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Crist: ‘I’m not causing trouble’; Meek furious

by Dara Kam | October 29th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist said he doesn’t remember if he contacted the White House about getting Kendrick Meek to drop out of the U.S. Senate race and said it doesn’t matter.

“They were just interested in staying up with what was going on. I’m not going to get into the back and forth about it. I think it’s been well-reported. The story that’s out this morning it’s true and accurate,” the independent candidate told reporters at a campaign stop in Panama City this morning.

Crist denied reports that he would caucus with the Democrats if Meek dropped out of the race and said he can’t remember who initiated talks with President Obama’s administration.

“I really can’t remember and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is what the people of Florida want…This is a Florida decision for Floridians to decide what they want -if they want an extremist like Marco Rubio or if they want a common-sense candidate like Charlie Crist. That’s really what it comes down to,” the former Republican said.

The race between Meek, Crist and Republican Marco Rubio has dominated the news since yesterday’s reports that former President Bill Clinton tried to get Meek to drop out of the race. Crist said he has spoken with White House officials about the matter but declined to divulge names.

An angry Meek appeared on national news programs insisting he will not drop out of the race and created a furor within the Democratic Party on the state and national level.

“It’s very disappointing that the governor knows more about this than I do,” he said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “He called the White House. He called the Clinton people. He called me.

“And guess what? When he called me, when he caught up with me at a conference two or three days ago, I told the governor: ‘Let me tell you something. If your pathway to victory is me getting out of the race, then you’re not going to win.’ “

He concluded: “I’m in this race to win.”

Crist, for his part, dismissed critics who claim he leaked the story in the final days of early voting and days before the Election to gain a political advantage.

“We’re not causing trouble. We’re causing freedom,” Crist said..

22 Responses to “Crist: ‘I’m not causing trouble’; Meek furious”

  1. St Pete Native Says:


  2. Steve S Says:

    Rubio is clearly going to win. I’m not even sure if Crist wins with Meek out. This is dirty politics and I wonder if African Americans nationwide may not vote for Dems after trying to force their well qualified candidate out? Crist is the one flip flopping all over the place.

  3. Adela Says:

    That’s exactly what Charlie Crist is doing…causing trouble. It’s all about his advancement, not the State’s or anybody else.

    Charlie is about Charlie. He’ll say anything, do anything and that makes him a most dangerous man.

  4. Irish Mike Says:

    Dear Charlie: Suppose the people of Florida would like the option to vote for a true Democrat? Aren’t you & Bill working to eliminate that option?

  5. Tally Says:

    I think it’s hilarious how Republicans are painting this thing as a seedy back room deal. Republicans created the practice of back room deals. After all, it was one of those very “deals” in Orlando a full year ago that decided Marco Rubio would be the Republican candidate over the sitting Governor, Charlie Crist. Marco was not a shoe in for the primary, but they picked him anyway because he could be primed for being the puppet they wanted. They couldn’t control Charlie. Governor Crist won a lot of Florida voters support afterwards for thumbing his nose at back room politics and declaring himself an independent. He may be the only pure candidate running–and don’t count him out. Sixty percent of the voters have not yet weighed in.

  6. Jackie Says:

    We all know that Meek has no chance. He did even run one ad attacking Rubio. His whole effort was meak.

    I for one will not waste my vote. I will vote for the only option to stop the extreme far right Rubio. That is why I will vote for Crist.

  7. Dr. Phil Says:

    Rubio will win this hands down. What is Meek pissed about? – he running for second.

  8. Charley Foxtrot Says:

    At least Kendrick has some true convictions. Charlie Crist couldn’t care less about the “People of Florida”. He is nothing but a self serving phony who will say anything and do anything to get elected. If his leg was on fire, I wouldn’t pee on it to put it out. Only a true MORON would vote for this idiot.

  9. DUNE DAWG Says:

    Tally, put down the crackpipe…Chuckie WAS the annointed GOP candidate – RINO as ever – that dropped out and became a Dumbocrat Indipundant when polls showed voters preferred moderate conservative Marco Rubio two to one!

    In every case nationwide the GOP has supported the voter approved primary GOP winner! Even when the party leaders felt she couldn’t win…

    That is the main difference between GOP and BARAMA’s NUEVO SI SE PUEDE — MANANA? George Soros bought Democrat party…they believe their tent of many colors are all too stupid to select anything! HEY, they even locked out Democrats for their NannyState Pelosi and Hateful Harry BARAMACare, Cap&Tax, SPENDuLUST — that is why none can run on their “record” – there are no “sound bites” of any discussions!!

