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Confident Scott: ‘I was shocked!’ over Sink iCheat

by Dara Kam | October 26th, 2010

SPRING HILL – A beaming Rick Scott kicked off a seven-day sweep of Florida leading up to Election Day assuring supporters in Pasco and Hernando counties of the Republican’s victory over Democratic gubernatorial opponent Alex Sink and taking the high road over Sink’s cell phone faux pas during last night’s debate.

Scott’s bus tour began with an unexpected boost – the “iCheat” scandal that cast a cloud over Sink’s campaign. Sink broke the rules by taking an electronic message on a cell phone during a commercial break during the last of two live televised debates. Sink later fired the aide who sent her the message.

“I was shocked. I mean, I was shocked. You know the rules. You follow the rules,” Scott said with a look of disbelief when questioned by reporters early Tuesday morning. “She knew the rules. If somebody came in and tried to show me an e-mail I’d have said look, those aren’t the rules.”

Sink took the message after hammering Scott for a lack of integrity evidenced by his former hospital chain’s $1.7 billion fine for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Scott quickly used Sink’s cell phone incident to strike back at his opponent for ducking questions about her own business transgressions, including a $1.65 million fine paid by her former bank for selling risky securities to investors, many of whom were seniors.

“It’s pretty consistent. She knew the rules. She didn’t have to read the e-mail. She did. That’s what she does. She never takes responsibility personally for what she does…She just fires people,” he said.

When asked if he would have fired his aide as Sink did, Scott didn’t miss a beat.

“I wouldn’t have read the e-mail,” he said.

A pumped-up Scott was accompanied by his wife Ann, mother Esther, daughter Jordan Kandah, running-mate Jennifer Carroll and Grover Norquist, head of the national “Americans for Tax Reform” movement.

The entourage began the day at an 8:30 a.m. breakfast with about 100 supporters in New Port Richey at the Brew City Grill.

“We are going to win. And then the state will be open for business on Nov. 3rd. Or sometime late Nov. 2nd,” Scott said.

At a second stop in Spring Hill, Scott reiterated his plan to bring jobs to Florida and stayed on his message of linking Sink to President Obama, drawing boos from another 100-plus audience at the Timber Pines Community Center.

“We are going to win. It’s like a rock band out there,” Scott said, referring to the tour bus that will be home for the next week.

Scott said he’s “feeling great” and excited about the coming week.

“We’re going to talk to individuals just like you because you know what? That’s how you win elections,” he said.

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16 Responses to “Confident Scott: ‘I was shocked!’ over Sink iCheat”

  1. Major Hoople Says:

    Instead of firing her aide for showing her the message, Sink should fire herself for reading it. She knew the rules.

  2. mike Says:

    Scott says “I was shocked” Give me a break! I dont think anything shocks Scott except maybe when people dont believe his lies. And while were at it why doesnt Allen West step down for his thugs terrorizing a journalist? Why doesnt Rand Paul step down after his thugs brutalized a woman protester.

  3. School IT Guy Says:

    I guess if I were Sink’s aide, I would have been also fired. I would have naturally assumed that Ms. Sink had her phone turned off in compliance with the rules of the debate, making it safe to send her a message that I thought she might want to see AS SOON AS THE DEBATE WAS OVER. My point is that Ms. Sink made two mistakes; one was not turning her phone off, and the other was firing an aide for doing their job properly.

  4. Waz Up Says:

    West supporters terrorized a journalist? Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

  5. GET REAL! Says:

    I am Shocked that Rick Scott is not is Prison!!! He is a Liar and a Thief, and has a hell of a lot of nerve, to even consider running for Governor of the very State that his company ripped off $$~BILLIONS~$$ OF MEDICARE Dollars from. Seriously, Who in their right mind would want this man as our Governor?

  6. Peggy Joseph Says:

    If Scott was caught cheating, this would be the top headline on the PbCompost.

