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New poll shows Scott hits 50 percent mark with voters, 6 point lead over Sink

by Dara Kam | September 24th, 2010

A new Rasmussen poll shows GOP gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott with a six point lead over Democrat opponent Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

The telephone poll found that 50 percent of likely voters said they will cast their ballot for Scott with Sink getting 44 percent.

Rasmussen Reports now shifted the race from a toss-up to leaning Republican in its latest Election 2010 Gubernatorial Scorecard.

Earlier this month, Sink had a slight edge over Scott, with a 48 to 47 percent lead.

Both polls included “leaners,” likely voters who initially respond that they have no preference for either candidate but when asked again say they prefer a particular candidate.

A Mason Dixon poll released yesterday showed Sink with a 7 point lead over Scott. That poll of likely voters gave Sink 47 percent of the vote compared to 40 percent for Scott, with 11 percent undecided.

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18 Responses to “New poll shows Scott hits 50 percent mark with voters, 6 point lead over Sink”

  1. JimBob Says:

    Polls are crap!!
    Just like Rick Scott , a thief, a Crook and wants to buy the Governor seat.

    He is the worst thing that can happen to Florida!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trotting Turtle Says:

    Sink, she’s the one who never met a tax she didn’t like, right? And quit picking on Scott. His mother says he’s a good boy.

  3. Twin set Says:

    Alex Sink IS Chief Financial Officer of Florida, as of right now…is she still fulfilling her job requirements or is she running for office?

    Under Sink’s tenure the Florida Retirement System lost BILLIONS. Many other entities in FL saw what was happening…PBC School District for one, and withdrew their funds before the BILLIONS in losses!!!!

    Sink will ruin Florida. We will be under MORE restrictions, regulations and TAXATION.

    NO to Alex.

  4. Sink Score Card Shows An F for protecting our money Says:


    Alex Sink as Treasurer of the SBA the Florida board that invests public money bet $266,780,948. million on a huge Manhattan real estate deal and lost every last penny
    of it.
    Included in the money lost, Florida paid $16 million in fees to real estate developers, bankers and Wall Street money managers who persuaded the state to make the deal.
    State elected leaders with potential influence over the pension funds’ investments received campaign contributions from some of those same corporate giants. BlackRock, which is 49 percent owned by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, gave $500 to Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink (her former employer) during her 2006 campaign.
    The chief of staff of CFO Alex Sink recommended the law firm of embattled attorney Scott Rothstein Sink’s deputy helped law firm of Rothstein get a shot at representing the state in some potentially lucrative legal work.
    On Sept. 9, the state Democratic Party received a $200,000 check from Rothstein’s firm, money he had pledged at a fundraiser he hosted at his home for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.
    About three weeks after the $200,000 contribution was recorded, Rothstein’s firm landed on a list of law firms being considered for potentially lucrative work with the State Board of Administration — with an assist from Sink’s chief of staff.
    Sink’s Department of Financial Services has purchased 182 assault rifles – costing $255,000, according to Sink’s office – in the last two years. Sink, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says the rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators, but the Legislature’s Republican budget writers argue the rifles are expensive and unnecessary. Typically, fraud investigators have carried pistols. Sink bought the rifles without competitive bids from Tampa-based SRT Supply, Inc.,
    A scheme to defraud state taxpayers out of millions of dollars was thwarted by some alert Regions Bank employees and one of the state’s biggest road contractors — but not before millions of the money was transferred to Beirut, Lebanon. FBI agents caught Ali Hassan Hammoud, 35, minutes before he was to board an Air France flight to Lebanon, but they were too late to stop the transfer to Lebanon of some of the $5.7-million stolen from the state treasury transferred in four installments after state officials in Alex Sink’s office received bogus paperwork directing them to ship the money to an account Hammoud controlled instead of sending it to Anderson Columbia. Company officials began calling Sinks office on July 22, 2008 to determine why they had not been paid. Brian Schreiber, comptroller for the construction company, said they initially had trouble convincing Sink’s department that the company had not changed the bank accounts. “It took a while to convince them to forward us the documents, he was also troubled when he learned the state would change bank accounts without contacting the company that was supposed to receive the money. ”
    Florida CFO “Alex Sink” was on that “GOVERNING BOARD OF THE DIVISION OF BOND FINANCE” on September 1, 2008 and She approved the 2008A Bond to finance the “Taj Mahal”… the new courthouse of extravagance in Tallahassee for the 1st District court of appeals.

  5. Seth Says:

    Another example of the Garbage Polls produced by Rasmussen. Only poll that shows him ahead.
    Rasmussen = Zero Credibility

  6. Dan Stone Says:

    I’m an independent, so I have no partisan ax to grind, but Twin set, you are buying into the Scott/Republican propaganda that it was Sink who caused the loss to the Florida Retirement System. That was rated “BARELY TRUE” by PolitiFact Fact Florida. Here is the link:

    The truth is that the collapse of Leahman Brothers, the banking industry, and the housing industry did it. Did your 401(k) take a hit in the past two years? Mine did, and Mrs. Sink is not a part of T. Rowe Price. Don’t be a sheep and follow a lie blindly, look for the truth, unless of course, you don’t want to hear the truth. If that is the case, I feel really sorry for you.

