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Democrat Klein’s latest anti-West ad calls GOP challenger ‘too extreme’

by George Bennett | September 13th, 2010

Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Klein’s third TV ad is also his third slam on Republican challenger Allen West, calling him “too extreme for South Florida.”

The ad features a clip of West at a tea party rally saying “I’m just honored to be here today with all of my fellow right-wing extremists.”

Asked if West’s remarks might be considered tongue-in-cheek, a Klein spokeswoman said “as always, Allen West’s own words speak for themselves.”

Klein’s ad also claims West favors “destroying” Social Security and believes Medicare “can be cut” — although the Klein campaign doesn’t cite direct quotes of West saying either.

For the ad’s Social Security claim, the Klein campaign relies on reporter Dave Weigel’s characterization of West’s position when Weigel appeared on National Public Radio in February.

Weigel, talking about the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, told NPR’s Terry Gross that West “said, yes, Social Security’s a Ponzi scheme, it’s the biggest Ponzi scheme, but I’m not going to get rid of it right away but I, you know, hint-hint, eventually this country’s got to get on sound footing by destroying it.”

Weigel resigned from The Washington Post in June after disparaging comments he made about conservatives on the private “Journolist” site were made public.

For the claim that West said “Medicare….can be cut,” the Klein campaign points to a June posting on West’s campaign Website that does not mention Medicare.

Discussing the federal budget, West said, “I will seek to make the federal government efficient and look where we can cut, not expand. Remember, if the Constitution does not mandate it, it is not within the prescribed duties of government.”

Medicare isn’t mentioned in the Constitution.

West campaign manager Josh Grodin offered this characterization of West’s views on Social Security and Medicare:

“Allen West believes that Social Security must be restored to the independent trust fund account it was originally intended to be in. Once the politicians moved it to the general operating account, they used it for their pork barrel spending sprees. The fact that we are creating a jobless morass in America means there are less workers paying into the system. This is another reason why we need private sector growth, which in turn creates jobs, which will replenish the Social Security fund.

“As far as Medicare, Klein voted for the government takeover of health care which will result in $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and will increase costs for both the consumer and the government.”

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35 Responses to “Democrat Klein’s latest anti-West ad calls GOP challenger ‘too extreme’”

  1. David Weigel Says:

    I was citing West from 2009:

  2. David Weigel Says:

    Oh, also, looking at the dates again — I had talked to West before this and he’d said that. I am a little surprised that this would be cited in the ad.

  3. Allen West Says:

    How dare you attack me using my words and actions and policies! Damn liberal progressive agenda using the truth to distort my positions.

  4. Destroy Says:

    Allen West also wants to take away your right to vote for your U.S. Senator, because he is an elitist pig who thinks he knows better than you.

  5. Challah Says:

    Insidious Liberals,

    We need right wing extremists like Allen West in Congress. Without extremists with views far to the right of the political mainstream, who will keep us safe from Hussein? Who will keep us safe from Muslims? Who will destroy the progressive socialist agenda?

    This is a big scary world and we need extremists that speak like men to defend us. We need real men who have jumped out of airplanes. We need real men who threaten opposition with violence. We need real men who cheat on their wives with other right wing extremists. THIS IS WHAT REAL MEN DO! WITHOUT REAL MEN WE ARE IN DANGER! Have I made myself clear?

    Allen West’s extreme right wing views are his greatest asset. Without them he would just be a “meow” like Ron Klein.

    Super Steadfast and Loyal,


  6. Right Wing Says:

    I am a right wing and I hope that all of you talking today against illegal immigration are proud to be right-wing extremists.

  7. Mark Says:

    One of the things that I noticed as we were riding down I-95 from Boynton Beach to Boca for the rally, one of the guys at the front had an American flag on the back of his motorcycle, and you would have thought that people would have been honking there horns, giving a thumbs up and what have you, and no one did. As a matter of fact we had a lot of people snarling at us due to the fact that we could only go 60 miles per hour.
    So it was just very disturbing to me that right now we are starting to forget what is important in this country.

  8. Scared of Muslims Says:

    We got a great example in Pompano Beach where we have a Muslim community of 25 persons, but all the sudden the Saudis are funding an Islamic center that is going to be 29,000. And it is in a black community. So you just have to ask yourself, what is the purpose of this?

  9. Men Says:

    The fact that these people are starting the normal left-wing liberal character assassinations, it does not bother me one bit. Because what that tells me is that they know they have a worthless Congressman in Ron Klein, and they have to try to do the fighting for him. They have to do it in their little cubicles through the pen instead of being men.

  10. Trolls Says:

    This guy is just a little troll sitting under a bridge and he’s just scared. And he knows that this person that they have to run is going to lose. And for whatever reason, these people on the left who do not understand character, who do not understand the courage to do the things that I have done. They want to attack us because they will never be able to possess the courage and the character that we have.

  11. Sam Says:

    “Scared of Muslims”, yes you are a scared, of the unknown out of your ignorance. You have no clue about what you’re talking about, it’s a mosque, it has every right to be there, as any church or synagogue. ANY mosque would be suspect to you, you said it yourself, you’re scared of ALL moozlems, ooh the Moozlems are here, let’s all freak out! You either accept the 1st amendment or you don’t, which is it?

