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Incoming House speaker says Obama a ‘turnout driver’ in 2010 elections

by George Bennett | September 13th, 2010

GOP governor nominee Rick Scott mentioned President Obama 20 times in his speech at Friday night’s Republican Party of Florida lovefest. Local state House candidate Tami Donnally injects “Obamacare” into her challenge of state Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington.

Mentioning Obama, even in non-federal races, plays up “the basic philosophical difference” between candidates, says state Rep. Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, who’s in line to become Speaker in November.

“I think he’s relevant all up and down the ticket because it’s a turnout driver,” Cannon says.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.

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34 Responses to “Incoming House speaker says Obama a ‘turnout driver’ in 2010 elections”

  1. Palm Beach County Voter Says:

    So this Donnally candidate is trying to lie to the voters to get votes. Newsflash Donnally, we are much smarter than that. I am coming out to vote specifically against you because I don’t want my legislator to be disingenuous.

  2. nemo Says:


  3. Wellington Resident Says:

    I am glad the Post pointed out that this is a federal issue. Since Abruzzo is a state elected official he would have not had any involvement in the matter. Donnelly, learn the difference between state government and federal government because clearly you have no clue what a state elected official does and that is very scary. You clearly are not qualified to serve in elected office. Fortunately for us Abruzzo is going to beat you by at least 20 points.

  4. nemo the DOUCHEBAG Says:

    communist socialist? Two ideologies going simultaneously? You are an ignorant fool nemoid. If Obamacare is socialism them most Americans are for it.

    Qusetion to you my scumbag friend: What do you call medicare? Social Security? Socialism also I presume. And you would be right. Socialism that works. Are you parents or grand parents receiving it? Have you told them how much you oppose it? Of course not.

    nemo you are the face of the Republican party. Anti American, anti everything that is done to help your fellow Americans.

    nemo you are a scumbag and a coward. The party of NO deserves you and jack offs like Dune Dawg and OBIWAN. You are all human garbage.

  5. Matt Says:

    I don’t understand why people lie to get votes. It makes no sense. We already don’t trust politicians and then Donnally lies. She won’t be a politician come November as she is going to lose bad.

  6. It is a distinction between left liberal connections or whats RIGHT for this country Says:

    The voters with brains require a direct distinction as to the leaning of all these candidates who are not incumbants! We already know where the incumbants stand due to their voting records! Yes! to people with brains everyone knows Obama is a socialist-communist puppet led by the likes of George Soros and Bill Ayers! Over the last 40 years their brainwashing techniques have been so successful they are no longer required! Most of these idiots under the age of forty are born brain dead and no efforts to destroy fruther brain cells is required! If this country is saved from the likes of Obama and his thugs it will be by the people with brains over forty and the ones under forty who have bothered to learn history and who are hell bent to maje sure it never repeats itself!

  7. David Smith Says:

    Nemo you are a name calling Jerk! If you were to google “Eugene Debs” you would know a little bit more about what real socialism is. It is when people go on strike for higher wages and benefits. Also when people organize into unions for their fair share of the pie. We are not there yet! Why? Because people are still willing to show up for their minimal pay jobs at Wal-Mart. Target, Home Depot, etc. Neither is Obama a communist. China is Communist! Obviously Nemo you are a school flunkie!
    Therefore, it is a waste of time trying to educate an idiot like you!

  8. RealAngst Says:

    Truly amazing! If the (R) lose any seats, it will be due to the fraud being perpetrated on them by the candidates and those who support them. If you yell louder, it doesnt mean that you win the argument, it just means youre louder. Enough already.

  9. Anohter Wellington Rez Says:

    Abruzzo supported senate hopeful, democrat Jeff Greene, over minority Kendrick Meek. That was a slap in the face to Meek.

    Abruzzo, though only State senator, WILL, repeat, WILL support the Obama agenda in Florida. That’s WHY there is a linkage between the State and Federally elected officials and those in Washington, DC.


    And that means Abruzzo WILL vote what Obama wants and that will entail RESTRICTIONS, PROCEDURES, REGULATIONS…get government OUT of your life…Abruzzo needs to GO!

    And in Wellington, Abruzzo is violating political sign codes by placing HIS signs in the wrong areas. Unsightly, he fails to follow the rules in Wellington, ditto…Tallahassee.

    NO to ABRUZZO!

  10. Ben Says:

    Hey Another Wellington Rez, first of all Abruzzo is not a state senator. He is a state Representative. The fact that you don’t know that already shows you have no clue about State Government. Also, it is obvious that you are Donnelly so get off the blogs Donnelly and go study what a state rep actually does.

