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State GOP called ‘disingenous,’ accused of ‘political grandstanding’ over audit

by George Bennett | September 11th, 2010

The Republican Party of Florida’s statement that it is considering legal action to recover “inappropriate expenses” by Gov. Charlie Crist, former Chairman Jim Greer and former executive director Delmar Johnson was blasted by spokesmen for all three today.

The party says it is considering litigation based on an audit that it wouldn’t release. Click here to read the whole story.

Crist campaign spokesman Danny Kanner accused the GOP of “political games” to undermine Crist, who left the GOP in April to pursue a no-party Senate bid.

Greer attorney Damon Chase accused the party of “blatant political grandstanding….They’re going after the three guys they don’t like.”

Johnson’s attorney, Bob Leventhal, said: “It’s quite disingenuous of them to make comments and not release the report…Mr. Johnson would love for them to release the audit.”

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7 Responses to “State GOP called ‘disingenous,’ accused of ‘political grandstanding’ over audit”

  1. Independent voter Says:

    The best way to get back at the Party hacks and insiders to vote for Charlie Crist.

    That will produce the biggest upset in political history and send them all crying in their cocktails.

  2. so transparent Says:

    Obviously, there’s things in the audit the Republicans to want to make public–so instead they try to obfuscate by implying it only shows grounds against Crist, Greer and Sansom (who’s already toast). My concern is would litigation let them keep it secret longer? Seems it must be so or why are they looking at that as an option? I hope if they sue, Crist, can force them to make it public–that would be justice.

  3. Karen Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  4. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Lesson NOT Learned: The Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) Shoots Itself in the Foot Again


  5. Moderate Democrat Says:

    Bloggy is right.

    The Republican Party hacks are obsessed with Crist.

  6. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Crist is blowing the sweat off the GOP’s back.

  7. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Update to RPOF Self-Inflicted Foot Assassination (AKA: What’s Up With Your Great Toe?)


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