  12. KleinbangsSchultz Says:

    I hear Klein and Wasserman Shultz have been sleeping together for years…and there’s apparently proof going to come out before November 2nd…interesting – disgusting – what a visual!

  13. Mama's Boy Says:

    Please stop saying those bad things about me. I’m going to tell my mama.

  14. Women currently sleeping with Allen West Says:

    Joyce Kaufman
    Pamela Geller (Atlas Jugs)
    That knocked up women on Allen West’s facebook page
    Lynn Anderson
    Sarah Palin
    Michelle Bachman
    Sharon Angle
    Monica Crowley
    5 Go West interns

    Not sleeping with Allen West:
    His wife
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  15. 4th Quarter Says:

    I love that Allen West’s view on Medicare is essentially that “Ron Klein sucks.” Way to have a real discussion on the issues.

  16. Common Sense Says:

    Rep. Klein has done more to jeopardize Medicare by helping to pass this absurd Obamacare bill and the $800 billion “pass the pork” stimulus bill than West could ever accomplish. Obamacare requires finding $500 billion in cuts in Medicare to help fund the trillion dollar ($1,000,000,000,000) cost of providing free insurance for 22 million deadbeats who do not pay for their own insurance. The elderly who Klein purports to care so much about will necessarily face severe cuts in their health card coverage. Stop the false advertising and face the fact that Klein and Obama voted to create this third entitlement program when we are not funding the two we already have. So who is the real threat to Medicare and Social Security??

  17. No discussion Says:

    Has Ron Klein discussed Obama healthcare?

    NO! Klein is avoiding the subject and reframing the discussion on other matters.

    Has Ron Klein discussed the Stimulus he voted for?

    NO! Klein makes sure to turn the discussion AWAY from what HE did to other things.

    Has Ron Klein discussed Race To The Top?

    NO! Klein avoids the touchy areas and focuses on other matters.

    DO YOU think that if you called Ron Klein’s office YOU would get a response?

    NO! Ron Klein Avoids and IGnores discussion on the real matters to people.

    YOU WANT TO BE IGNORED…Ron Klein’s your guy.

    NO to KLein, won’t even discuss healthcare, stimulus spending and spending, taxation, education. He just picks at his opponent.

    NO to Ron Klein. You see what he has given us through his representation. Votes to SPEND, TAX and SPEND.


    Klein just attacks his candidate and not the work that MUST be done to get this country back in shape.

    NO to more of the same=Ron Klein His time is up.

  18. Kooky Democrats Says:

    One can read the focus of Klein democrats on these postings.

    Do they talk about things that are important to Americans, Floridians like the jobs, housing, spending, healthcare, education?

    They sure don’t. They make crude personal attacks on Allan West.

    That’s the type of democrats currently serving in the White House. Thugs.

    Don’t discuss the issues, just attack.

    Don’t keep people like Klein in office. We need people who will address our concerns and not play games.

    Ignore Klein. Just vote in November for WEST. He is discussing what matters to the people of S FL. West is offering suggestions, not personally attacking Klein. That’s the democrat way-thuggery. Wait till Klein sends a dead fish to West. It’s bound to happen at this rate.

    Klein acts like a juvenile. It’s all personal attacks. That’s juvenile behavior. Allan West has more decorum in his little finger than anything squirmy Klein has in his entire self.

    If you want thuggery-vote for Ron Klein
    If you want someone who is interested in providing jobs, reducing debt vote for Allan WEST.

  19. Sam Says:

    Allen west will reduce debt? That’s good news – which debt – his homeowner’s fees, credit card bills, or his taxes?

  20. DemocRAT Says:

    We need leadership that’s as committed to getting this economy moving as it is about building a mosque at Ground Zero!

    That’s democRAT Ron a mosque at Ground Zero and don’t talk about jobs.

  21. NO to Klein Says:

    Klein who supports Obama and Obama saying government can ‘spend its way to prosperity’ is like saying you can eat yourself skinny.

  22. Ronny Klein is a dope Says:

    Obama has added more to the national debt in 2 years than all Presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan—combined. This is not the change we’ve been waiting for.

    And Ron Klein supported Obama the whole way.

    A message to Ron Klein and the Obama administration is this: Keep your hands off our children’s money.

    Shame for spending the money and putting OUR kids and Grandkids and their kids in debt. Thanks, alot!

    NO to Ron Klein who voted in lockstep with democrats and whatEVER the Obama administration wanted.

  23. YOUR money! Says:

    This is what Ron Klein and other democrats in the White House spent over $18,000 on YOUR tax payer money to ‘monitor’ the negative press on the oil spill.

    YEP, that’s how the democrats SPEND the money YOU send in to them thru taxes…on checking on what the media is saying about the oil spill.

    They are OUT OF TOUCH! What a WASTE of our tax money. Could YOU have used that $18,000 for something else.

    It’s just like the $17,000,000 spent by the democrats on signs indicating if a project was part of the Obama recovery program. 17 MILLION DOLLARS wasted on signs! Just to garner your attention.