    Florida has perhaps never had such an excellent public servant as Senator Marco Rubio should be!! He did an outstanding job of pushing thru most people’s work — against a lackluster RINO GOV Chuckie!!

    Why has the PBP not enumerated Rubio’s “100 Floridians Ideas” and compared the record of accomplishment of achieving them?? For the same reason this rag did not elaborate on the dozen unanimous consent bills that bipartisanly would have done the people’s work – except GOV Chuckie vetoed them for the sheer publicity!!

  10. PanhandleConservative Says:

    We the people have the right to vote for whomever we feel is the best candidate for the job. Someone who will stand up for us in Washington and won’t let the socialist agenda go forward. The job requires our US Senator to support his/her constituents. GO MARCO GO!

  11. Adieu Says:

    Charlie QUOTE: ‘doesn’t remember’ contacting the White House! That IS laughable.

    and Charlie says QUOTE: ‘it doesn’t matter’.

    Wow, Charlie doesn’t deserve any political position anywhere. It’s do or die for him in this election. He can’t come back in two years to run again, BUT Meek can, even if he loses.

    Adieu, Charlie, adieu

  12. Garl Says:

    I think it has gotten to the point where the Governor requires some manner of “professional” help. Truly. His behavior grows more bizarre with each passing day, and I am ashamed to say that I have supported him in the past.

  13. Message to Black democrats Says:

    The black community better recognize this: there are democrats who will not support the primary democrat candidate winner, Meek. They do not allow the PEOPLE, who voted for Meek, to speak!

    That’s not so with republicans even when they don’t like the republican candidate winner (Scott) they let THE PEOPLE speak with their votes.

    There is no advancement in the democrat party. It’s their way or the highway.

    The democrats in Florida have kick Meek down the road. They have ‘dissed’ him, whipped him, and hung him out to dry, publically humiliating him over and over.

    Assess your party. If you choose to remain with them, do so at your candidate’s peril.

    Wake up minority S FL democrats!

  14. Concerned voter Says:

    Here are the facts:

    The wingnuts are posting in a transparent attempt to make trouble for their own purposes.

    There is only one viable option to stop them and that is Governor Crist.

    It is time to consolidate behind Crist.

  15. Get Real Says:

    Marco must be loving this. This is not a racist issue, it is an issue about who can win and Meek can’t. If he doesn’t bow out any vote for him is actually for Rubio. That is the reality, its not a back room deal, just plain simple reality and that is whether the guy was white, black, yellow or green.

  16. Herbie Hancrock Says:

    Has anyone asked Rubio to drop out? For all you high-and-mighty Democrats, wouldn’t that be the correct move?

  17. Jack Gillies Says:

    Charlie Crist is currently looking for a real estate agent in Wilton Manors.

  18. Irish Mike Says:

    @ Get Real: Do you think an agreement whereby the Dems offer something to Meek to get him to drop out (historically, jobs are what they tend to offer), and in return for Kendrick’s endorsement, Charlie agrees to caucus with the Democrats (meaning Charlie votes for what the party bosses want – EXACTLY what he says his candidacy opposes!)

    Let’s give a name to this charade: Fiorst there was the Louisiana Purchase, then the Cornhusker Kickback. Would Crist’s deal be the Gator Trader?

  19. unreal Says:

    ‘Doesnt remember’. He must not remember saying in the debate the other day that he wasundecided as to who he would caucus with. Must have been saving that to give as a last ditch effort to retain power.
    Meek nailed. Desperate.
    Buy bye Charlie. Do us all a favor and moveto Washington even when you lose. Maybe one day Maryland voters will buy you pack of lies and deceitful ways. Florida has had enough of you.

  20. ertdfg Says:

    “Concerned voter Says:
    Here are the facts:
    The wingnuts are posting in a transparent attempt to make trouble for their own purposes.
    There is only one viable option to stop them and that is Governor Crist.”

    So the only choice for a Democrat is to consolidate behind a “independent” Republican and help get that Republican elected… for the good of the Democrats? And others are “making trouble” but you’re here for the good of getting a Republican elected.

    Current polls has Crist in the high 20′s and Meek in the low 20′s… why not consolidate behind the actual Democrat?

  21. angela Says:

    Meek is a joke. Rubio is a fraud. Charlie is ..Charlie.

  22. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Charlie Crist: From Governor to a Truck Stop Hooker


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