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‘Outsider’ Scott gets support of nearly all GOP state House reps and senators

by Dara Kam | September 29th, 2010

All but a baker’s dozen of GOP state House and Senate members are backing Republican gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott, who ran as an “outsider” in a brutal GOP primary against Attorney General Bill McCollum.

Scott released a list of campaign co-chairmen that included nearly all of the state legislature’s Republicans, some of whom backed McCollum in the primary and objected at the time that Scott, who spent $50 million of his own money in the primary, couldn’t be trusted.

McCollum has refused to endorse Scott in the general election against Democrat Alex Sink.

The list of GOP legislators who haven’t signed on either, according to the campaign document, include:

Senate Majority Leader Alex Diaz de la Portilla, Sens. Victor Crist, Nancy Detert, Rudy Garcia, Steve Oelrich, and Alex Villalobos, who publicly endorsed Sink this week.

Also missing was Ft. Lauderdale Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, who’s running against Democrat Rep. Kelly Skidmore in the race to replace Senate President Jeff Atwater. Atwater’s stepping down to run for chief financial officer.

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13 Responses to “‘Outsider’ Scott gets support of nearly all GOP state House reps and senators”

  1. 21st Century Says:

    “Nearly all”? Hmmm…Guess not ALL of the mighty GOP is drinking this crook’s Kool-aid.

  2. Genie Says:

    Bill McCollum is a sore loser and was part of the team of Charlie Crist and Alex Sink who were responsible and who lost $61 billion in the State pensions funds.

  3. Arbar Says:

    Rick Scott: “I have a dream, I dream of big bucks and the working class licking my Gucci’s”

    The GOP: “We have a dream, we dream of licking Rick Scott’s Guccis”

    Tea Baggers: “We don’t want to lick, we want to be ‘bagged”

  4. l Says:

    GO SCOTT LET GET AMERICA BACK TO WORK, AMERICANS WANT TO WORK AND LIVE, sick of this nowhere feeling want our country strong again and mostly working, this must come from people who have started and created their own fortune not the typical career politician we must give these people a try at politics because the people who have had the floor have failed.

  5. Sink Crist and McCollum have lost billions of our dollars Says:

    UPDATE: GOP officials appear to be linking Attorney General Bill McCollum to billions of dollars in losses – to the state pension fund during the 2008 financial meltdown.

    McCollum has steadfastly refused to join other GOP elected officials in their support for Rick Scott, who defeated the attorney general in the August GOP governor’s race primary.

    The Republican Party of Florida paid for a series of ads attacking Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democrat nominee for governor, for her role in the pension fund losses.

    “Under current oversight, the fund has lost billions upon billions – and now Alex Sink is actually running ads on her questionable record overseeing SBA,” RPOF spokesman Dan Conston said in an e-mail in response to a reaction to McCollum’s pointed questioning yesterday to refute recent reports that the State Board of Administration made risky investments that endangered the pension fund.

  6. What? Says:

    Did Rick Scott’s campaign really list those who did NOT endorse him?

  7. Cynical Idealist Says:

    Johnny Byrd was right, they’re all a bunch of frickin’ sheep.

    All the sheep are getting behind a guy that most of them hated because they now think he will lead them to paradise.

    Wonder if they think he’s got enough money to provide each of them with 72 virgins, too?

    Baaaaa Baaaaaa….

  8. Chris Says:

    Just a question for all of the legislators who are now supporting Rick Scott. Does integrity, character, honesty and trustworthiness mean anything?

    Another question: If Jesus was a Democrat and Judas Iscariot was a Republican and both were running for an office, would all you Reps vote for Judas.

    You legislators define your own character by your actions and deeds. Thanks for letting us know your real colors.

  9. Scott is a Crook Says:

    RPOF does not represent the people’s interests, unless they are $RICH$.

  10. #9 Is Ful Of Chet About Scott Being a Crook and Right About The RPOF Says:

    #9 ~ You are 50% right! The RPOF is a little rich boys intercircle of corruption which actually begin that way under Jebbie when he and Tom Feeney were fixing the elections for DUB -U in 2000-2004 and really escalated under the leadership of CharLIE Crist and Jim Greer! The RPOF and its subsidies the county REC’s are corrupt to the core!
    The proble is your title it totally wrong! Rick Scott couldn’t hold a candle for all these organized crooks in the Republican party of Florida!

  11. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    What Would Joe Friday Do? Answer: Arrest “THE Florida Cabal”


  12. Big Pete Says:

    Tricky Ricky is a THIEF nuff said

  13. Spank Scott!! Says:

    Love the new Ad Rick with Mom saying she even used a yard stick on you. Maybe she should of hit your hands harder when you where younger. Get rid of those sticky hands.. Bad Rick Bad Rick…

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