  7. GET REAL! Says:

    Peggy… he was caught cheating. Cheating the State of Florida, out of Billions! His company had to pay a 1.7 BILLION (with a B) in fines. He also was caught cheating on “insider trading” of his companies stock shares… he plead the 5th 75 times in that case!

  8. cowdogs Says:

    This is not the first time that Sink has cheated. It began when she took millions just before or after her “exit interview” at BOA. It continued when she presented herself to the voting public has having the knowledge and experience to ably run the finances of the state, and to have a working knowledge of insurance–which she has proven herself to lack. Making things even worse, she delegated the latter function to McCarty (the legend in his own mind).

    It is unfortunate that Sink is the best that the Dems can do. But what would one expect from a party from which the head Muslim emerged.

  9. What the F? Says:

    Cowdog, You are truely, ignorant!
    Kevin McCarty was a Jeb Bush appointee, and worked in the CEO’s office (in Insurance Reg) under CFO Tom Gallagher!

    That was BEFORE Alex Sink was in Tallahassee!

  10. Alex Sink Cheats Says:

    Alex Sink stinks. She makes excuses all the time and never takes responsibility for anything.

    It’s always somebody else’s fault. The fired aide gave her information, Alex should have said NO!, but you know Alex anything to cheat.

    Alex Sink is a cheat. Hell, the whole group is stupid. They should have told her verbally what to retort instead of violating an agreed upon rule.

    This stupid judgement, decision to access the text tells you all about Sink.

    She Cheats and she’ll cheat Floridians.

    If she’s promised one thing, she won’t keep her promise.

  11. Oh Really? Says:

    Alex Sink Cheats Says:
    October 26th, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    What exactly, did Alex cheat the Florida taxpayers out of? Seriously, answer the question!

    Florida’s state pension plan is a model for the nation! Yes it did lose money, when the market tanked… but, it has recouped all of the money lost, plus some. It is in good shape.

    You do know that Alex does not vote on legislative issues, don’t you? She is CFO… NOT a voting member of the Legislature and she has no say in what is and isn’t passed into law.

    The fraud allegation against Nations Bank were from a North Carolina Nations Bank… NOT FL, which is where Alex was President! She was made aware of the allegations against the bank as all Presidents across the country were. But, she was NEVER accused of any wrong doing, Period!

    Rick Scott, on the other hand… was directly accused of fraud as he was the CEO of the Health Care facilities that perpetrated the biggest Medicare Fraud in the history of the United States. He was also, accused of insider trading… but plead the 5th 75 times. He was fired from his position at HCA for his role in both of these cases.

  12. What is Rick Scott Hiding? Says:

    Rick Scott STILL refuses to release the transcript of the deposition into the fraud case against his company. He says he has nothing to hide. But, if he has nothing to hide then why not release the deposition? He wants the voters of Florida to elect him to the highest office in the state. Yet, he refuses to show us that he is trust worthy. I for one would never trust someone that had to take the 5th amendment to protect himself from self incrimination 75 times. And why would anyone in their right mind spend $60 MILLION of their own money, to buy a Governorship? Let’s send this carpetbagger back to Kansas City.

  13. angela Says:


  14. NoneyaBiz Says:

    Why in the world would anyone vote for Rick Scott. He and his company committed the Biggest Medicare Fraud in US History!

    The world has gone crazy!

  15. RealAngst Says:

    WAIT!! You have issues with Sink using a text message for 8 seconds, but someone pleading the 5th, the right against SELF INCRIMINATION in a multi BILLION DOLLAR FRAUD against the people of this STATE is ok? REALLY?? All of you Scott supporters are delusional if you think that this man is worthy of this office. Who spends 60 MILLION of his OWN DOLLARS to win an office that pays 135K? WHY? The people in this state are scary folks sometimes. I know that THIS REPUBLICAN will NEVER vote for Scott or Rubio. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!

  16. mike Says:

    I guess we dont need to see Rip Scotts depos anymore- Hes toast! Good ridance and thanks for returning some of our money out of your ill-gotten gains. 60+ million, its a start. Bye bye

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