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AG wars: Bondi camp calls Gelber a liar

by Dara Kam | October 8th, 2010

GOP attorney general candidate Pam Bondi’s campaign consultant called out her Democrat opponent Dan Gelber for “a distortion of the truth” in his new television ad.

In the ad, Gelber accuses Bondi of promising to “side with corporate interests” if she is elected.

“Dan Gelber’s first television ad is a disappointing distortion of the truth and in keeping with a career politician’s ‘win at all costs’ attitude. He talks about corruption but has no problem corrupting the truth. He made an allegation that wasn’t true and offered no evidence, because there is none,” Bondi campaign consultant Brett Doster said in a statement.

The ad refers to remarks Bondi’s made on the campaign trail pledging to side with the Florida Chamber of Commerce in fighting the union-backed card check issue and statements she’s made saying that “the last thing we need is an Eliott Spitzer-type” AG.

Gelber interpreted that to mean she won’t go after white-collar criminals as Spitzer, known as the “Sheriff of Wall Street,” did before he went down in flames after being caught with prostitutes.

What she meant by the Spitzer reference, Bondi told us, is that she won’t use the attorney general job as a stepping stone to higher office. Spitzer parlayed his attorney general stint into governor before he was forced to resign.

Shortly after he was elected to the state senate, Gelber decided to run for the U.S. Senate. He later switched to the attorney general race and Democrats consider him a viable candidate for governor.

Gelber’s campaign stands behind the ad. They cite her promise to side with the Chamber on card check as back-up for the ad.

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10 Responses to “AG wars: Bondi camp calls Gelber a liar”

  1. Marc Cooper Says:

    She was not referencing using the attorney general’s office as a stepping stone when she made the Eliot Spitzer comment.

    Why would the comment be made in that context.

    She was saying that the AG should not be beating up business people as was done in NY.

    it is clear from the context what she was saying.

    Pam Bondi is a good politician in the making.

    The attorney general’s office is too important to be given to the candidate for her to practice on.

    Vote for Dan Gelber!

  2. Gelber the Liberal Democrat Says:

    Elliott Spitzer was bad for NY and America. He used his position as AG in New York to engage in extortionary witch hunt like attacks on private sector business. His attacks raised his profile but did little for the people of NY. The sick irony is that he was as morally corrupt as any one of his previous targets.

    Bondi is right!

    Florida does not need a self-centered ladder climbing AG who will use the office to further his own political objects rather than serve the people of Florida.

    Go Pam Bondi!

  3. Alistair Says:

    Bondi can’t be trusted to defend Florida’s consumers, businesses, children and seniors. She’s not sure where she stands on the issues week-to-week. Dan Gelber would be an honest, principled, ethical Attorney General, and is the best choice.

  4. Dumb Blondi Bimbo Says:

    Hello 11:52… self-centered??? Are you frickin kidding me? Dumb Blonde Bimbo is the queen of self centered. She stole a child’s dog even though they were seperated during a hurricane. She had zero compassion and only cared about what she wanted. She is evil. No wonder no man wants to stay with her.

    If that stupid ditz should happen to luck out and win, (not because of anything she has done, but just the general mood of the people) you can be sure that I will be right here reminding everyone of how she said she would not run for any higher office.

  5. V Says:

    Sure, Tim, but it’s okay for the Bush cabal to put out political no nothings like Rubio. Or how about jumping on the Scott bandwagon when their puppet McCollum loses. Bondi is a self centered, right wing extremist bimbo who, like Rubio and Scott, can’t go to the bathroom without someone from the bush camp okaying it.

    Let’s hopt the rest of Florida realizes what is occuring, for sure. We are allowing right wing, facist, neo cons, posing as republicans, take over this state. That’s what is happening.

  6. Harry Houdini Says:

    Tim, who are South Florida Jews ? Who are the Jews who put up Greene? Who are they who back Crist. Name them……and give me a Fuc-in Break PLEASE>>>Still hiding under the rocks…Glad Harry is still “carrying” to the teeth..

  7. PirateCafe Says:

    That’s rich, coming from a dog-napper.

  8. TRUE BLUE Says:

    Do not vote for either of these frauds.

    Elect Jim Lewis – Independent for A.G.

  9. Al Malefatto Says:

    Tim’s comment (#5) is anti-semitic and offensive. I thought these posts were monitored??

  10. vote for dan gelber! Says:

    The Florida Chamber of Commerce dedicated its entire website to supporting Senate Bill 6, and then sent county-wide school emails to all teachers with sneaky surveys designed to gather data to support SB6. I’m guessing they’re good buddies with the Bush family???? Vote for Dan Gelber. There isn’t a corrupt bone in his body. He is kind, honest, and intelligent. No matter what party you are with, vote for Dan Gelber. Even Republican Senator Villalobos backs Dan Gelber. He is highly respected. Do Florida a favor and vote for him.

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