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Jennifer Carroll stumps for Scott in Delray Beach

by George Bennett | September 27th, 2010

DELRAY BEACH — Republican lieutenant governor candidate Jennifer Carroll delivered Rick Scott’s low-tax, less-government message to about 40 supporters this morning at Ellie’s 50′s Diner.

Noting that she supported Scott’s rival, Attorney General Bill McCollum, in the bitter Aug. 24 primary, Carroll said Republicans need to put aside differences and unite against Democrat Alex Sink in the governor’s race.

“Many of you were probably on the other side. But the stakes are too high for us to stay at home just to say that we don’t know the other guy too much so therefore we can’t support him. We know that the other side is for higher taxes. We know that the other side is for more government. We know that the other side is for less personal freedom. We know the other side is not for you to have the opportunities that we will provide for you. That’s the bottom line,” Carroll said.


5 Responses to “Jennifer Carroll stumps for Scott in Delray Beach”

  1. Mike Says:

    Rick Scott isn’t right for Florida unless you actually desire a Governor who either allowed his companies to elablorately and systematically steal Tax Payer money or he was so unaware of the actions of his company he didn’t even know he was working with thieves who stole $Billions$.
    When those big checks came in, I guess Rick didn’t want to ask many questions, or he already knew the answers.
    Companies don’t write the Government checks for $1.7 Billion in fines and returned tax/medicare money if they don’t have to.
    How many billions did we Tax Payers really lose to Rick Scott’s enterprises?
    Has it stopped yet? How do we know?
    Republicans speak about ethics and morality all the time.
    Then, they elect Rick Scott to run as their symbol of good governing.
    If Rick Scott is the Republican epitome of ethics and morals then Floridians need to fear the Republican Party.

  2. GOPer Says:

    A crowd of LESS THAN 40 people! That is the news…is this a statewide campaign or a city council race?

  3. A true independent Says:

    So Mike – what’s your duties on Sinks campaign committee? If Rick Scott cleans up the illegal immigration fiasco and leaves me alone to care for my own family without big governement sticking it’s nose in and stealing my hard earned cash for meaningless government programs he gets my vote. I believe Scott will do a better job than Sink in both of those issues. Democrats had their chance. They controlled congress for part of Bush’s administration and for all of Obama’s disastrous dictatorship so I will never vote for a them again. Not that I’m loyal to Republicans, but they can’t do any worse than this shower if idiots, even at state level.

  4. We have been robbed! Says:

    Rep. Carroll for less government. Ha! What has she accomplished over the last 7 years other than perpetuating government bloat and pay for play? Her track record is a blueprint for financial disaster at the expense of the taxpayers.

  5. Queen of Government Spending Says:

    To: A True Independent
    By “meaningless government programs”, are you referring to the black business “loans” that Carroll championed in 2007 that are being stolen by board members, their family and friends? Yeh, that’s less government.

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