    What could you have used that $17 MILLION on?

  24. I'm Allen West Says:

    Let me give a Hoo Rah to Challah and all the truly patriotic fellow right wing extremists on this board. It is time to destroy the truly insidious liberal progressive agenda and expose it for the hypocrisy it is. In 49 days when I embark on my journey to restore honor, integrity, character and no bill paying for true patriots like myself to Washington D.C., Mission Accomplished.

    And to that insidious liberal Sam up there-that Moozlem hater up there was me, LTC Allen B. West. And you are right, I hate them, print that. I know my speeches may not sit well with liberal elites, but if truth is the new hate speech, well, lock me up because I shall not shut up.

    Loyally Steadfast and Steadfastly loyal,

    LTC Allen West

  25. More Taxing by Klein Says:

    This is what Democrat Congressman and Pleosi “Yes man”, Ron Klein voted for:


    Remember: democrats said we’ll see what’s in it AFTER we pass ObamaCare.

    Here’s what’s in it: MORE taxation on SELLING YOUR HOUSE…YEP… in ObamaCare there is EXTRA taxation on selling your HOUSE!

    Hidden Real Estate Sales tax in Health care bill – Surprise!

    There are already at least 20 hidden taxes in the Obama Health care plan coming down upon us the next few years.

    Starting in 2013 (note AFTER 2012 election!!! Thanks Klein and Obama), not only will you pay the closing costs and real estate fee when you sell your house but now you will pay a 3.8% Sales Tax.

    So, if you sell your home for $400,000, perhaps wanting to down size if you are a senior you will pay $15,200 in Tax.

    REad it yourself:

    Thanks, Ron Klein for supporting and voting for ObamaCare and NOT knowing what was in it.


  26. KNOW WEST Says:

    Right-wing Extremists of District 22 UNITE!!! November 2nd, Flip the House!!
    Replace these jackals with men and women of honor.

  27. Jeff Says:

    Allen West is far, far outside the mainsteam.

  28. Sam Says:

    “More taxing by Klein” – thanks for showing what liars are lurking in the dregs of the GOP. you sir, just lied through your teeth. The tax you’re talking about does NOT exist in the health care bill – with very few exceptions. Here’s the truth:

    1. Only those with incomes over $200,000/year or $250,000/year for married couples) with be subject to a tax on selling their home.
    2. Even for those with high incomes, the tax still doesn’t apply to the first $250,000 on sale PROFITS for a personal residence – or first $500,000 in the case of a married couple.

    So the claim that this would amount to a $15,200 tax on the sale of their primary residence for $400,000 is utterly false, there is NO scenario where this is possible. If this is a married couple – they would pay $0.0 tax in ANY scenario.

  29. constitution 101 Says:

    Klein is a liberal progressive socialist. He is a cog in the Obama
    Pelosi triad, another lawyer lobbyist.
    He is an elitist that ignores the will of the people. He does not represent
    the district. He cannot debate the issues only throw mud.

  30. da_truth Says:

    I love the “Straight outta Compton” do rag and shades that West is wearing in that ad. I’m sure the old retirees in Klein’s district can really relate to that look. I could only imagine the conservative howls if Meek or Obama were seen wearing this get up.

  31. Defend West Says:

    The subtle racial context is amazing but not unexpected. The need for liberals to keep Black Men on a Plantation with references to “do-rags” and “straight outta Compton” is what Klein wanted to depict with his ads. The next level will be to come up with children who claim Allen West as their “Daddy”. Shame on you all. To try to win by playing on racial portrayals is the most sad commentary on Klein’s campaign and what “you think” is our society. Must you feel that you can own African American thought and choice as well. Allen West is a Republican. No amount of Uncle Tom calling or depictions or playing on the fears of people that people have about Blacks will change taht commitment. Do none of you on Klein’s staff have any shame. You have hired a set of scorched earth burners who have no future, morals or desire for the future. You are cynical as to the racial, economic and social fears of your audience and you are playing on them. Allen has never visited Compton nor is he part of that sub-culture. This picture on the ad was obviously after a motorcycle rally. Allen wears suits and ties. Is this man, Klein, who is promoting these disgraceful attacks and paying you 4 to register for many e-mail addresses to attack, rather than stating his positions and defending his votes, the man you want for congressman??? If is is, may you all rest with your shame.

  32. Defend West 2 Says:

    Playing on racial fears and bias is an old trick in the book. Klein, this is what you have encouraged and this is what you are pushing. This is libralism at its best and worse at the same time.

  33. Your Concience Says:

    Klein is just another Obama/Pelosie/Reid yes man carrying their baggage. His idea of policy is adding yet more regulation to our lives. We need Reps like Allen West to stop the Washington juggernaut and scale action back down to the individual level. Klein is a buffoon. Fire him.



  35. XinXin Says:

    Most people who meet my wife quickly conclude that she is remarkable. They are right about this. She is smart, funny and thoroughly charming. Often, after hearing her speak at some function or working with her on a project, people will approach me and say something to the effect of, you know, I think the world of you, Barack, but your wife, wow!

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