  11. Truth Teller Says:

    Most of these responses unfortunately have nothing to do with the point of the article. This is that many “light weight” democrats won in 2008 because the Great Barack Obama was on the ticket. Ron Klein and Joe Abruzzo locally fit that bill. Take away the shining light of Obama that has turned to a deep power outage and these guys are toast. What goes around comes around, these guys embraced the automaton voters in 2008, but not only will they be absent from the polls in November, but that all but certain 8 years of Obama is looking shaking about now.

    P.S. It’s amazing how many fewer Obama 2008 stickers I see on cars today, or maybe that cash for clunkers program really did work!

  12. Jack Says:

    By the way, I met Donnally at a function and all she wanted to do was talk about Obama and Congress. She had absolutely no idea what a state representative does. Start learning about state issues and then run for office. Until then you are doing yourself and our residents a disservice.

  13. Jason in Wellington Says:

    @ Nemo and Wellington Resident-

    your own ignorance of federalism is stunning. It is precisely because Obama enacted a law- Obamacare- that properly falls under the state’s jurisdiction is the reason why it has everything to do with political candidates at the state level. Our state legislature has every right to nullify unconstitutional laws that encroach on the Florida’s sovereignty. Obama’s “transformational” agenda unfortunately puts the states and the federal government at loggerheads- stop pretending there is no connection between the two, and that state candidates simply have no say in the matter.

  14. PoliticalBeach Says:

    Is Obama a driver in voter turnout? YES. Every President is a driver in mid-term. Why? The Pendulum swings. It’s the way it has been for years. Democrats have held control of HOuse and Senate since 2006 and it’s time ro reverse the course we are heading for and having a balance in. Obama has racked up more debt than the entire warchest.

    A few of you need to grow up. While everyone might have their political claws out, whoa tiger. How did this simple question about turnout drivers turn in to a fire-breathing rage against Ms. Donnally? If you have ever spent any quality time with her, you would know her stance on issues. She is well-rounded, knowledgeable and has more passion in making a difference and applying voter issues than Abruzzo has proven in his entire history. At least she gets off her duff while you hide behind a screen while throwing jabs.

  15. BigArch Says:

    Anyone with a grain of intelligence can see that the current occupant of the whitehouse is a socialist/communist who is taking this once great nation down a yellow brick road. Under this so-called health care bill we the people have no more choices to make other than those allowed by the federal government. When the new taxes hit in January I wonder how many of his current supporters will suddendly find themselves seeking a new party.
    Tami Donnally understands that Florida will be unduly burdened by this bill as will we the people be unduly burdened by the many new taxes coming out of DC. We have to have people that will fight these attacks against our nation and Mrs. Donnally has accepted that challenge.
    I have to wonder where all this hate has come from and where it will lead the country. Obama promised to bring the nation together but has driven us so far apart that I wonder if the country can ever be as one again. It is truely a sad time in our history,

  16. Brad Says:

    Big Arch,

    You are so confused. The State Legislature has no authority over the federal health care legislation. Regardless of how you feel about the legislation, the state legislature has no authority. It is like you holding your Mayor accountable for the health care vote. It makes no sense as it is a federal issue and not a state issue. Donnally needs to understand that as if she is elected, she will have to deal with state issues.

  17. GOP Insider Says:

    Klein and West are a tossup, but Abruzzo will win hugely by more than 20 points, you will see

  18. PoliticalBeach Says:

    @GOP Insider – West will take it by a landslide by voter turnout and eye-opening voters on a napping spree. As for Donnally, she might just surprise you. Abruzzo has done little for business and Donnally is coming up faster than Rubio did on Crist but with less media. If you’re a betting man or woman, you’re on.

  19. Matthew in the U.S. Says:

    Ah, yes. The adolescent liberals that refuse to grow up into productive adults. Of course Obama and his ‘care’ are an issue. Oh the blindness. Can you see only a select few will be taken care of. The Elite and there ilk? Cost will go up for everyone, it already is. Jobs will be cut, they already are. That is why local candidates must voice opposed to such an agenda. To protect and grow things locally. Most people are not for Obamacare, just most people in Congress and D.C. Americans. Using the healthcare that Congress won’t!

  20. GOP Insider Says:


    I won’t take your bet with regard to West and Klein as that is a tossup. However, if Las Vegas had the Abruzzo, Donnally race, then they would probably give you 100-1 odds as Donnally won’t win. I was looking at the 2008 election and Abruzzo won an open seat by the high double digets. In a good Democratic year as the incumbent he would now win by 25-30 points. Since this year is not a great Dem year, he will most likely win by 15-20 points.

