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Police union attack ad says Scott is scary

by Dara Kam | September 29th, 2010

The Florida Police Benevolent Society released a 30-second TV ad today bashing GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s plan to cut $1 billion from spending on prisons to trim the budget.

A corrections department spokeswoman said Scott’s proposal would wind up shuttering prisons. Shutting down prisons would, of course, result in pink slips for union workers.

The ad says that, under Scott’s plan, “tens of thousands of prisoners could be released early, including murderers, rapists, sex offenders, armed robbers and drug dealers.” It ends with a group of tough-looking men in stripes reciting Scott’s campaign slogan, “Let’s get to work!”

The PBA and the state’s other law enforcement union, the Fraternal Order of Police, are both backing Scott’s Democrat opponent, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

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30 Responses to “Police union attack ad says Scott is scary”

  1. Robert Says:

    Sink has the Unions in her pocket along with O’Bama

  2. bad lines Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha….well if the POLICE UNIONS are saying anything…do the opposite.

    THEY HAVE RIPPED off the public in the POST-9111 Hysteria…….

    Blue Collar Jobs, High School Educations and making over $200K a year sometimes with CRAZY pensions.

    1/2 of PALM BEACH COUNTY BUDGET is for PB Sheriff Office….how is this possible….what household or communtiy should spend 50% of their total budget on cops….crazy.

    They call Scott Corrupt but he is spending his own money to run for governor and will not take ANY SALARY at all.

    They don’t like him because they know he will act like a businessman if the Politicians don’t sink him first.

  3. Rick Scott Will Put These Lazy Suckers to Work And They Know It Says:

    Some comedian somewhere says “you can’t fix stupid.” He don’t know how right he is! The police unions supporting Alex Sink because thats what unions do (Remember SEIU and all the unions who supported her friend Obama)

    At the same time these unions are taking dollars from law enforcement officers of Florida in one hand, they are spending their money on advertising for the candidate for governor who give $266 MILLION of our state retirement dollars to her Bank Of America friends to invest in a New York apartment deal and GET THIS! THEY LOST EVERY PENNY OF THIS TO HER CROOKED FRIENDS!

    In a way you are right! RICK SCOTT is law enforcements worst mightmare! He will stop the FDLE from owning their full time moonlighting businesses and working part time for the FDLE and getting paid full salary and benefits!
    And put them back to work full time investigating crimes and corruption in this state that they have not been allowed to do since Jebbie and Charlie have held the governors office!

  4. stop the insanity Says:

    Did Alex Sink really give 266 million dollars of State Retirement Money to BOA for an Apt Deal and lost ALL of it!

    I heard she had lost BILLIONS but this is the kind of insanity that we have to stop.

  5. scott Says:

    no matter what side you are on if you follow the election ads then watch this clip you have to laugh out loud when the prisinors say ” lets get work ” I think its funny as hell. and the meek tv ad is also very good weather you like him or not. if mor pol. ads where done that way it would be much better then bashing ads. just my opine

  6. clone Says:

    They can dress Meek up…but his basically just an OBAMA clone.

  7. CharLIE don't allow no law enforcing he just uses them to guard his precious body Says:

    RICK SCOTT will be Law Enforcements worst nightmare alright. You won’t have to go to their personal websites and hire the FDLE to do the work the taxpayers are already paying them to do!

    Moonlighting at its best:

  8. no gratitude Says:

    That commercial is false. More prisons have done nothing to reduce crime in florida and more cops do not either.

    PBSO would not cut cop jobs but they cut stuff that works like Drug Farm, etc, they say.

    They are just greedy people in badges and a costume with a gun.

    Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue are necessary to a point but they have turned into GREEDY PORK BARRELS.

    WPB Cops boycotted Sunfest and predicted more crime etc and they could have worked this cushy event for $700 or so a day!

    What happened without them? Nothing….except people had more fun…

    Oh yes, they did arrest the Mayor’s son….great job WPB COPS….way to support your community and the people who overpay you.

