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Dem Sink nails down police endorsements

by Dara Kam | September 9th, 2010

The state’s top two law enforcement groups – the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Benevolent Association – have thrown their support behind Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democrat in the governor’s race.

According to Sink’s campaign, it’s the first time the FOP has endorsed a Democrat for governor in 16 years. Their last pick? The late Gov. Lawton Chiles in his 1994 re-election campaign. Sink’s campaign also says it’s been two decades since both law enforcement organizations a Democrat for governor.

Sink’s duties as the state’s chief financial officer include acting as Florida’s fire marshal.

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6 Responses to “Dem Sink nails down police endorsements”

  1. NO Way Says:

    Who cares who the police endorse. It just means more in their salaries, benefits and pensions. And as a taxpayer that will increase my taxes.

    SINK, Sink.

  2. Dirk Says:

    Thanks FOP.Now I know I’ll definitely vote for Scott.

  3. whasup Says:

    The PBA endorsement is all about the fear that a Gov. Scott would cut the bloat in the state prison system, reducing the amount of money available for the prison guards to pay to the PBA in union dues.

    Don’t ever think this is NOT about money, and who is living off the labor of others, like the union boys do.

  4. brigitte Says:

    Police endorsements dont mean that every cop is going to vote for her or that these endorsements will prevent her from sinking. Lol.

  5. 2012- End of an Error Says:

    Public safety unions are bleeding the Country dry. This is the LAST endorsement anyone running for office should want.

    Bad move for Sink.

  6. RD Says:

    I don’t blame the police for endorsing Alex Sink. What would Rick “I Plead The Fifth” Scott do to fight crime in Florida ? You cannot be for public safety and against our men and women in law enforcement who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our families.

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