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Indicted ex-GOP boss Greer assails ‘racist views’ in party, won’t name names

by George Bennett | September 14th, 2010



Remember Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer’s denunciation last year of President Obama’s national address to school children? Greer said he was “appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.”

Since then, Greer’s been ousted as party chairman and indicted on six felony counts.

Monday, as Obama prepared another address to students, Greer said he’s learned that “many within the GOP have racist views.” He blamed his heated 2009 statement on an attempt “to placate the extremists who dominate our Party today.”

Greer declined to name any of the racists he was trying to placate.

“No names, but committee consists of people who fought me on outreach and I had to discipline state members who promoted racists (sic) comments which I was also fought on too,” Greer said via text message.

Here’s Greer’s Monday statement:

“In the year since I issued a prepared statement regarding President Obama speaking to the nation’s school children, I have learned a great deal about the party I so deeply loved and served. Unfortunately, I found that many within the GOP have racist views and I apologize to the President for my opposition to his speech last year and my efforts to placate the extremists who dominate our Party today. My children and I look forward to the President’s speech.”

And here’s Greer’s original 2009 statement on President Obama’s speech:

“As the father of four children, I am absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology. The idea that school children across our nation will be forced to watch the President justify his plans for government-run health care, banks, and automobile companies, increasing taxes on those who create jobs, and racking up more debt than any other President, is not only infuriating, but goes against beliefs of the majority of Americans, while bypassing American parents through an invasive abuse of power.

“While I support educating our children to respect both the office of the American President and the value of community service, I do not support using our children as tools to spread liberal propaganda. The address scheduled for September 8, 2009, does not allow for healthy debate on the President’s agenda, but rather obligates the youngest children in our public school system to agree with our President’s initiatives or be ostracized by their teachers and classmates.

“Public schools can’t teach children to speak out in support of the sanctity of human life or traditional marriage. President Obama and the Democrats wouldn’t dream of allowing prayer in school. Christmas Parties are now Holiday Parties. But, the Democrats have no problem going against the majority of American people and usurping the rights of parents by sending Pied Piper Obama into the American classroom.

The Democrats have clearly lost the battle to maintain control of the message this summer, so now that school is back in session, President Obama has turned to American’s children to spread his liberal lies, indoctrinating American’s youngest children before they have a chance to decide for themselves.”


20 Responses to “Indicted ex-GOP boss Greer assails ‘racist views’ in party, won’t name names”

  1. bigearl Says:

    Hey Greer, guess what? Nobody cares about your opinion. Stop acting like a petulant child and STFU!

  2. Nona Says:


  3. lol donkey Says:

    The GOP is a racist party??? In other news water is wet.

  4. WYNAYLOR Says:


  5. whasup Says:

    Says the crooked fat man who with the notable lack of black friends?

    Are you talking about your own racist views, Greer?

  6. Don Says:

    So Greer is thinking that maybe if he makes nice nice, he gets a shorter sentence is less of a crap hole prison?

  7. ricardus Says:

    I am no supporter of Jim Greer and his ilk, but can anyone tell me what is “racist” in his remarks about Obama speaking to the schoolchildren?
    I would not want any politician who doesn’t like America speaking to our children in or out of school anymore than having a pedaphiliac camp director interact with children.

  8. Michael A.R. Says:

    ricardus – There is nothing racist about Greer’s statement last year, and that’s not what he was talking about. He was saying that he was being pushed to fight the President by those extreme elements within the GOP whose primary motive was racial. Now, can you tell me how exactly our President “doesn’t like America.” I’m curious to see what you come up with.

  9. ricardus Says:

    To those who want you to believe that the Republican Party is made up of “racists” I remind you it is not the Republican Party that keeps colored people dependent on government for survival. The Socialist-Democrats keep black people “on the plantation” to supply them with votes. It is time for our black brothers and sisters to break the chains of dependency and taste the freedom of accomplishment, self reliance and self esteem.
    Ipse Ricardus dixit!

  10. Bill Says:

    I guess what is really racist about so many who oppose Obama is that they throw around stupid, hurtful, and damaging terms like “socialist,” “communist,” and “Nazi,” which the ignorant can latch on to and perhaps believe, when what they really want to say is “N—-r” but don’t have the courage to say what they really mean, or perhaps don’t fully comprehend themselves that what they really have a problem with is a Black person occupying the Whitehouse. I do not care for Greer, but at least he has had the grace to apologize. I wish that others would do the same.

  11. Greer Missed the train to get on the Human Race Says:

    Greer missed the train to get on the Human Race! Jimmy and Charlie was living the good life traveling all over the world and some of it was on the taxpayers dollars too! Not all was on the buy here pay here RPOF donations for favors dollars! They all should be in jump suits and who the hell cares what felons think about anything anyway?

  12. ozmo Says:

    Republicans and Tea Party clones thrive on hate and racism that is masked with perverted patriotic slogans.

