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Independent Chiles out of governor’s race, backs Dem Sink

by Dara Kam | September 1st, 2010

“Bud” Chiles will officially drop out of the governor’s race tomorrow and is throwing his support behind the Democratic nominee, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Chiles – the son of Florida’s last Democrat governor, the late Lawton Chiles for whom he was named -could have been a spoiler in the governor’s race for Democrats who feared the independent candidate could be the Ralph Nader of Florida elections by pulling votes away from Sink. Many Democrats blamed Al Gore’s 2000 election loss to President George W. Bush on Green Party candidate Nader. Gore lost by 537 votes; Nader received 97,421.

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8 Responses to “Independent Chiles out of governor’s race, backs Dem Sink”

  1. Maybe Sink Is Going To Let Childs Be A Lt. In Her Army With Thos 182 Assault Rifles She Done Bought Says:

    Democrat Ausley Objects to Democrat Sink’s Taj Mahal

    Democrat CFO and Gubernatorial Candidates at Odds over New Courthouse

    Tallahassee–This week, CFO Alex Sink started back-peddling to get away from the controversy stirred up by her protégé and aspiring replacement Lorranne Ausley over the so-called “Taj Mahal” courthouse. Sink hastily called for an audit of the construction project when Ausley wrongly placed blame for the issue on legislative actions. In fact, state records show that it was Sink who moved – in an August 12, 2008 cabinet meeting – to authorize the funding for the courthouse.

    “Ausley’s hollow claims that high-end finishes and elaborate designs of the new courthouse were directed by the legislature fly square in the face of fact,” said RPOF Executive Director Ronnie Whitaker. “The Florida Legislature did not approve line items for fancy televisions, granite countertops, marble floors or any other extravagance. That’s not how state building projects work and certainly not in the case of a courthouse. Both Ausley and Alex Sink know that nothing more than an authorization for construction was given by the legislature. Authorization is where the legislature’s role ends and Alex Sink’s responsibility to taxpayers begins.”

    On August 12, 2008, CFO Alex Sink made the motion – on behalf of the Florida Division of Bond Finance and the State Board of Administration – to approve bonds to pay for construction. It passed unanimously without objection and then became the responsibility of Alex Sink and her staff, who manage and oversee state contracts to ensure the appropriate expenditure of every state dollar.

    “It looks like the Florida Democrats have done a pretty good job pointing out the failure of CFO Sink to run her agency and protect tax dollars,” said continued Whitaker. “For the last two weeks, Loranne Ausley has desperately tried to feign a viable campaign and in doing so has put the spotlight on Alex Sink’s failed leadership.”

    “Maybe Loranne Ausley is unaware that her Democrat gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink signed every single State of Florida check that has been paid towards this project, or that as the head of the Department of Financial Services, Sink could have audited this project every step of the way,” concluded Whitaker. “The luxurious expenses incurred during the construction of the First District Court of Appeals courthouse begin and end at Alex Sink’s office. After nearly four years, it’s about time Sink started paying attention to her current job, instead of ignoring her responsibilities to climb the ladder of political ambition.”

  2. whasup Says:

    Somebody I read said that with Chiles out we now have the choice between:

    a) Tweedle-Deep-Pockets and
    b) Tweedle-Dem-Politics


  3. ELC Says:

    ALEX SINK just STINKS!The same could be
    said for her little soldier boy-Bud Chiles. I guess she paid him enough so he decided to bough out gracefully. Personally, I think he killed his political career for the future just by
    joining forces with the EVIL ONE. Well I
    do hope she rewards him well.

  4. Nick at Night Says:

    This is huge – Scott is done. The Repubs will run the table except governor.

    And ELC, what does “bough” mean? I suppose yopu meant “bow” you nose- picking moron.

  5. Maybe Sink Is Going To Let Childs Be A Lt. In Her Army With Thos 182 Assault Rifles She Done Bought Says:

    Democraps just keep on kidding yourself, Sink has her nose right up Obama and Hilliary’ butts! Sure she is going to trounce the Republican governor when Republicans are polling greater than ever since 1942. Bull! Everyone knows she and her husband Bill McBride are as crooked on the dem side as Jebbis Boosh is on the Repub side! Only the Obammy idiots and Jebbie corruption leftouts will vote for her and Rick Scott will stand strong for the honest people of Florida! Watch his LG pick tomorrow!

  6. da_truth Says:

    To #5- Never ever thought I’d see the words “Rick Scott” and “honest” in the same sentence.

  7. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    Florida Governor Debates: I Smell A Dead Skunk


  8. brigitte Says:

    How could anybody be so naive as to believe Chiles was actually going to run against his own party. He’s an Independent? Yeah, right! As for Sink, has she looked in the mirror lately? Ugh!

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