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Likely Scott running mate Jennifer Carroll is mom of Dolphins rookie

by George Bennett | September 2nd, 2010

Nolan Carroll

Nolan Carroll

Our Mike Bender is reporting that Republican gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott is likely to name state Rep. Jennifer Carroll, R-Fleming Island, as his running mate today.

Carroll, 51, served 20 years in the Navy and retired as a lieutenant commander aviation maintenance officer.

She was elected to the state House in 2003.

Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer Carroll

Her three children include Nolan Carroll II, a fifth-round draft pick by the Miami Dolphins this year. Post sports writer Ben Volin recently profiled Nolan Carroll, who overcame broken legs in high school and college to become an NFL draft pick.


25 Responses to “Likely Scott running mate Jennifer Carroll is mom of Dolphins rookie”



  2. V Says:

    Oh yeah. Race has nothing to do with this one, right? Nothing like being too obvious.

  3. raceison Says:

    Maybe race has nothing to do with it at all. Perhaps he picked her because she was a female a la John McCain and Sexy Sarah.

  4. Joe Says:

    Rick will win anyways, cuz the machines are still controlled by BIG $$$$$$.

  5. Truth Says:

    So what… affirmative action only works for the Liberals when they want it? Is that how it works?
    Rick Scott is a smart guy and picked a smart woman. Not saying I’m voting for him yet, but I’m more interested now.

  6. Tom Says:

    This guy’s pass actions shows he is looking out #1. Why do we need a guy this like looking out for all of us? We need to be smart about voting. We need to look for people who’s pass actions show they are willing to give first & ask nothing. And what is sad is 90% of these people running are all take & give me type people. I guess that is how they got rich. And it is clear politics is a game only the rich can play and win at. We really need a no confidence vote check box. We need a tool to make this game a good poor man’s one!

  7. Conservative Says:

    Go Rick Scott! It is smart. And she is too! She has served our country in the military in Aviation! Love her! We need more diversity in the R party elected top level leaders because the Republican Party IS the party for many black Americans who are generally more conservative Christian people.

    Illegal immigration and immigration as a whole are hurting black Americans more than anyone else. This is a real issue for FL.

  8. KATE Says:


  9. Mr.B Says:

    Mr. Scott is smart for choosing a black woman as his running mate. A 20 year veteran of the US Navy gives her great credentials and she’s a nice looking lady. Scott, a businessman, will bring jobs to Florida and cut political waste in government. A vote for Scott and Carroll is a vote for a better Florida.

  10. JGP Says:

    Scott has already become the insider he rails against. Carroll might eventually turn out to be a great legislator, but thus far she is an incumbent state rep. with no real accomplishments to her name.

    Let’s face it, Scott picked Carroll because: 1.) she is an immigrant and he can use her background to soften the immigration stance he espoused in the primary to attract independent voters; 2.) she is a minority and that looks good–just as the RNC chose Michael Steele; and 3.) she is a woman and Scott is running against a woman.

    Scott obviously made his decision solely on a calculated political basis. We’ll see if it works.

  11. Gordon Solie Says:

    Ezola B Foster part deux.

  12. Chuck Says:

    Carroll has more experience being in the Navy for 20 years than our fearless POS Obama the community organizer. Way to go Scott, looks like a good pick with someone who understands what it is like to serve this country with their life on the line versus some moron community organizer.

  13. Kay B. Day Says:

    Carroll is well-known as an influencer in the GOP. She served in the US Navy with distinction, pushed through crime watch legislation and headed up Veterans Affairs under Jeb Bush.

    To say she is a race card pick is an insult to a talented and accomplished woman.

  14. Steve Says:

    who cares who either canidate picks as a running mate ? I want to know why Rick Scott spent 30 million of his own money to get a job that pays less than 200 thousand a year ? and how is he going to recoupe that money through the tax payers money ? what deals will he make with floridas tax payers money to get his money back? I will be voting for Alex Sink

  15. ali Says:

    She is an accomplished, intelligent woman with great values and common sense. She’ll make a great Lt. Gov and next Gov.

