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Hot trend: GOP chair’s suit seeks to knock Dem Rader off ballot; Rader might sue back

by George Bennett | October 22nd, 2010

Palm Beach County Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein has filed a lawsuit seeking to get Democratic state Rep. Kevin Rader removed from the ballot over alleged financial disclosure failures in the highly competitive state Senate District 27 race against Republican Lizbeth Benacquisto.

It’s part of a new trend inspired by a judge’s decision last week to toss Tampa-area Republican state Senate candidate Jim Norman off the ballot because of disclosure deficiencies. Backers of Democratic congressional candidate Joe Garcia are trying the same legal strategy against Republican David Rivera in Miami.

Dinerstein’s suit follows the lead of a tea party activist’s ethics complaint that accuses Rader of trying to hide his ownership interest in an insurance underwriters group when he filled out financial disclosure forms.

Rader consultant Eric Johnson told The Post‘s Jason Schultz that a Rader supporter has filed an ethics complaint against Benacquisto and the Rader campaign might file a lawsuit over her use of campaign funds to pay rent on an apartment in Lee County.

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12 Responses to “Hot trend: GOP chair’s suit seeks to knock Dem Rader off ballot; Rader might sue back”

  1. Oh come on now Says:

    Is that the sweet smell of desperation coming from Lizbeth?

    Those who can’t, sue.

  2. GoSid Says:

    No, it’s the law that you disclose, he didn’t, Rader thinks the rules don’t apply to him and if he gets bumped off the ballot, I will be doing a dance in the middle of Forest Hills Blvd.

  3. All right Says:

    After reading the complaint, I have to wonder: has this woman ever actually seen a business before? Who would be confused by this?

  4. FactsAreFacts Says:

    @All Right: What’s to be confused about? He should have disclosed he owned part of an insurance agency, he claims his other insurance agency owns the piece of the insurance agency in question.

    State records show Rader owned it as an individual, not his other insurance agency. He didn’t disclose it on his filing paperwork.

    It is pretty straightforward.

  5. Get a job litbit Says:

    Get a job Litbit!

  6. NotSure Says:

    I don’t know if Rader did anything wrong or not. What I do know is I don’t like his position on insurance. He has a history of trying to raise rates. Whose side is he on?

  7. sid dinerstein Says:

    Rader showed income of $360,000 last year from two companies, a Payroll company and Rader Insurance. It appears that both might be “shells” and that all $360,000 came from Advanced Insurance Underwriters, where Rader supposedly has a (no show?) job. AIU is nowhere mentioned on Rader’s Qualifying form.
    That’s why I filed the lawsuit.


  8. Carlos Says:

    Do us all a favor.. throw Johnson out of Palm Beach county & have him take all his puppets with him to hang out with Wexler in Maryland.

    You are the reason why the Democrats are going to loose everything as you play both sides little boy Johnson.

    Rader is an schmuck anyway & so is Douche

  9. Howard Says:

    Remove him from the ballot. Johnson is also the same one who is doing eveyone’s campaign & paying people off. No wonder way Deutch’s aide isn’t playing. Smartest one of the bunch….Rader you should have never opened your mouth either…people wouldn’t know what was going on with her.


  10. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Go get’um Sid!

    Fraud, Inc. or Why Jack Webb Would NEVER Date Alex Sink (D-CAN-FL)


  11. myob Says:

    Rader Schmader! Boohiss. Throw him off the, scumbag needs to go as do all ther other scumbag D’s!!!!!

  12. Common Sense Says:

    Rader has done nothing wrong in his disclosure…this is just a pathetic attempt to steal the election because Lizbeth is desperate! Get a life and win the election by getting elected not stupid lawsuits!

    Rader for SD 27!!!

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