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Scott slams Sink with new ads

by Dara Kam | September 27th, 2010

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s campaign released two new ads attacking his Democrat opponent Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink accusing her of steering no-bid contracts to her former employer and slamming her for poor oversight of the state’s pension fund.

Sink spent more than two decades as a banker and ended her career as the head of Bank of America’s Florida operations.

One of the ads accuses Sink of steering at least $770,000 to Bank of America and its subsidiaries in her role as a member of the board of trustees that oversees the State Board of Administration. Sink sits on the board with fellow Cabinet members Attorney General Bill McCollum and Gov. Charlie Crist.

Sink has said she did not declare a conflict of interest in voting on matters affecting her former employer because her investments are in a blind trust.

A second ad mocks Sink for boasting of being Florida’s “fiscal watchdog” after the state pension fund lost billions of dollars because of risky investments.

Again, Sink sat on the board with Crist and McCollum and at the time repeatedly questioned the SBA’s procedures. She was instrumental in hiring an outside firm to audit the SBA’s investments and in requiring the SBA to report to the Cabinet quarterly. The next meeting is tomorrow.

Scott used much the same strategy in his campaign against McCollum and spent $50 million of his own money – the bulk of it in advertising – before winning the GOP primary last month.

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15 Responses to “Scott slams Sink with new ads”

  1. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Florida State Pensions: Time To Kill The Vampire While It’s Still In The Coffin


  2. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Florida Governor Race: Is Alex Sink (Can D-FL) Headed for Federal Prison on Possible RICO Charge?


  3. Phil Harris Says:

    Rick Scott is the biggest thief that ever been in politics!Im voting for Alex Sink.Just because Scott can spend millions of dolars on discrediting Sink. If you look at her career she has done a good job. Sink has been in f.l most of her life.Where is Scott from again, and why does he really want to be floridas govenor?Rick Scott is the biggist phony i have ever seen and does not care about the regular working man!

  4. Allen G. Says:

    As a Democrat I have to say I am disgusted at the hijack of the party. I will exercise my vote and let them know by voting Scott!

  5. R.Traman Says:

    I agree!, I am sick of this Misrepresentation in Govt. I am also for Scott, lets shake up the government that has been ignoring us!

  6. Tim Says:

    Alex Sink will tax the citizens of Florida to death.

  7. Glasto, Vr Says:

    Sink is for more Obamacare, a DISASTER! Anyone but her!

  8. Thomas L Says:

    I also am a Democrat but will be voting Scott, I am tired of this Socialist rule.

  9. Stewie Says:

    I agree with the above comments. I too will be voting for Scott. We do not need a “Nanci Pelosi” as our governor.

    I will never trust, or vote for a democrat again. I would not even vote for a democrat on my micky mouse condo board.

  10. Educator Says:

    I will be voting for Sink and she will be the next Governor of Florida.
    I’ll see you all back here November 3rd.

    We need change and yes, you do have to pay taxes!

  11. Smart Republican Says:

    Duh, I wonder if comments 4,5,6,7,8,9 came from one idiot.

  12. brigitte Says:

    Sink is wrong wrong wrong for Florida. Think big and vote for RICK SCOTT!!

  13. Barb Chudzinski Says:

    balony they’re all dishonest why is it we never hear how bad they are except at election time I’m voting who I think will be the best for FL that’s Rick Scott

  14. RealAngst Says:

    You guys who claim that you are going to vote for Scott should consider one very salient point. Scott is the former CEO of a company that bilked TAX PAYERS out of hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars and his company paid the largest fine in Florida HISTORY for FRAUD, 1.3 BILLION dollars. Wake up already. This guy wants you to put him in charge after his last golden parachute, me personally, I dont want to pay for that one too!

  15. RealAngst Says:

    I swear, some of you people need to read the new deal that the Republicans put out the other day. Those of you railing against “Obamacare” would be SHOCKED to know that that “plan” incorporates and KEEPS at least 7 of the benefits of Obamacare that they all decry, while taking CREDIT for them. I am sick of the partisanship and falsehoods that are being spread by those who look to benefit from this election.

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