  7. sid dinerstein Says:

    What is TOTALLY true is that in June, 2010, Sink, Crist and McCollum TRIPLED the amount of Florida Retirement System money given to HEDGE FUNDS, to try and recoup their shortfall.


  8. George Says:

    Wait till PPP gets into the act. That was the only poll which predicted the final Florida priamry results accurately. As I recall, both Rasmussen and Mason-Dixon had it wrong!

  9. Mike Says:

    I sincerely hope that ever Post reader and voter understands that Rick Scott’s former Hospital Company paid 1.7 Billion $dollars$ in fines.
    These fines were for STEALING FROM THE TAXPAYER.
    There were duplicate books, the stolen money was accrued and taken off in a very systematic and orderly manner, commencing with the expiration of the Statures of Limitatiions for the crimes.
    So, Rick Scott is either a very very smart crook who didn’t get caught or he was willing to look the other way, or he is clueless.
    None of those qualities make for a good Governor for Florida or any other state.
    The choice is yours Floridians, a guy who is, in the kindlest light, clueless, or an unprocscuted crook who designs ways to steal from the taxpayers.

  10. Unreal Says:

    As an independent the jury is still out for me. While Sink understands business and has a history in finance, she has shown her allegiance to Obama. Obamacare must be shut down as everyday we find that it was a complete farce that will limit people’s choices, and increase the costs of healthcare. Sink is a bean counter unfortunately, not necessarily a leader who commands authority.
    Scott on the other hand knows business as well. Not knowing all of the facts about the legal violations for his company, I can not truly judge his actions. My staff routinely takes care of issues, and makes decisions without my knowledge, and when there is a problem, i many times find out after the fact. This is not a lack of management, but people make mistakes. My company is dwarfed by that of Scott, and he can not possibly micromanage every aspect of the business.
    Polls are usually wrong, and lean toward the partisanship of the people conducting them, so are usually unreliable.
    What we need is a series of televised debates not filled with partisan non issues such as abortion, that has no place in state politics. Jobs should be the number 1 topic.

  11. FlNative Says:

    Scott has a good business background-that is what FL needs now-not someone who will raise taxes, property insurance, ect.

  12. RD Says:

    Rick Scott is going to raise our property insuance rates. Scott promises to deregulate homeowners insurance. Let me make it real simple for the folks who sit home watching Fox News all day. Deregulate means letting the insurance companies charge as much as they want.

    Our Republican Legislature is already a big fan of such deregulation. Fortunately, Charlie Crist used the veto pen to block a previous bill passed by the legislature to permit huge property insurance rate increases. If Scott wins, you can count on paying far more for homeowners insurance.

  13. peanut Says:

    watch your headlines: 2 poles, different conclusions.

  14. Crist and Sink bad news Says:

    Democrat Adelade Alex Sink while Chief Financial Officer of Florida lost billions in pension money.

    And she supposed to help the State come out of this economic tailspin??!?!

    Sink doesn’t KNOW what the hell she is doing.

    Other entities in FLORIDA, were more savvy and pulled out of the Sink financial mess. They were SMARTER than Alex Sink. One of those entities was the school district of PB County!

  15. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Tricky Ricky needs to pull himself off the backs of Floridas elderly in need.

  16. MoneySaid Says:

    Alex Sink as Treasurer of the SBA the Florida board that invests public money bet $266,780,948. million on a huge Manhattan real estate deal and lost every last penny of it.

    What you don’t mention is that JEB BUSH sold us the paper!

  17. RealAngst Says:

    Before you cast your vote for Scott, remember, it is Obama this and Obama that, that the Health Care Plan and the Stimulus were not good for Florida. YET..Who took STIMULUS MONEY for his so called “small business”? Why Mr. Scott who else. Who endorsed the Republicans new “plan” that KEEPS 7 CRITICAL ASPECTS of the ALREADY PASSED HEALTH CARE PLAN? Why Mr Scott, who else!? Enough of this guy. This registered Republican will cross that line and vote for Alex Sink, I will also not vote for Marco Rubio under any circumstance and will cast my vote for Charlie Crist. I have had it with half assed so called Republicans who LIE, CHEAT and STEAL from us, then blame everyone else for it. It is as silly as the notion that George Bush kept us safe after 9/11? The mouthbreathers who say that are frauds. They act as if George Bush was not the President when 9/11 took place. Yet they blamed Clinton? The man who was OUT OF OFFICE for more than 9 months? Enough already! Out with the liars and vote for truth.

  18. RealAngst Says:


    It is people like YOU who cause Republicans to distrust you and all that you represent. You have people like Dick Farrel on the REC, you have people like that white power punk demanding entry into your little club and while you stood up to him, you have no balls and eventually you will cave. How about just doing the RIGHT thing for a change. Here is an idea, why dont YOU step aside and let someone who doesnt toe the party line step in and do it. You disgust me sir, and many others.

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