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Three polls give Rubio double-digit lead in Senate race

by George Bennett | September 30th, 2010



A Quinnipiac University poll released this morning shows Republican Marco Rubio riding voter anger and anti-Obama sentiment to a 13-point lead over indie Gov. Charlie Crist in Florida’s Senate race with Democrat Kendrick Meek a distant third.

The results are similar to a CNN/Time poll released late Wednesday that shows Rubio leading Crist by 11 points and a Rasmussen poll released Wednesday that also has Rubio up by 11.



Quinnipiac’s Sept. 23-28 poll of 1,151 likely voters (margin of error: 2.9 percent) shows voters prefer a Senator who will oppose President Obama’s policies by a 53-to-41 percent margin and prefer Republicans to control the Senate by a 47-to-38 percent margin. Forty-eight percent of voters call themselves “angry” at the federal government and another 29 percent “dissatisfied.”

4 Responses to “Three polls give Rubio double-digit lead in Senate race”

  1. Biill Neubauer Says:

    Even beyond the Rubio preference, the polls which reflect widespread anger presage more incumbent demises in November. It is all very promising for the nation, a recognition of the power of the fledgling Tea Party and what it stands for and may accomplish, especially the recognition of the prevalent corruption in the Congress.

  2. Clowns to the left;Jokers to the right Says:

    This proves that Meek is toast.

    The only viable option to stop the extreme hard right takeover is Governor Crist.

  3. RealAngst Says:

    They are clowns and jokers. I will vote for Mr. Crist, at least it is the devil I know, as opposed to the Devil I know about and want nothing to do with.

  4. PBC voter Says:

    Marco Rubio is really a dangerous character. He’s not very bright and he opposes most things that voters overwhelmingly support. He may also have a serious drinking problem. For years, he was always falling down drunk at the Dolphins’ home games, running around wearing a gorilla mask.

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