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Klein joins Dems’ Gang of 31 seeking extension of all Bush tax cuts

by George Bennett | September 16th, 2010



U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, was one of many Democrats who favored letting the Bush tax cuts expire for upper-income earners.

But Klein and 30 other Democrats have signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking that all the Bush tax cuts be extended. Many of the signers, including Klein, face tough reelection fights this fall.

Klein recently came out for a one-year extension of all the Bush tax cuts; the letter he signed advocates a “short-term” extension.

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20 Responses to “Klein joins Dems’ Gang of 31 seeking extension of all Bush tax cuts”

  1. What a dirtbag! Says:

    Good Lord! A Jew going along with the fascists? Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

  2. luckysnap Says:

    How can He and the DemocRATS blame Bush for this bad economy and then agree that Bush tax cuts are good. Damn what a bunch of fools!

  3. LO Says:

    Oh my. I guess you can tell there is an election coming up. Funny to me!

  4. luckysnap Says:

    Klien looks like another politician : Ismelt A. Phart

  5. A Voter Says:

    He will do anything to win an election!!

    Only a year…a drop in a huge financial bucket! Not enough.

  6. Wally P Says:

    Yes he is a DIRTBAG but I’ll let him come back into the light!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. EdFulop Says:

    1-800-GO-UHAUL. Make your reservation tonight, Kleiny. Beat the rush.

    Restore Honor. Flip the House.

  8. Mary Lou Says:

    It is simply amazing that the rhetoric has suddenly changed because there is an election.After being a strong Pelosi and Obama supporter and anti Bush, how can he flipflop like that? Oh, it’s because Pelosi is now calling them the Obama Midclass tax cuts.Do they really think we are all that stupid? I certainly hope Mr. Klein likes private life because that is where he is headed.

  9. West SUX Says:

    Where’s your Rubber Stamp Now Bitches???!!!

  10. LOL! Says:

    Let NO ONE accuse the great and honorable Ron Klein of having a backbone! West is a threat? HA! I’ll simply throw myself on the welfare for the rich bandwagon and come out a winner. Yes, I know thats what the Klein campaign is thinking. Also, no one should accuse Allen West of being informed considering he think Britain was a republic when the U.S. broke off from it.

  11. Klein needs to GO Says:

    What military branch of service did Klein serve in ?

    And Klein now (think elections) has decided he’s FOR the BUSH tax cuts.

    We all better be FOR the BUSH Tax Cuts or we ALL (except those who DON’T pay taxes) will be paying MUCH more in taxation.

    You have kids? Your child credit will go from $1K per kid to $500 per kid if they don’t vote to EXTEND the BUSH tax cuts.

    Klein=evil democrat Just another flip flopper. He’ll flip and change his tune JUST to get elected. BE scared if he’s elected because, guess what?, he’ll flip back!

  12. I See Roadkill Says:

    Klein is a nasty, flip flopping lobbyist masquerading as an elected official.

    I wonder why he’s even a congressman? Prestige? Power?

    I’ll bet it’s all tied to that Cat Fund he’s been pushing from the day he stepped on the Capitol grounds.

    That Cat Fund is a windfall for the developers. Klein has got to have a small treasure waiting for him if he gets that Cat Fund through.

  13. JGP Says:

    On the one hand, Klein is supporting the Bush tax cuts. On the other hand, Klein asked Obama to raise him money when one of Obama’s key goals was to get rid of the Bush tax cuts.

    Hey, don’t you remember what Obama said before he got elected? By this point, we’d be out of the recession, unemployment would be low. And all we would need to to is to spend our kids and grandkids future to do it. Well, we spent away the future…

    It’s time to get rid of Kleinbama.

  14. Samuel Says:

    the Bush tax cuts are so aweful they need to be extended. Ron, do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

  15. cowdog Says:

    Fresh out of stupid ideas, it seems.

    Perhaps you are coming around to reality, or do you just need a job for another period of time?

    Big nose; small brain. However, I’ll give you credit for being on the right side of this one.

  16. No need for lies Says:

    Lets at least be honest here and admit that Obama is for getting rid of the tax cuts for the top 2% while keeping them for the middle class. He said as much. Klein on the other hand is just being a spineless jellyfish in his effort to get re-elected. Of course, lets remember West really isn’t much better unless quoting Gladiator and making irrelevant incendiary statements counts as qualifications. If West gets elected, mark my words, he’ll be equally the servant of moneyed special interests than Klein has been. Don’t fool yourselves, where do you think both of their campaign war chests come from?

  17. JAN SOBIESKI - Klein Obama's Pet Says:

    Obama Insulted Netanyahu and walked out of a meeting in a petulant huff. This emboldened the jihadists backed by Turkey to launch the terrorist flotilla in support of terrorist Hamas. This crisis almost caused an existential crisis for Israel. Any vote for Obama’s little pet Ron Klein is a vote to destabilize Israel.

  18. Tim Neshime Says:

    Hey do any of you ignoranuses make more than 250,000? I doubt it! Any non-million/billionaire who is for the tax cuts are just ignorant fools. Do you actually think rich people need more money in this country? If they have to pay a fair tax rate they might not buy private jets or bottles of imported wine. Rich people are rich enough. Most have more money than they could ever spend. Klein is a weasel and a puppet that does not work for the people just like 80% of all politicians. The answer however is not get rid of our Government. It is get rid of the disease that has infected it, Rich bloodsuckers, Jewish lobby, and Corporations. Lastly who cares about Israel! They are the terrorists in the middle east not Turkey or Hamas. They are the murderers. But do not mention that because they will just bring up the holocaust like a bunch of whiners. Like that has anything to do with them murdering people in their own land. RICH PEOPLE NEED TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. EdFulop Says:

    Tim –
    You are too short to ride this ride. Step down, son.

  20. constitution 101 Says:

    Klein has a 98% voting record of endorsing Obama Pelosi. Strange
    that he breaks with them on the
    Bush tax cuts right before a tough
    election. No guts, no courage, no
    ideas. He is a self serving lobbyist.
    Time to back his bags. He can’t fool
    all of the people all of the time.

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