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Crist: A vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio

by Dara Kam | October 12th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist believes he’s the only candidate who can “stop the Tea Party mess” and defeat Marco Rubio in the three-way U.S. Senate race and that a vote for the Democrat – U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek – equates to a vote for Rubio.

“It sure looks like it. Yeah. I mean, you know, regrettably, that would be the case. I think Democrats are reaching that conclusion all across Florida. They tell me that,” the Republican-turned-independent told reporters when asked if a vote for Meek would be the same as a vote for Tea Party favorite Rubio.

Crist denied that his campaign has been pressuring Meek, lagging in the polls behind frontrunner Rubio and Crist, to drop out of the race.

“Number one, there’s no pressure. People should do what they feel is right. But I’m clear about this. I’m the only candidate who can win in November and stop the Tea Party and the mess that Mr. Rubio would bring to Washington,” Crist said.

Crist said it’s up to Meek whether to drop out.

“That’s his decision. I have no comment,” Crist said.

Despite lagging in the polls behind Rubio by a double-digit margin, Crist was characteristically upbeat about his chances of winning next month’s election.

“I feel great. I’m an optimist. Where I get m optimism is from the people. What’s most important is not what polls say but what people say. I talk to them all across the state, virtually every day. The mood is good. They want an independent voice to speak for them. They’re tired of what the parties do in Washington. They’re tired of gridlock. They are hopeful that we can cut through the fog of partisanship and do what’s right for the people,” Crist said. That’s what this campaign represents. If they want to change everything in Washington, that’s the path we should follow.”

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21 Responses to “Crist: A vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio”

  1. George Says:

    A vote for Crist, then is a vote for what? The only we know he stands for is being Senator. Is Crist for or against the Obama agenda? Is he for or against limited government, lower taxes, and less government wasteful spending? It changes with the polls. Is not worth the risk to roll the dice with him.

  2. d Says:

    Go Charlie,

    We need someone who looks at this issues and decided what is right for the people and not whats right for the party…either party…as it looks now we are headed for more gridlock after this elections and it will be great having an non party affiliated Senator for Florida…maybe it will wake people up

  3. Amanda Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  4. Moderate Democrat Says:

    The premise is correct and Rubio must be stopped.

  5. akcoyote Says:

    Crist is definitey no conservative. A vote for Crist is a vote for more socialism.

  6. Fred Says:

    Why would a Democrat support a “say and do anything to get elected” Republican like chain-gang Charlie Crist against a loyal Democrat with a record to back his rhetoric? Could race be a factor? There is only one reason for a Democrat to support Crist…Meeks race is still a factor.

    Apparently Meek doesn’t know his place at the Florida Democratic table. He’s supposed to serve the food, not eat it!

  7. Frustrated Says:

    What must be stopped is the ignorant, liberal-minded democratic party which ruins our economy every time they get an opportunity to lead the obviously uneducated masses of our society.

  8. Plain As Day Says:

    When Rubio gets elected, your choice will be tea, tea or tea. Ha! Get used to it, you mealy-mouthed liberals.

  9. Tim Says:

    Anything to besmirch the black man. The continued theme from democrats.

  10. Get Real Says:

    This is very true. Is it really a bad thing to have someone representing Florida that is Independent? It would seem that we need more Independents across the board to help stop the grid lock and voting along party lines. Christ has changed his position along the way which is actually a good thing. He listens to what his constituents want, certainly not everyone will agree but at least he is willing to change his mind based on feedback rather than just voting with a party.

  11. Tim Says:

    The Palm Beach Post is not accepting anymore comments on their article regarding no COLA for seniors. Just one comment from ‘DunDawg’ who said it was a stale economy and social security recipients did really deserve a cost of living adjustment.

    I tried to post a comment (twice) about congressmen and women sure getting their automatic pay raise in January and the Post has posted the comment.

    Congressmen and women got their AUTOMATIC PAY RAISE even though it’s a ‘stale economy’ and seniors did not get ANYTHING!

  12. Rational thinker Says:

    As a Democrat it is time unite behind Crist. This conclusion is reached after thought and reflection.

  13. unreal Says:

    The better situation would be for Charlie to drop out. We are tired of the same old politics politicians who will do and say anything for their own benefit. A vote for Charlie would be a vote for Charlie. Can you imagine him in Washington hob nobobbing with his buddies? That doesn’t sound very appealing.
    Either Meek or Rubio stand behind their beliefs, and it is not like they are going to run the Senate their way. Come on. Neither one of them is nearly as dangerous as Charlie.
    Charlie time for you to go out to pasture.

  14. Rational thinker Says:

    Unreal: Your name mirrors your post.

    Give em hell Charlie!

  15. raspalena Says:

    He is damn right! Even if I like Meek, he has no chance. The only way to prevent this caveman (Rubio) to get the post is switching to him. Besides, he has show some kind of respect for the voters.

  16. sabrina Says:

    People of Florida. US can not afford six years of Rubio Senatoriing. Please, wake up and think about the country if you don’t think of Florida.

  17. Oxy Limbaugh Says:

    What must be stopped are the frustrated, obviously uneducated masses of our society that fail to realize that the economy was beyond ruined before our centrist Democrat President ever took office.

  18. Been There Says:

    Charlie says he’s pro-life, but won’t force his views on others. Imagine 150 years ago, a politician saying “Personally, I’m against slavery, but I won’t force my views on plantation owners”.

    Profile in Courage, that Charlie Boy!

  19. unreal Says:

    Rational Thinker,
    Unlike most i am not a partisan. I want good government, and electing an official who changes his opinion with the political breeze means he has no soul, and stands for nothing.
    We all know what Charlie is and that is not a representative of the people. I am not behind Meek’s platform but i respect the man for sticking to what he believes, and he genuinely cares.
    I know what Rubio is as well, and while you may not like some of his policies, the chances that he will get his way in Congress are small. With Obama in office anything of substance that will come out of Washington is going to be a compromise. We need anti-Obama people in Congress to prevent the left from running their ruinous platform. Rubio or Meek aren’t going to change what will happen in this election, but at least they aren’t Charlie. His actions toward Meek are disgusting.
    This business owner has had it with bad government.

  20. RD Says:

    Rubio will do nothing for the middle class and serve the interests of big business. Crist is a far better choice and he is correct that a vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio. Only Crist can defeat the tea bagger extremists.

  21. Indi Says:

    I think crist will be a good senator, he is reasonable. He is practical.
    I was confused before, i was thinking if teh person is not loyal to his party then can he be loyal to this electorates? Still not sure about the answer. One thing is clear, we dont want to see the Bush days again. Trillions of dollars for wars, millions of dollars of profit for wallstreet and lost job pink slips for millions of American. I felt really horrible to learn that my Job will eb shipped to India in 2009. I was Mad but realized I voted for Bush in 2008. thats the laws he signed to make it happen.

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