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Democratic Governors’ Assoc. gives cash infusion to Fla Dems for Sink race

by Dara Kam | September 15th, 2010

The Democratic Governors Association gave Florida Democrats a $2 million cash infusion to aid Alex Sink in her race against Rick Scott, Politico is reporting this morning.

According to Politico, the DGA wired the cash into the Florida Democratic Party’s account and will be spent on television ads.

Democrats nationally are eying the Florida race with the hope that Chief Financial Officer Sink can score a coup for Democrats, who’ve been out of the governor’s mansion since former Lt. Gov. Buddy McKay lost to Jeb Bush in 1998. Sink’s husband Bill McBride made a losing against Bush four years later.

Scott spent more than $50 million of his own money – much of it on advertising – to defeat Attorney General Bill McCollum in the GOP primary last month.

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7 Responses to “Democratic Governors’ Assoc. gives cash infusion to Fla Dems for Sink race”

  1. Bob Says:

    Technically speaking, Buddy McKay is a former Governor, not just Lieutenant Governor.

  2. SCOTT IS SCUM Says:

    Here’s a bright idea I will defraud millions of Floridians.
    Pretend I didn’t know anything about it.
    Give myself a ridiculous salary and golden parachute, and use that money to run for Governor to ensure I am not indicted on any future charges.
    Now how do I get the rest of the electorate besides the crazy right wingers who get hard ons for bigots to buy into this and vote for me?

  3. Bill Says:

    “Scott is Scum” is right. Even if a CEO could honestly claim that he knew nothing about endemic fraud that resulted in a $1.7 Billion fine, the largest in history for such fines, what would that say about his managerial ability? And for Scott to say in his ads, which as I recall he literally did, “it doesn’t matter”–well, actually, it does.

  4. Shelly Says:

    Alex Sink is Florida’s Nancy Pelosi.

    Both of them are inarticulate. Pelosi is a hand/arm flinger, Sink a Ruth Buzzi hairnet candidate.

    But let’s not forget Sink was at the helm of FL pension fund when it DROPPED so substantially other state entities SAW it BEFORE her and withdrew their funds….example: PBC School District.

  5. Sink Can't Hold On To Our Money it Keeps showing Un In Her Friends Pockets Says:

    Alex Sink as Treasurer of the SBA the Florida board that invests public money bet $266,780,948. million on a huge Manhattan real estate deal and lost every last penny
    of it.
    Included in the money lost, Florida paid $16 million in fees to real estate developers, bankers and Wall Street money managers who persuaded the state to make the deal.
    State elected leaders with potential influence over the pension funds’ investments received campaign contributions from some of those same corporate giants. BlackRock, which is 49 percent owned by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, gave $500 to Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink (her former employer) during her 2006 campaign.
    The chief of staff of CFO Alex Sink recommended the law firm of embattled attorney Scott Rothstein Sink’s deputy helped law firm of Rothstein get a shot at representing the state in some potentially lucrative legal work.
    On Sept. 9, the state Democratic Party received a $200,000 check from Rothstein’s firm, money he had pledged at a fundraiser he hosted at his home for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.
    About three weeks after the $200,000 contribution was recorded, Rothstein’s firm landed on a list of law firms being considered for potentially lucrative work with the State Board of Administration — with an assist from Sink’s chief of staff.
    Sink’s Department of Financial Services has purchased 182 assault rifles – costing $255,000, according to Sink’s office – in the last two years. Sink, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says the rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators, but the Legislature’s Republican budget writers argue the rifles are expensive and unnecessary. Typically, fraud investigators have carried pistols. Sink bought the rifles without competitive bids from Tampa-based SRT Supply, Inc.,
    A scheme to defraud state taxpayers out of millions of dollars was thwarted by some alert Regions Bank employees and one of the state’s biggest road contractors — but not before millions of the money was transferred to Beirut, Lebanon. FBI agents caught Ali Hassan Hammoud, 35, minutes before he was to board an Air France flight to Lebanon, but they were too late to stop the transfer to Lebanon of some of the $5.7-million stolen from the state treasury transferred in four installments after state officials in Alex Sink’s office received bogus paperwork directing them to ship the money to an account Hammoud controlled instead of sending it to Anderson Columbia. Company officials began calling Sinks office on July 22, 2008 to determine why they had not been paid. Brian Schreiber, comptroller for the construction company, said they initially had trouble convincing Sink’s department that the company had not changed the bank accounts. “It took a while to convince them to forward us the documents, he was also troubled when he learned the state would change bank accounts without contacting the company that was supposed to receive the money. ”
    Florida CFO “Alex Sink” was on that “GOVERNING BOARD OF THE DIVISION OF BOND FINANCE” on September 1, 2008 and She approved the 2008A Bond to finance the “Taj Mahal”… the new courthouse of extravagance in Tallahassee for the 1st District court of appeals.

  6. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    “To Sue or Not to Sue? That Is The Question” (The Answer: Doesn’t Matter When You Have No Cojones)


  7. RealAngst Says:

    Scott is still ripping us off. While he rants and raves against everything Obama, he TAKES STIMULUS MONEY? This man needs to get whupped up on and NOW. Enough of Rick Scott, the guy who stole Obama’s credo, “lets get to work.” What a FRAUD!

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