  21. GOP is Benedict Arnold Says:

    @GOP Insider

    I dont know who you are jack,but your boy just like McCarty is going down.

  22. Jack Says:

    Dear GOP is Bemedict Arnold,

    You are sadly mistaken. This happens every year when people like you believe a candidate like Donnally has a chance. Come November and you will be brought back to reality when Abruzzo wins big.

  23. Matthew in the U.S. Says:

    Of course she has a chance. As long as we can keep the illegals, the felons and oh yeah, I see dead people, from voting. She is a Godly woman who stands on principles. Without God, there can be nothing good to come out of politicians. Nothing. Except becoming an unemployment statistic.

  24. EdFulop Says:

    To be against “Obama-care” is to be against reckless government intrusion into our lives, and unsustainable government spending of our money. Yeah, why would I want my representative in Tallahassee to believe in any of that?

    Flip the House!

  25. Brad Says:

    Matthew in the US,

    OK lets look at the facts. There are more Democrats than Republicans in the District. As a matter of fact a Democrat has always been elected to the District. Abruzzo won by 20 percentage points when it was an open seat. Abruzzo has more than 100,000 to spend and will probably have close to 300,000 at the end of the day. Donnally has no money to spend in the election. Abruzzo in a landslide, you’ll see.

  26. EdFulop Says:

    So Brad, we should only back the candidate who’s “got the money?” Weird. Weren’t you lamenting that fact in another blog post a few days ago regarding Rick Scott? You’ve just shown your hand — your principles and values are non-existant, and given our state’s financial situation, that makes you and your ideology irrelevant.

    Tami needs votes to win, not money. Keep showing Florida’s voters that you aren’t bought and paid for by the special interests — ahem, how do you think Abruzzo got all that money, Brad — and you’ll be the victor on November 2nd.

  27. Brad Says:


    Candidates communicate with voters when they raise money. It allows them to send mail, tv, phone banking, ect. When a candidate has more money, the candidate can better communicate the candidate’s message. In a district that is a Democratic leaning district, it is very hard for a Republican challenger to compete when the Republican challenger has limited campaign money. The same is true in a Republican leaning district, like Ellen Bogdanoff’s current house seat, as a Democratic challenger with no money cannot get the message out. The reason the West and Klein race will be close is because it is a tossup district and both candidates have the money to communicate with voters. Ms. Donnally does not have resources and the state Republican party is not giving her any money because Ms. Donnally cannot win. At the end of the day Mr. Abruzzo will be able to communicate with voters and Ms. Donnelly will not.

  28. EdFulop Says:

    Thanks for the civics lesson, I’m well aware of how the process has evolved to it’s current state — which isn’t much more sophisticated than the captain of the cheerleader squad choosing to run for class president; a cool-kid popularity contest. Look where that has gotten us. It’s our responsibility to look past the money and determine if these candidates share our principles and values before they get our vote. Tami is the B12 shot our state needs.

  29. Brad Says:

    I do need to ask this. I am not partisan as I vote for the person, but if you are unhappy with state government and the Republicans have had the Governor’s office for 12 years and the legislature for even longer, then why would you vote for Donnally who is a Republican. I don’t see how she would be the B12 shot you are speaking about. It would appear to me that if you want change on our state level then you would vote for Abruzzo and not Donnally which would continue the current path.

  30. Matthew in the U.S. Says:

    Gee wiz, Brad. You tell me to look at the facts and by golly, your paragraph gave me so many factual reasons to vote for your guy. All that wasted money for that wasteful party when all he had to buy was ‘sleight of hand for dummies.’We are not for the establishent republicans with no principles, hello Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, Mike Castle, Olympia Snowe. I know it would be easier to watch an episode of Sesame Street on the morning of November 2nd so that everyone can learn what the letter ‘D’ looks like.

  31. Jack Says:

    Abruzzo is going to win big and if you don’t believe that then you are either Donnally on the blog or you are just clueless about politics. You can argue all you want but come November 2 it will be Rep. Abruzzo for another term.

  32. EdFulop Says:

    Brad & Jack –

    Well, then, let’s just call of the election and appoint him then, right? Why bother with the whole voting thing — just a lot of money wasted to get the same outcome. You gents fans of college football? Happen to catch any of the Virginia Tech vs. James Madison game last Saturday? Well, I’ll bet all the money in my pocket against all the money in your pockets that if I took Madison to win by 5 the day before, you would have had your winnings spent before kickoff. Anything can happen.

  33. Jack Says:

    Just saw a poll EdFulop and Abruzzo is up by 27 points. Can you say landslide

  34. Jack Says:

    By the way the poll was done by a nonpartisan Tallahassee group

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