  9. Hey Law Enforcement Sink Didn't Trust You To Support Her When She Bought All These Assault Rifles She Said You Couldn't Be Trusted! But I Guess You Idiots Were Too Busy Drinking Coffee! Says:

    Alex Sink, assault rifles and budget proviso

    By Josh Hafenbrack April 21, 2010 01:53 PM

    Tucked into the state budget, Republican legislative leaders are pushing language that would ban CFO Alex Sink from buying assault-style rifles for white-collar fraud investigators in her office.
    Sink’s Department of Financial Services has purchased 182 assault rifles – costing $255,000, according to Sink’s office – in the last two years. Sink, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says the rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators, but the Legislature’s Republican budget writers argue the rifles are expensive and unnecessary. Typically, fraud investigators have carried pistols.
    Sink bought the rifles without competitive bids from Tampa-based SRT Supply, Inc., which is on a state contract with other law enforcement agencies. (Incidentally, the president of SRT was arrested on federal bribery charges in January in an unrelated incident, the St. Pete Times reported).
    The rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators who deal with “dangerous people,” said spokesman Kevin Cate – arsonists, sophisticated car insurance fraudsters, money launderers. If Republican legislators are taking a shot at Sink with the assault-weapon purchasing ban, “that’s a shot at officer security,” Cate said.
    Sink said: “I rely on my law enforcement people to evaluate what the risks are and what they need. I’m going to do everything possible to protect them.”
    The language was inserted by Rep. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla.
    “I don’t find that a good use of taxpayer dollars,” he said. “When last did (the fraud investigators) have to pull their weapon? I’m not aware of anything in the last two years that they pulled it, much less fired it. If they’re going to be making these kinds of raids, every sheriff’s department in the state has a SWAT team with those kinds of weapons. I just don’t think that’s a wise use of our tax dollars, so we’re going to try to stop it.”

  10. nemo Says:

    If the PBA, and all other unions, are against Scott…he’s the man for Florida.

    Unions of any kind are doing more to hurt Florida then anything else.

  11. James Says:

    If you look at the canidates, Scott and Sink, and think of their backrounds and wealth, ask yourself what these two have in common with you or your family. They live in world where they never worry about bills or even what they can purchase. As for the Police unions, they shouldn’t be commenting, it’s unprofessional. Like talking politics at a party.

  12. Jose Ortega Says:





  13. All Them Guns Didn't Stop Ali Hassan Hammoud From Stealing Our Money Right Under Sinks Nose and sending it to Beirut Lebanon Says:

    A scheme to defraud state taxpayers out of millions of dollars was thwarted by some alert Regions Bank employees and one of the state’s biggest road contractors — (AND NOT BY ALEX SINK OR HER EMPLOYEE’S WHO ONLY WANTED TO ARGUE THEY HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG!) but not before millions of the money was transferred to Beirut, Lebanon. FBI agents caught Ali Hassan Hammoud, 35, minutes before he was to board an Air France flight to Lebanon, but they were too late to stop the transfer to Lebanon of some of the $5.7-million stolen from the state treasury transferred in four installments after state officials in Alex Sink’s office received bogus paperwork directing them to ship the money to an account Hammoud controlled instead of sending it to Anderson Columbia. Company officials began calling Sinks office on July 22, 2008 to determine why they had not been paid. Brian Schreiber, comptroller for the construction company, said they initially had trouble convincing Sink’s department that the company had not changed the bank accounts. “It took a while to convince them to forward us the documents, he was also troubled when he learned the state would change bank accounts without contacting the company that was supposed to receive the money. “

  14. holy sht Says:

    Rick Scott is a thief who ripped us all off while becoming one of the filthy rich. It’s sad to think that there are so many people who are willing to overlook the obvious because he panders to the t- baggers and others who are easily manipulated.

