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Boehner in West Palm Beach: ‘Republicans learned their lesson’ after 2006 defeat

by George Bennett | October 11th, 2010

GOP congressional challenger Allen West, left, with House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, this morning at Gun Club Cafe. J. GWENDOLYNNE BERRY/Staff photo

GOP congressional challenger Allen West, left, with House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, this morning at Gun Club Cafe. J. GWENDOLYNNE BERRY/Staff photo

House Minority Leader John Boehner, in line to become speaker if Republicans regain control of the House in the Nov. 2 midterm elections, says the GOP today is different than the model rejected by voters in congressional elections only four years ago.

“I think Republicans learned their lesson. They understood that we were spending too much, government was growing too much,” Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said this morning at a campaign appearance for Republican House candidate Allen West at the Gun Club Cafe in unincorporated West Palm Beach.

Boehner added: “I think if you’ve watched what we’ve done over the last 22 months you’ll see that Republicans all voted against the stimulus bill, all voted against their budget, almost all voted against cap and trade, and we all voted against health care, which demonstrates that we understand that people want a smaller, less costly and more accountable federal government.”

About 50 people were on hand for the breakfast meet-and-greet. Boehner’s visit emphasizes the national stakes in congressional District 22, where West is trying to unseat two-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein. President Obama is raising money for Klein this afternoon at former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning’s house in Coral Gables.

Klein so far hasn’t mentioned his own record in TV ads, but has slammed West over his personal financial history, which includes an $11,081 tax lien paid off in 2006 and a court order to pay a $5,541 American Express bill.

Other Klein ads have criticized West over his fiery rhetoric, including one ad that shows a clip of West saying, “You must be well-informed and well-armed because this government that we have right now is a tyrannical government.”

Boehner said Klein’s strategy is being used by Democrats across the country this year.

“You’ve got incumbent Democrats who can’t talk about their record of voting for the stimulus bill or voting for cap-and-trade or voting for the health care bill, which cut $550 billion out of Medicare. So all they can do is go attack the Republican challenger,” Boehner said.

If Republicans win control of the House, Boehner said, “You’ll see us every single week move bills that will cut spending.”

Boehner promised a House bill to repeal the new health care law, but conceded repeal would likely be vetoed by President Obama. Still, Boehner said, “They’re going to need money from us to hire those 22,000 federal employees we think it’s going to take to run this monstrosity. And I’ll just tell you, they’re not going to get a dime from us.”

He added: “Our job is to do everything we can to keep it from being implemented, to keep it from moving ahead. And if we’re successful this will become the number one issue in the presidential election of 2012, when the American people can decide more directly.”

Boehner said he’s upbeat about Republican prospects on Nov. 2, but not ready to measure the drapes in the speaker’s office.

“I’ve never seen the American people more engaged in an election in my lifetime. And it doesn’t matter what coast I go to, big cities, small city, the American people want action and they want it now,” Boehner said.

“Our goal is to take the majority so we can renew our effort to drive for a smaller, less costly, more accountable government, to ensure freedom for the American people. We’ve got a shot. But we’ve got to win these elections one at a time.”


22 Responses to “Boehner in West Palm Beach: ‘Republicans learned their lesson’ after 2006 defeat”

  1. Voice of Reason Says:

    …Boehner’s a putz and West doesn’t have a chance in hell, nor should he.

  2. Marcia Says:

    An Independent voting straight republican.

    We’ve got a government dominated by democrats. It’s unbalanced.

    Obama will still hold the Veto pen. We need the voted to override a Veto.

    Get out and vote.

    Remember this: Social Security-no Cost of Living Adjustment

    Congress-automatic pay increase.

    The democrats control the House and Senate. They had the votes to override this automatic raise. They didn’t!

    NO to All democrats and that’s JUST to rebalance, not dominate government.

    It is unhealthy for a one party domination in this country. End this by voting out ALL democrats.

  3. the party of "no" Says:

    Boehner is very quick to tell us what he voted no on.. but what did he actually do to further the interests of the citizens of this country? Nothing !!!
    Stop treating politics as if it were a sport where the Republicans or the Democrats win. In both cases, it is all of us who loose.

  4. Dworkis Says:

    While Boehner may say that he “gets” it, I am not convinced that he does. I am afraid that we will have business as usual, with a little window dressing to attempt to placate the base. What we need is real change. How about Eric Cantor as Speaker and Paul Ryan as Majority Leader. That would send a real message regarding the Republicans seriousness in tackling spending.

