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Crist may drop gay adoption lawsuit, says he’s evolved

by Dara Kam | September 14th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist said he has had an “appropriate evolution” regarding gay rights and is considering dropping the state’s lawsuit challenging a gay couple’s adoption of two foster children.

“I think we need to review that. My comments really reflect that it’s better to have more of the judicial branch involved in this process. I think that most who follow the judiciary recognize that what’s in the ‘best interest of the child’ is what should be paramount in these kinds of decisions. That’s what I believe and I think that’s what will be the best for them,” Crist, the independent candidate in the three-way race for U.S. Senate, told reporters.

Crist’s campaign this week released a position paper backing a swath of gay rights – including the right to adopt. Florida has one of the country’s most strident anti-gay adoption laws.

The Department of Children and Families, one of Crist’s agencies, is challenging a judge’s ruling that the law is unconstitutional. DCF appealed the adoption of his two foster children granted to Martin Gill. An appeals court decision in the lawsuit, fought by Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office on behalf of DCF, could come any time.

Why not just drop the case? One reporter pushed.

“I’m going to review it before I would make that call,” he insisted.

Crist the candidate has considerably softened his stance towards gay rights in the four years since he ran for governor, when he opposed gay marriage.

Why the change, he was asked.

“Not a whole lot has changed to be candid. I also said (back in 2006) that I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. And I am. As I said this morning, I think that the older you get, the less judgmental you become,” Crist said. “Maybe I was more rigid earlier. But I don’t feel that way. And I know who’s supposed to be judging people and it’s not me.”

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15 Responses to “Crist may drop gay adoption lawsuit, says he’s evolved”

  1. Garl Says:

    While I happen to agree with his new position, his having taken it is just more proof positive that Charlie Crist has NO abiding beliefs or principles. He will say absolutely anything if he believes it will benefit him. In my nearly 60 years I have never seen a more phony politician, and I have seen thousands of them.

  2. Mannix Says:

    Once again, the ex-RINO will do anything to get elected, just go with the flow!

  3. Confused Charlie Says:

    Charlie. We Know. It’s okay. But honest, stop the lying to yourself and to others.

    It’s a new day. Times are a changing. You can’t trust Crist. That’s the problem.

  4. LO Says:

    Garl, you said it right on. He is looking for votes even though I believe it is the right decision.

  5. ELC Says:

    I am still scratching my head wondering how this jerk sabotaged his own poliitical career. I was once a fan of
    Charlie or as I call him now”CHOO CHOO
    CHARLIE.”He sways from one opinion to
    another and thinks the public doesn’t
    notice that he stands for NOTHING!!!
    You have to wonder if this man is for real. Why would anyone vote for him
    whether he was a Democrat,Reublican or
    Independent?If he can’t decide on what he stands for-why should we do it for him.

  6. Mat Says:

    Charlie Crist is gay. He has to change his position on gay issues before he gets outed as one of those “do as I say, not as I do” politicians who indulge in a gay lifestyle while preaching its ills. Also, he must believe is gay marital rights, because he recently married… or was it always o.k for a homosexual to marry a heterosexual? Either way, his wife makes a lovely beard.

  7. lulu Says:

    regardless of Charlie Crist’s personal beliefs, this is the right decision to make. As for Charlie Crist’s patter of changing his position, while some of it might be politically motivated, I also think that what he said is true for most of us…as we get older & wiser,our views & opinions change. I like the fact that he tries to do the right thing for Florida, regardless of Right Wing/Left Wing demands…I like him and I will support him in November.

  8. Crist is gay right? Says:

    How can he evolve? He’s gay isn’t he?

    That’s what I heard….he allegedly lived openly with another gay man in Tampa for years and the new “wife/beard” was just a cover and she looks like she has now disappeared along with his political carrer.

  9. Wake up sleepyhead Says:

    Crist will say anything to get elected. Who knows what he really believes. He’s a textbook case of a scum bucket politician.

  10. Bob Says:

    This is just a reflection of Crist moving to the political center, as I did several years ago. It’s where he belongs, since the Reps have moved way too far to right thanks to tea party pressure. Those are the ones I won’t trust.

    Crist is ok with me, so far. Still a couple of months to go, though. Wait and see.

  11. BeingReal Says:


    He would vote for a Nazi national holiday if it would get him elected. He is not evolving he is doing whatever it takes to get elected. People like you lulu scare me. Simply liking someone because he is voting your way at the time.

    His new policy does not bother me even if I do not agree with it. It is the doing whatever it takes to get elected. It cleary shows lack of credibility. I would gladly support a bleading heart liberal like Pelosi than someone like Christ.

    I think it brings into question his ethics.

  12. HM Says:

    With all the DAILY horrible headlines about what bast-rds are doing with their kids….forgetting them in oven temperature back seats, murdering them, abusing them, raping them, even shoooting at them to motivate them to play sports… anyone can still think that these kids are better off with the psychopathic losers they’re stuck with as opposed to caring, nurturing people with the means to raise them….that’s just stupid.

    The next time you see some hideous headline about another horrible thing done to a child…and in this state you won’t have long to wait….just remember it’s still illegal for that kid to be raised by gays.

    Now thats some f—— logic, huh?

  13. Dune Dawg Says:

    Christ the turncoat is endorsing gay rights because he is closeted. I hope he can live with himself if this becomes a reality.

    Fact: Most gays that adopt are latent pedophiles. They adopt with an ulterior motive.

    Christ is another BARAMA lemming who is pro everything feel good. What will he say when these children who have been adopted begin to run away and are admitted to institutions for sexual assault by their adoptive parents?

    The Republican party doesn’t stand for homosexuals and their deviant lifestyles. They need to stay in the closet.

  14. George Bingham Says:

    @Dune Dawg:

    Here’s a fact – You are an ignorant bigot.

    Here’s another fact – People who make up “statistics” like that are liars.

  15. Terry K Says:

    Dune Dawg~ Too bad you didn’t stay in the womb or end up as uterine scrapings, in the trash…The world needs more morons, like yourself, like it needs more pedophiles!

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