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LA guv Jindal joins Scott in FL flyaround

by Dara Kam | September 16th, 2010

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a veritable rock star among hard core GOP’ers, will join Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott on three campaign stops tomorrow.

Jindal earned praise for his harsh criticism of BP’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster that smothered Louisiana marshes in goo and left indelible images of oil-coated pelicans gasping for breath.

The pair will greet the public at private airports in Pensacola, Orlando and Jacksonville.

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2 Responses to “LA guv Jindal joins Scott in FL flyaround”

  1. SoFlaDistortion Says:

    Scott: Yeah so look out the airplane window. See that Oil, this is what your State’s Oil Industry did to Florida.
    Jindal: Yeah but we made a lot of money, the voters will forget about the environmental damage after a while.
    Scott: F’em, they don’t care about it. I’ve done billions in damage to this State and the Republicans voted for me in the primary.
    Jindal: Yeah that was wild how’d you pull that off?
    Scott: No accountin for stupid.
    Jindal: Can’t believe they bought that.
    Scott: Yeah me neither. Figured, heck I’ll run for Governor if the people are this dumb.
    Jindal: Yeah I guess you can cover your but in case they want to bust you later.
    Scott: Yeah. Damn you and BP really F’ed those beaches up.
    Jindal: That’s why I’m here to pay you back by legitimizing your candidacy with my visit.
    Scott: Ha, F U.
    Jindal: No, F’em all.

  2. Floridians Always Chose The Biggest Crooks In The State Says:

    No doubt Floridians are suckers for the crooks! The last honest Governor we had was Lawton Chiles. Brain dead Jeb was just a puppet for Karl Rove to use to mastermind the GW takeover of the Whitehouse. If you like the Bush’s and think they are great people just look at what the done to Katherine Harris! She was the one who certified GW as the Florida winner! Then when she wanted to run for Senator the Bush’s supported Mel Martinez instead! Yea! A real loyal bunch of crooks! They will use you and throw you under the bus!

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