  5. Janice Says:


  6. rawhide Says:

    marcia, if you vote out all of the Dems, you will have one party running the goverment, and the SS COLA is not controlled by one are an example of the dumbing down of america.

  7. Same ol Same ol Says:

    Fight Organized Crime,


    We have two corrupted major political parties: the Republicant’s and the Democrazies.

    Don’t forget to note on your calendar . . . Nov 2 — Throw out the trash.

  8. Arbar Says:

    In 22 months they’ve changed.

    How about some new policies? New ideas? Innovative plans that will help Joe Average?

    None. Nothing. Just the same old carp. They didn’t even try to get a new bag.

  9. Beth M. Says:

    actions speak LOUDER than words…the lesser of two evils.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Vote for republicans so they can repeal healthcare legislation allowing insurance companies once again to refuse coverage on pre-existing conditions, drop your child’s health coverage at age 18 and Raise rates without explanation.
    They also promise to open the prescription coverage doughnut hole again. And to allow an illness such as cancer to ravage not only your life but that of your entire family because you’re insurance sucks and you cannot afford proper treatment.
    Let republicans control the legislature so they can eliminate jobless benefits and cut Medicare and Medicaid, put and end to food stamp and WIC programs. I mean, who cares about the civil unrest and exponential increase in crime that would ensue. True Republicans already live in gated communities all over the country with private security so their not worried about poor people breaking onto their houses. Republicans will let you purchase an AK47 from K Mart so you can blow away anyone who tries to get some of your food. And more cheap guns in the hands of poor people means fewer of them will survive to consume food stamps. A conservative win win.
    Vote for the true Tea Party conservative, so they can remove those pesky new restrictions from credit card, Banks and mortgage companies. That way, they can draw you in, then switch the terms and raise their rates, effectively ruining your finances for years to come and making that $90.00 steak dinner you enjoyed so much cost you more like $900.00.
    Return republicans to power, so they can stir up more trouble in the world by starting unjust wars and sending your children to die on the front lines in a foreign land while private mercenary armies financed by your tax dollars terrorize the local population in your name for the purpose of allowing American corporations to steal the natural resources of that country.
    Vote for republicans so they can scare you and convince you that Liberals and terrorist’s are coming to take away your freedoms. That way, you will let them spend most of your tax dollars on machines designed for the sole purpose of killing large numbers of people. All for the sake of big corporate money which you will never see one dime of because you are not and never will be one of them.
    I understand why the red neck racist Floridian votes for republicans. They just plain hate people who are not like them and that hate trumps everything else. It doesn’t matter that he’s only one paycheck away from needing food stamps and doesn’t have health care coverage himself. He is convinced he is truly superior to the welfare lackey and does not have the mental capacity to realize just how different he is from a true republican and how much like the welfare lackey he truly is. That fact that Obama is a black man just solidifies his choice of party.
    The Bible thumping Floridian. These people go to church 3 times a week, Tithe 10 to 18 percent of their income to the church and tend to be single issue driven. The church pastor tells them who to vote for and they obey like the sheeple they are. The abortion issue is really a problem for them and they are willing to look past everything else. Real republicans really couldn’t care less about abortions, but have embraced this issue in order to endear themselves with this particular populace.
    The regular average Joe American is the only one who can really make a difference. He has the ability to analyze the information coming at him but often makes the mistaken assumption that if it comes from the TV or the radio it’s true. We can only hope and prey that he realizes before it’s too late that he has nothing in common with true republicans and that they are lying to him in order to steal his vote. However, commercial marketing is a very powerful tool / weapon and thanks to a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year there is no limit on the amount of soft money / ammunition that can be spent / expended by large corporations bent on getting the word out that people would be better off dealing with a profit driven share holder controlled corporation for your needs than a government for the people and by the people. God help us, because all indications are that they are going to win control of the house in 2010. Better go to K Mart for that AK 47 Joe and sign up for the shooting classes; because you are going to need it.

  11. Linda Says:

    that’s funny…I thought that since Obummer has taken office that the economy has tanked, the deficit has tripled, the Democrats shoved the outrageous health care bill down our throats even though most Americans were against it…and you are attacking the Republicans that have faith. The only people who still favor Obummer are blacks (still 90% approval rating), and to me that’s racist, to support someone just because he has the same skin color. We WILL take back America.