  15. Boba Phatt Says:

    LMAO!!! A thief wants to cut funding for prisons? Shocking!

    I understand the anger. Hell, I’m angry too. But if you think this white collar criminal is gonna campaign on his own dime without a plan to get it all back, well, you have a lot more faith in humanity (and thieves) than I do.

  16. RealAngst Says:

    bad lines…you forget what Scott has stolen from you ALREADY? Imagine how much he and his company stole and got away with BEFORE the 1 BILLION plus fine they paid? DOH!

    #3…Alex Sinks crooked friends? You mean former term limited Gov JEB BUSH? The cronyism isnt lost on me, however the facts that seem to elude you folks is amazing.

    clone..Living proof of the fact that you can not cure stupid.

    nemo…Who looks out for your rights in a “right to work state” like Florida for you? There are not a lot of unions in Florida, so the RW mantra of railing against unions cracks me up.

    no grat…Prisons are for INCARCERATION and PUNISHMENT for crimes already committed. If they do end up closing facilities, if early releases take place and some violent offenders are released back into society, I only hope that no one that you know or care about isnt a victim of one of these cretins.

    #9…Sorry, but she was right to say no and anyone who works at that level knows damn well that the Sheriff or City agency that would assist in that kind of case is better trained, staffed and equipped.

  17. Plenty Of lazy Cops Whose Pension Money She Gave Her BOA Friends Can Blog For Her So She Can Help Them Lose Their Comfy Jobs Too Says:

    If the cops had any sense they would not be calling Rick Scott a crook who should be in jail! Why? Because if it was true (which it’s not!) it makes cops look bad! So it also makes cops look stupid! This coupled with the fact that cops are supporting the one who funded $266 Million of “our” retirement funds to her Bank of America New York City friends who lost it all! You see, I am a retired cop and that’s my retirement funds she lost! What I am not is a union victim of union stupidity and will not allow them and the likes of the SEIU to lead me into destitute status with them!

  18. Plenty Of lazy Cops Whose Pension Money She Gave Her BOA Friends Can Blog For Her So She Can Help Them Lose Their Comfy Jobs Too Says:

    RealAngst ~ WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?


    #9…Sorry, but she was right to say no and anyone who works at that level knows damn well that the Sheriff or City agency that would assist in that kind of case is better trained, staffed and equipped.

  19. Mucho Gracias Jose Says:

    Thanks Jose Ortega, you just proved to me why I will vote for Scott.

    Thanks muchacho!

  20. brigitte Says:


  21. Tina DiDonato Says:

    I need to leave FloriDUH! You right wing wackos are scary and downright childish. We had 8 years of misery with Bush, not to mention Jeb (FCAT, savings and loan scandal, ripping off medicare, etc.) and you’re willing to vote in another republican? Stupid is as stupid does.

  22. RealAngst Says:

    Plenty…need a dictionary? A how to look words up lesson? Angst…a feeling of dread,anxiety or anguish..Mine is very real and it is caused by both parties. She was right to say no to the competetive bids based soley on the FACT that the guy that everyone is pining away about is under INDICTMENT! In a operationaly situation, those weapons and circumstances are handled by SWAT, as is search warrants and what we call group ops. As far as her purchasing them for her troops, most State Investigators do not have radio communication with small groups of investigators since the units are smaller and specialized, so the liklihood of an Agent or Investigator coming into contact with some low life who has superior weapons is great, even if it rarely takes place. It is a case of better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. If anyone has no clue what is going on, it is YOU and I will keep my card and USE it to NOT vote for Scott, someone who has been DOCUMENTED as being the CEO (ultimately RESPONSIBLE) for the biggest FRAUD perpetrated against Medicare and the biggest fine ever paid for it. How odd is it that his BOD ran him off and his golden parachute was so good that he used it to win a primary and now uses it to run for Gov. Scott is a scumbag and a hypocrite. He just took the very stimulus money he opines about to boost his small business (cough cough) while telling us all how bad it is.