  13. LB Says:

    Jim Greer meant every word of hate he spread then and now. Dumped and villified by the gop hate-mongers – boo-hoo. Why the change of heart? The gop tent certainly had no problems spending in excess of $1 trillion killing innocent people in Iraq but have nightmares spending $$$’s proving health care for the American people. You and the party of “no” are a pathetic lot!

  14. Bruce Walker Says:

    Not one specific incident of racism has been indicated or shown anywhere in this article or in any of the letters of response. Broad generalities that have no basis of fact are the only things that have been put forth here. Declarations are made by letter writers that if you witness firsthand, that socialism is being instituted in this country and you verbally point out that FACT, than you somehow don’t like people with skin color that is black or brown. This conclusion is not logical nor factual. It merely shows that there’s no substance in the article or in letters to accusations of GOP racism. If Republicans are racist, where’s the factual presentation of this so-called “truth”. Additionally, even if you proved that one specific Republican was actually racist, which this article does NOT do, how does that translate to all other Republicans? Answer: it doesn’t. Facts are so often inconvenient and intrusive to one’s molded beliefs that they are simply ignored, because facts MUST BE IGNORED in order to maintain one’s ridiculous, unsubstantiated beliefs. Greer is a weak man who said factual things in his original statement and is now too wimpy to stand behind those original, non-racist, accurate statements about Obama and socialism. I have no respect for Greer or any of the letter writers who are apparently incapable of putting forth specific truthful substance in their statements.

  15. claroche Says:

    In response to Bruce Walker….you asked for specific incidences of GOP racism, I will provide you with some:

    The GOP protestors that spit on black Congressmen, specifically John Lewis. Dont say it didnt happen, they have it on tape

    Pictures of Obama on GOP signs having him dressed up as a witch doctor and it tribal gear. This is racist

    Newt Gingrich constantly proclaiming that Obama has a “tribal Kenyan agenda that he received from his dead father” this is racist and moreover, crazy!

    GOP leaders always questioning the Presidents religion and birthplace, when was the last time Republicans questioned a white President’s race? I cant recall and honestly neither can you. This is happening because Obama is black.

    These are but a few examples for you Bruce of where the GOP has been racist towards our President. What is sad is that people do not realize what they are doing. The hatred and just disgusting discourse that the GOP wants to engage in, is Anti- American. Ohhh and let me not forget our dear friend Glen Beck, who on national television said “this President has a deep seeded hatred for white people and white culture.” Really? Obama’s mother is white, the people who raised him, his grandparents are white, how can Glen Beck even purch his lips to speak such lies.

    So please Bruce, get off your soapbox and open your eyes, this is a full on assault by Republicans and you know what…people that listen to this and follow this agenda are doing nothing but continiuing the cycle of hate. Sadly, people are uncomfortable with knowing that by 2030 whites will be a minority. The US will be a country of different shades of brown and honestly, and we will be a country of minorities.

    Change is hard to accept and you see in the GOP and its followers that they are threatened…get over it and play fair. Please do not deny the racism, be bigger than them and rise above it Bruce.

  16. claroche Says:

    Please forgive me I forgot another incident of racism…last years uproar re: the Presidents speeach to school chidren.

    I am a child of the 80′s and do you know how many times we had to sit in school and listen to Nancy Reagan tell us to “Just Say No” and Ronald Reagan cosign with that message. You know what, NO ONE COMPLAINED!!

    The country respected that the President and First Lady had a message for kids to stay off drugs…why the big hoopla about Obama, its not because he is a socialist, because honestly he’s not…its because he is black and a Democrat. All of these buzz words, socialist, Hitler (really comparing the President to Hitler, Marxist (1/2 of the people using that term dont know what it means) are just coverups for what people really feel.

    In addition, Mr. Beck clarified his comments about the President by saying that he misspoke, Obama is not a racist, he believes in “Black Liberation Theology.” Really? As a highly educated Black person, who has always gone to church (and no, I dont go to church with the Rev. Wrights of the world), lived around this country and honestly socially conservative; I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY!!!

    That is a crock of you know what, made up by right wingers like Glen Beck and people actually believe it. Tell me, how can Beck and other who have always been white, tell someone of another race what they believe in? The audacity of it all, and you still say that the critism is not racist? You may need to take a moment to look inside yourself and evaluate your beliefs, because if you cant see what is going on…I feel sorry for you.

  17. Martin L Says:

    The GOP has been heading down its racist path since Richard Nixon and his “southern” strategy in 1968. For those who are shocked, shocked at this claim of racism—-these are folks who haven’t been paying attention or are in denial. Much of the criticism that President Obama has received from Republicans is simply because he is black. And much of this GOP criticism is simply hate talk.

    Mix the racism with the anti-science, anti-intellectual, gun toting, bible thumping extremism—–and you have today’s Republican!