  12. Wireknob Says:

    Linda, at least get your facts straight. The economy tanked in the Fall of 2008, before Obama took office. I’m certainly not defending anyone when it comes to the deficit, but the first $1.4 trillion deficit was a holdover from the Bush administration’s last year that simply wasn’t passed on time (how could Obama be responsible for that, he was only in office for a few weeks). And, actually, I think Americans were pretty evenly divided on the healthcare bill (despite all the lies and demogoguery from Republicans). Also, TARP was pushed for and signed by the Republican Bush administration (remember Hank Paulson with the sky is falling schtick?). The bank bailouts of 2008 were also the brainchild of the Bush administration.

    You sure you want to “take America back” to the past?

  13. Mike Says:

    So sick of Congress…both parties. Klein has been there during the past 4 years which have been absolutely horrible. I’m voting him out and hope that we send an all new fresh class up there to force a change. Just look at the insane amount of spending. Government should get the hell out of the way of small business owners and individuals. Klein makes it easy for me when he can say nothing positive about his time spent in DC.

    I will be doing everything possible to bring him home to South Florida and away from Congress. I hope you folks will join me.

    Bless you all for at least being engaged.

  14. Teo Says:

    House Minority Leader John Boehner is lying when he claims Republicans have “learned their lesson”, since everything they are proposing is simply a return to the failed policies that lead the county into today’s economic doldrums. He stated, “Our job is to do everything we can to keep it from being implemented, to keep it from moving ahead…”. referring to the Health Care Bill that he and Republicans sabotaged and now plan to repeal. Thus allowing insurance companies to exclude from coverage everyone with a preexisting condition and to keep raising your premium rates causing a further deepening of our country’s debt due to a return to skyrocketing health care costs. Boehner should have told the truth once saying “Our job is to do everything we can to keep America from moving ahead,” since that is exactly what he and the Republicans have been proudly doing since Barrack Obama was elected President!

  15. Dr. George Struedelheimmer Says:


  16. Blake Says:

    I have written Klein a number of e-mails whilst he was engaged in the Health Care debate; the cap and tax debate; the bailout debate; the stimulus debate and the tax hike coming in January.

    He always sends me a form letter saying he is voting for the Pelosi – Obama agenda and I can stuff it.

    He is not responsive to his voters nor is he representative of the values I fought for in Vietnam for this country to progress as the greatest and most advanced country in the world.

    He is a Pelosi-Obama puppet.

    Vote him out if you don’t like what you have seen coming out of Washington; keep him in if you love what is happening to our economy here in Florida and across this nation.

    Thanks for being here.

  17. R. Stanton Says:

    Health care in this country is a travesty.

    I propose all members of the Senate, House, Judiciary and elected state and federal employees, pay for their own health care.

    Additionally, forget those golden parachutes. No pension plans. You serve at the will of the people. Not to milk it for life.

    Salary increases: Again, at the will of the people, to be voted on by the people who put you in office.

    It’s a cushy gig. It should be earned.

  18. swathdiver Says:

    #10 Kevin,

    Why the hate, racism and bigotry? You must vote for Allen West, he’s a black man, a Christian and an Army veteran. If you don’t vote for him, you’re bigoted and racist according to Obama’s rules.

  19. ryann168 Says:

    Yeah i agree with this comment of -

    Fight Organized Crime,


    We have two corrupted major political parties: the Republicant’s and the Democrazies.

    Don’t forget to note on your calendar . . . Nov 2 — Throw out the trash

  20. Duff Says:

    Everyone is quick to blame George Bush. I am not a republican so don’t throw stones.

    Hasn’t the Democratic party controlled both the senate and house since January, 2007?

    Hard to blame just the Republicans when the Democrats have had total control since January, 2007!!!!!!!

    I say lets vote all incumbents out of office and let’s have 2 term limits on all the crooks in both houses.

  21. Don Perkins Says:

    There’s a clear choice coming up in the mid-terms: Vote for Klein and have more of the same, or vote for a true Conservative that will be instrumental in turning around the mess obama, reid, fwank, and pelosi have made of this Greatest of Country’s!!

    I’m voting for Allen West!!

  22. Ronald Loeffler Says:

    The choice is so clear i cannot bleive that anyone hasent made up there mind yet.This congress & senate is so partison,During the health care debate ks. senater pat roberts submitted 11 adminments, all were shot down by the he summited one of chuck schummers adminments. as were the other 11 shot down without any debate.So was sen. schummers,Sen. roberts said that got their attention. people need to quit reading bumper stickers and do a little research.

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