m no fan of Crist nor Kennedy.
    Never was a fan of the Rhino Arnold.
    He screwed up California while making his bank accouts a little fatter.
    Ask Arnold to prove he hasen’t used the governorship for his profit and wealth.
    Arnold is viewed as the culmination of ‘Beavis and Butthead’.
    His looks match and so does his brain.
    Charlie, all I can tell you is “no thanks Arnold, I’ll do better without you”.

  16. Jane Jamison Says:

    RFK Jr calls Marco Rubio and the Tea Party “crackpots?”

    hahaha….RFK Jr.DEFINITELY KNOWS a crackpot …or a crackhead when he sees one….

  17. Glenn Koons Says:

    Having taught a long time ago in Ft Pierce, I cannot believe Fla. voters will reward Crist or Meek for supporting the same policies as Obama, San Fran Nan and Prince Harry. And who cares if a Kennedy endorses anyone in Fla. He is just another Green lunatic who doesn’t like Fla. using its own energy resources. I only wish I hd a great new leader like Rubio to vote for. Unfortunately I do not. But, Fla. voters just will not elect a flip flopper say anything character like Charlie. It would be an insult to their intelligence.

  18. Juan Says:

    RFK Jr. is clearly biased against hispanics with his endorsement of Crist. He is most definitely a racist. Go Rubio!

  19. John P Quinn Says:

    There is going to be tremendous confusion, fear,anistling “past the graveyard” as the paradigm that has more or less endeared us to critical allies in the middle east such bias Saudia Arabia, Turkey, And Egypt slowly
    but surely unravels over the next 3-5 years, and our friends under The TREMENDOUS leadership of Secretary Clinton scrambble to devise new National security estimates on all these Countries and who are the principals and players, steeped in Islamic fundamentalism, Jihad, and Sharia law, firsr and foremost solidify
    power and control over media, Military,
    and the various intelligence apparatuses
    President Obama is going to have to rely first and foremost on State to sort
    out this approaching ugly saga, and secondly the STATESMAN both

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