    Thus endeth YOUR lesson. Glad I could improve your vocabulary as well.

  23. da_truth Says:

    It’s about time that Rick Scott gets a taste of his own medicine via a commercial with half-truths. (That’s been his bread and butter thus far) But nothing makes me laugh harder than seeing the GOP talk tough on crime and then criticize law enforcement for actually wanting to get paid well for keeping us safe.

  24. Idiot Factor Says:

    RealAngst ~ You do not have the intelligence to inprove my vocabulary.
    It would take a friggn nut case like you to vote for the likes of Sink, Obama, Crist and Grusome! The number of votes for idiots such as the above is the known number we use to determine the idiot factor!

  25. So Did the teachers and everyone else on the state retirement system realize Sink lost millions of their retirement funds Says:

    Well, did all these dippity sheriffs, teachers and all state employee’s on the state retirement system realize Alex Sink is the one who wrote the checks giving $266 million to Merrill/Lynch – Bank of America to lose?
    Weel it come right out of our retirement funds! DUH!!! Sink Sunk our retirement money! And state retired employee’s sure as hell don’t need her in the governor’s office losing more of our money! Let her and Charlie go to Wooshington and work for their buddy Obammy!!!

  26. Sink Crist and McCollum have lost billions of our dollars Says:

    UPDATE: GOP officials appear to be linking Attorney General Bill McCollum to billions of dollars in losses – to the state pension fund during the 2008 financial meltdown.

    McCollum has steadfastly refused to join other GOP elected officials in their support for Rick Scott, who defeated the attorney general in the August GOP governor’s race primary.

    The Republican Party of Florida paid for a series of ads attacking Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democrat nominee for governor, for her role in the pension fund losses.

    “Under current oversight, the fund has lost billions upon billions – and now Alex Sink is actually running ads on her questionable record overseeing SBA,” RPOF spokesman Dan Conston said in an e-mail in response to a reaction to McCollum’s pointed questioning yesterday to refute recent reports that the State Board of Administration made risky investments that endangered the pension fund.

  27. RealAngst Says:

    Idiot..what an appropriate name for you to choose. Well done!! A few points for you, idiot, I did NOT vote for Mr. Obama. Now that we have that out of the way, I have voted for Mr. Crist who in case YOU forgot, is a Republican, it matters not a whit to me that he is running as an Independent. I would never vote for Rubio the Rube. If you werent an idiot, you might want to look at ALL of his flip flops, the FACT that the man has never held a job in his life and he plays on being a Cuban-American, much the way Mr. Obama played on his racial differences. I do not care what the race or sex of the candidate is, I care about the ability and character of those who seek to represent ME is. In both Mr. Obama and Mr. Rubio, I find both lacking for different reasons. They do have one trait in common that I abhor, they are both arrogant and think that they know what is best for me. They also share one with you. Idiots!!

  28. RealAngst Says:

    Hey idiot…one more thing. I believe you wrote “RealAngst ~ You do not have the intelligence to inprove my vocabulary.” Can I offer you some guidance in spelling? I have always maintained that God made so many IDIOTS because he wanted me to spend my days being amused by those who lack the simple ability to construct a sentence while arguing a point without merit.

  29. Gone Postal Says:

    I challenge any of you to walk into a maximum security prison UN-ARMED and deal with murders, rapists, child-molesters, drug dealers…the scum of the earth. You all can sleep safe at night knowing that these dedicated Public Servants are keeping us ALL protected. And trust me, most of you wouldn’t even consider doing this job for what they get paid. It’s fine for you to arm-chair quarterback, but I GUARANTEE most of you wouldn’t last 1 day in a Correctional Officer’s shoes. Oh, and just so you all know…they haven’t received a raise or cost of living adjustment in 5 yrs.

  30. lisajoy Says:

    Now lets drug
    Test state all benefits
    Rec’s and take away the Prisoners cupcakes !!!

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