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State GOP mulls legal action to recover ‘inappropriate expenses’ by Crist, Greer, former aide

by George Bennett | September 11th, 2010

LAKE BUENA VISTA — Republican Party of Florida leaders today said they might pursue legal action to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in “inappropriate expenses” by Gov. Charlie Crist, his hand-picked former GOP chairman and a former top party aide between 2007 and 2009.

State GOP Chairman John Thrasher made the announcement after he and the party’s executive board spent three hours reviewing an audit of party finances while Jim Greer was chairman.

Crist’s campaign spokesman accused the GOP of playing “the same old political games” against Crist, who left the party in April to pursue an independent Senate bid.

The expenses, largely travel-related, were put on the American Express cards of Greer and former GOP executive director Delmar Johnson, but many of them benefited Crist, Thrasher said.

Read the RPOF statement after the jump…

Statement today by Republican Party of Florida:

RPOF Board Votes to Request Additional Information Regarding the Forensic Audit, Review Possibility of Potential Legal Action Against Charlie Crist, Jim Greer and Delmar Johnson

Lake Buena Vista – The Republican Party of Florida’s Executive Board today met in executive session for the purpose of reviewing of a forensic audit of the party’s finances which was initiated by Chairman John Thrasher with the approval of the Party’s Executive Board earlier this year.

After a detailed review of the findings of the audit, the RPOF’s Executive Board voted to request additional information regarding inappropriate expenses charged by the individuals listed below in order to make a determination regarding potential litigation against the following individuals:

Charlie Crist

Jim Greer

Delmar Johnson

The decision regarding the release of the audit will not be made until the Party has determined whether or not legal action is required. The Board directed the Chairman to report back to the board within 10 days.

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5 Responses to “State GOP mulls legal action to recover ‘inappropriate expenses’ by Crist, Greer, former aide”

  1. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Lesson NOT Learned: The Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) Shoots Itself in the Foot Again


  2. Karen Says:

    The Republican Party hacks are at it again. The Party has been
    taken over by the extreme far right.

    Give em hell Charlie!

  3. True Blue Says:


  4. Karen Says:

    True Blue: You are my hero.

    You a truth speaker.

  5. Thieves stealing from thieves, a thief always screams the loudest when he is stolen from Says:

    This same ole pot caling the kettle black BS has been going on since the kindergardener McCollum and Crist made out like the wanted an investigation into the RPOF! CharLIE knew he was clean because all his expenses had been out on others cards! Thrasher, Cannon, Haripolass, Cretul, Bush and all these play for pay dudes are up to their eyebrows in stealing from the cookie jar! Problem is, the money in the cookie jar belonged to a bunch of thieves who put it there to buy what they wanted from all these suckers and don’t care where it went as long as they got what that wanted! So haw can any of these losers claim someone else ripped of the RPOF? It’s like Robin Hood screaming someone stole from him!

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