  18. Bruce Walker Says:

    Nice try, but your ignorance of the facts is clearly showing for all to see. It was Emanuel Cleaver who claimed he was spit on by protestors, not John Lewis. There were plenty of video cameras covering the “walk to the Capitol”, several of which were manned by aids of the liberal congressmen, and yet somehow no video ever emerged to back up Cleaver’s claim. In fact, the so-called Cleaver incident WAS caught on tape and it clearly shows for all to see that the “spitter” was not “spitting”. As we can see with our own eyes, he was SHOUTING at Cleaver. Last time I checked, shouting is not spitting and likewise, shouting is not racism. Shouting is shouting. They have it on tape.

    To date, nobody has ever come forth with video footage backing up your claims Claroche, and the $100,000.00 offered for such video is still available to anyone who can put forth such documentation. To this date, the offered reward is still unclaimed. Why is that, Claroche? We’re also still waiting for video evidence of the so-called “hurling” of racial epithets.

    Can you direct us to the evidence of “GOP signs” showing Obama as “witch doctor in tribal gear”. After I see these signs, I’ll make up my own mind as to whether they are racist. I certainly cannot take your word for it as I seriously question your overall judgement.

    As for Gingrich’s so-called proclamations about Obama, if you Google the quote that you attributed to Gingrich, only one item comes up, and it’s the quote from YOUR letter, Claroche. This quote can only be traced to YOU, not to Newt. Does that therefore mean that YOU are the racist?

    As for GOP leaders questioning Obama’s religion and birthplace, you have proclaimed that this is the SAME THING as questioning his race. It is not, and you saying it is doesn’t make it so. Religion is not about one’s race, it’s about one’s religious beliefs. Likewise, one’s birthplace is simply where one is born. It does not involve a racial element, but simply it is geographic in nature. You’re right that I cannot recall anyone questioning a white President’s race, nor can I recall anyone questioning Obama’s race. You proclaim that “This is happening because Obama is black.” What is happening because he is black? You haven’t told us yet.

    You say the hatred and disgusting discourse from the GOP is Anti-American. What hatred? What disgusting discourse? You have not given us that information yet. I pay close attention to national and world events, from both liberal and conservative “news” sources and I haven’t yet seen the hatred you speak of from the GOP. I have seen plenty of hate speech from numerous Democratic so-called “leaders” who repeatedly show vitriol for “the rich”, for “big business”, for “big oil”, etc., without any understanding that ALL businesses and corporations are run by PEOPLE, and that these people are citizens of this great country, and have just as much right to their beliefs and opinions as any other U.S. citizen. Class warfare (hate speech) by Democrats is so prevalent that you can find hundreds, if not thousands of examples on video. Check out YouTube. The spewing of hate by liberals is very easy to find. These are things we can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears.

    You say Glenn Beck said “this President has a deep seeded hatred for white people and white culture.” and you indicated that Beck was lying. Check out page 293 of Obama’s book “Dreams for My Father” where Obama says “white folks’ greed runs a world in need”. I guess that doesn’t count though, because we’ve been told repeatedly, that black people cannot be racist.

    Sorry Claroche, but I WILL remain on my soapbox and I WILL continue to see with clear eyes. You have not shown us any indication or evidence of a “cycle of hate” by those who oppose Obama’s attempt to change America into a socialist nation. No evidence at all.

    Racism does exist in some people’s hearts & minds and there are lame individuals in EVERY group of human beings. This applies to all liberal groups and the Democratic party as well . . . In no way are YOUR political or other groups you support, exempt from having individuals in them who are flat out racist, so what’s your point?

    Change, simply for the sake of change, is worthless. Change for the better should be supported, and change for the worse should be rejected. Apparently you believe that if a person rejects change that one believes will make things worse, than they are RACIST. Sorry but there’s no connection between RACISM and the rejection of change that is perceived to make things worse.

    Claroche, as a self-proclaimed highly educated black person, you obviously skipped class when they taught the history and definition of Socialism, Marxism, Facism, and Communism because it’s clear that you can’t tell the difference between those types of government and what the USA has always been, a Democratic Republic. Those government systems have failed every time they’ve been tried, and the historic proof which includes massive human suffering resulting from those systems is there for all to see. Our Democratic Republic has been the shining beacon on earth for the past 200+ years, based upon our Constitution as put forth by our Founding Fathers. If we want to hang on to what has worked best and produced the highest living standards on earth (our poor would be considered rich in so many other countries) then we will oppose Barack Obama’s plan of FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE this country is now experiencing. That’s not racism. It’s the application of intelligence, patriotism, and the pride of being fortunate enough to live in the greatest nation on earth and the desire for that nation to continue being the best. Any attempt to “change” away from the system that has proven to work best will be met with the appropriate resistance.

    In conclusion, you question how a person who is white can tell someone of another race what they believe in. Then you procede to do exactly that: you, a black person, tell white people that their belief that their country is being hi-jacked by socialists is not really their belief at all. You tell us we are instead, fearful of minorities and hateful of black people, and that we are racist. You are wrong. WE get to decide what we believe, NOT YOU!

    I do however, agree with you Claroche, when you say “The audacity of it all…”

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