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Sink leads Scott by 7 points, Mason-Dixon poll says

by Jeff Ostrowski | September 23rd, 2010

Alex Sink holds a 7-point lead over Rick Scott in the Florida governor’s race, according to a poll released today by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

The poll of 625 likely voters gives Sink 47 percent of the vote and Scott 40 percent, with 11 percent undecided and 1 percent for each of two minor candidates.

Scott’s reputation took a hit during his GOP primary battle with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, leaving 47 percent of voters with an unfavorable impression of him, Mason-Dixon said. Sink had a negative rating among only 23 percent of voters.

“He is hampered by a very high negative rating that is the result of his brutal primary race,” says Mason-Dixon’s Brad Coker.

How the numbers break down:

  • Sink leads 56-31 in Southeast Florida, 51-37 in Tampa Bay and 44-41 in Central Florida.
  • Scott leads 52-37 in North Florida and 47-40 in Southwest Florida.
  • Scott leads 51-41 among men.
  • Sink leads 53-30 among women.
  • Sink leads 44-37 among independents.

The poll’s margin of error is four percentage points.

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12 Responses to “Sink leads Scott by 7 points, Mason-Dixon poll says”

  1. nativewooder Says:

    God save us from Scott the Con! Sink will be bad enough, but better than Scott!

  2. 2012- End of an Error Says:

    Ah yes, more of that Change we can count on. I guess Obama just isn’t enough tax and spend for some folks.

  3. PBC Resident Says:

    Terrible choices…..But, every ad I see from Sink she is saying “Obama, Obama, Obama”. She can’t stop talking about him. Also, our state is in a sorry financial state. She sure didn’t do a good job with our finances. Now she wants a chance to mess us up even more? No thanks….

  4. another way Says:

    You don’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Consider the third party candidates who are running for governor, such as Michael Arth. The only way we’ll break the two-party vice grip on this country is to vote third party.

  5. Third Party People Need To Get The Head Back In The Sunshine Says:

    Whn Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate for President with Slick Willie Clinton and New World Order George H W Boosh all he did was take enough votes away from Bush to elect Clinton. Third party folks have to have a humongous name recognition. As history will how without spending millions and millions they always get less than 5% of the vote! Yes! We are in deep doo doo for a governor! many folks thought Scott would be the answer to the massive repub corruption and when he won the primary all he done was jump right in the bed with all the corrupticans! Sad news for Florida! No matter his history he had a change to do the right thing and he balew it along with his 50 million, some people are educated beyond their intelligence!

  6. Melinda Clark Says:

    If you vote for the lesser of evils you are damned because that lesser will not change the systemic problems that they are a part and product of. If you vote for the outsider, you risk helping the lesser evil lose. Well, in the end, the worse evil will keep the status quo regardless. May as well vote your principles while you have a candidate you can put that vote behind instead of paralyzing your vote with fear of the worse of two evils.

    Michael E Arth was told by a top Democratic official that because he didn’t have $3 million to start, and $1.3 million a week to win, not one single word would be written about him in the mainstream press. Are they right? Are the two parties totally in charge of the rules?

  7. Melinda Clark Says:

    This time you do have a better choice than either party candidate.

    Try Michael E Arth running as NPA.

    Then pass the word.

  8. Robert Says:

    This is great news! Thanks God people are smart enough to see through all of that corrupt money Scott is spending to try to buy the Governor’s race. Way to go Alex Sink! Keep it up! Your message is getting across.

  9. Alex Says:

    Congratulations soon to be Governor Sink!

  10. brigitte Says:

    Was Sink once a man? Does anybody know?

  11. Gail Says:

    Seems to me that name Sink was tied to the McBride name, is that correct?
    Florida is in dire financial straits and I seem to remember she was going to straighten that all out…but we had gone to much much worse.

    Plus I don’t appreciate the fact that all during the Primary, our issues we Floridians face were not important enough to her to get involved in any of the debates publicly just to keep her face squeaky clean. Seems getting elected was more important than getting out issues and solutions that could actually help us. At least, Rick Scott took his chances and laid it all on the line for us…

  12. Start Without You Says:

    Alexandra Burke’s latest single Start Without You is extremely catchy! It definitely earned the #1 spot on the singles charts and I wish Alexandra releases her next album soon! I want to hear Laza Morgan’s debut, too.

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