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Aaronson says Scott pleaded fifth more times than Capone, terrorist

by Andrew Abramson | October 28th, 2010

Democratic County Commissioner Burt Aaronson is never one to mince words, and at a campaign event for Alex Sink on Thursday at Century Village, Aaronson railed against Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott.

Sink, addressing an audience of senior citizens, repeatedly referred to Scott pleading the fifth amendment 75 times at a deposition regarding fraud at Columbia/HCA. Scott was CEO of Columbia, the company that was fined a national-record $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud.

While the company was charged with fraud, Scott was never personally charged.

After Sink’s speech, Aaronson joked to the audience that Scott pleaded the fifth so many times, “I think he took a fifth (of liquor) at times. He was drunk.”

Aaronson then said Scott pleaded the fifth more times than notorious 1920s gangster Al Capone and Pakistani terrorist Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

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7 Responses to “Aaronson says Scott pleaded fifth more times than Capone, terrorist”

  1. RealAngst Says:

    Holy Crap! Burt Arrognanceson got something right?

    Sorry, I fainted, it is such a rare event.

  2. Rick Says:

    Burt involved…yes Sink is probably corrupted

  3. Bad Burt Says:

    Ok…so Arrogantson is on the PB county commission of whichh most have gone to jail and the rest are probably waiting to……and he is going to throw stones? Burt has nO crediblity

    Hey, Talahassee is all crooks at least this guy made his onw way in life.

  4. Area Realtor Says:

    He is not all bad. This man has done more for the hard working realtors of this community than most of you realize. He understands that we ARE the economy, and he will help us bring it back. Florida can’t live on retail jobs alone. Scientists, doctors, biologists, realtors, and other highly skilled professionals are needed and Mr. Scott is the one to help us succeed in the sunshine state. Highly intelligent people like myself vote for Rick Scott. You should too.

  5. Native Says:

    Who cares what this fat basta** says!! Bet he pleads the fith when he goes on trial!!

  6. Ray Says:

    How’s the Skybox Burt? This blubber gave away 2000 acres of Palm Beach Co land that the county was receiving taxes on to Broward County for free! Now Broward is getting the taxes.

    Blubber boy stopped two roads from being built from Broward to Palm Beach Co.

    The roads were to help with hurrican evacuations.

    Blubber Boy, we don’t care who you support. Blubber Boy is Robert Wexler’s doopa.

  7. Sink Supporter Says:

    Scott is a slime ball..He has cojones even running for elected office..he could easily be a convicted felon.

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