  16. rjr Says:

    Rick Scott is a blow out and anyone who doesn’t think he playing the race card for votes need to have their head examined
    and get it out of the sand. It’s got nothing to with being an accomplished woman. Scott just lost my vote for selecting for all the wrong reasons.

  17. Real World Says:

    You LIBTARDS are ridiculous….

    If Scott DOESN’T pick a “person of color” he is a racist…
    If he DOES pick a “person of color” he is “playing the race card”…

    And if this outstanding woman is chosen and accepts, she will be an Uncle Tom, a “token”, a “oreo” and ever other disgusting nasty thing you LIBTARDS can think of.

    And the bottom line is Scott will win in November and hopefully all you LIBTARDS will drown like lemmings in the sea.

  18. Go Rick Says:

    She has better qualifications than Barak Hussein Obama Bin Laden. Go Rick and Jennifer.

  19. Mr. G Says:

    I love this pick! Mr. Scott is in a no win situation with the libs. As a black man, I think it’s very smart to pick a highly qualified woman of color. We are NOT all Liberals who only vote for the Democrats. Let’s Get To Work Florida!!!

  20. al Says:

    As the farmer said to his children; if you play with manure, you are going to get stinky. Ms Carroll, take a clue from what happened to Condolezza Rice and Colin Powell. And once again, how can anyone say there is a race problem in America, when we are all just crazy about race?

  21. howard Says:

    How can Scott run our state efficiently when, as the head of his hospital, HCA, there were SO MANY illegalities committed, that they paid over 1 billion in fines? He resigned in disgrace, received a huge severance package plus that company’s stock.

    I am an independent voter who wants the best for Florida. Sloganeering will not win my vote.

  22. Valerie Sawyer Says:

    Ignorance seems to be the order of the day according to many of the posts here. Can’t believe you are judging this woman by the color of her skin rather than the content of her character. Those of us up here in North Florida where Jennifer lives and serves know she is an outstanding woman and legislator and that the rest of the State will be blessed to have her. You should thank us and Rick Scott for sharing her with you. As far as Rick Scott and those of you worried about him spending his money, would you have felt better if he had had to take money from FL special interests? When you spend your own money, you are not obligated to anyone. Also, to others worried about how he is going to get that money back from the taxpayers, are you aware that he has said he will not take a salary from the State of Florida during his first year as governor? Rick will always have money because he is a smart businessman. He doesn’t need your money. He is trying to do us all a favor by getting FL back on track jobs-wise, telling Obama to stick his health care plan where the sun don’t shine and get the special interests (Democrat & Republican) out of the people’s wallets. But I guess some of you here like being jobless and broke and “played”.

  23. Valerie Sawyer Says:

    Hey, Howard, do you want the truth about the HCA situation or are you going to believe what the slanted media feeds you? If you want the truth, let me know. I’ll be glad to share it with you. But if your mind is already made up and you don’t want to be confused with facts, I’ll save my energy and effort.

  24. Larry Allen Says:

    I actually served with Jennifer Carroll when she was a LT in VP-49, she was the material control officer. I was in a flight status, she was not. I am also in her district 13. Now maybe we can get some legislation to protect Florida’s retired veterans from unconstitutional federal laws that usurp state domestic relations laws and more protection for disabled veterans that are victims of family court judges that violate federal laws designed to protect their disability compensation. In Iowa a VSO is facing jail Sept 4 for refusing to pay child support because the amount is calculated using his VA disability compensation as income in violation of USC, Title 38, 5301, which clearly states that veteran‘s disability compensation, is protected from attachment under any circumstances, and by/under any legal or equitable process whatsoever. He has never refused to pay child support, only the amount that does not include his disability pay as income.

  25. mr wizard Says:

    wow you people are really stupid. what is racist about this choice for a running mate? hey i guess you either like scott or not… and if you don’t every decision he makes you won’t like. don’t worry, your vote won’t count anyways LOL

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