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Crist: I’m the only candidate who’ll stand up for Social Security

by Dara Kam | September 28th, 2010

Who’s a flip-flopper now?

After weeks of taking heat from GOP opponent Marco Rubio (and Democrat candidate U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek) in his quest for the U.S. Senate, independent Gov. Charlie Crist said Rubio can’t seem to make up his mind where he stands on the issue.

Crist said the former House Speaker changed his stand “three or four times in the past four months” about privatizing Social Security.

“It’s hard to keep up. But obviously he’s all over the map as it relates to Social Security,” Crist told reporters this afternoon. “The seniors of our state deserve to have somebody who will protect and will preserve Social Security. I’m the only candidate in the race who is committed to doing so.”

Rubio once favored giving younger workers the option of investing some of their Social Security taxes in private accounts but now says the idea “doesn’t work.”

Crist’s taken heat for linking Social Security to immigration reform. He says giving illegal immigrants an “earned path to citizenship” would increase the number of workers paying into the system and improve its solvency.

Crist called Meek’s plan to have a commission study a revamp of Social Security problematic.

“Every time they flip it to a commission they raise the age of eligibility and they restructure how Social Security is distributed. Our seniors, I believe, deserve better than that,” Crist said.

He called the Social Security issue “enormously important” in the campaign in a state with so many senior citizens who rely upon the income to survive.

“It’s been a promise given to them. We need to honor the promise,” he said.

A reporter reminded Crist that he, too, at one point supported some privatization efforts.

Crist didn’t argue but dismissed his previous position.

“I think one percent like 12 years ago or something,” he said.

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15 Responses to “Crist: I’m the only candidate who’ll stand up for Social Security”

  1. Independent voter Says:

    Give em hell Charlie

  2. Joseph Kaye Says:

    Go get a job somewhere else sorry Charlie and crazy Rubio.

    Neither one of you knows anything about social security.

    Rubio is learning
    Crist has flipped on everything.
    Saying Crist is good on social security is like say Sarah Palin is smart
    or that Crist is pro choice or Crist is pro equality or a Democrat lol lol

    These are two of the same that are even confusing themselves

    GO MEEK!

  3. Mark Says:

    Crist lies PERIOD

    Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, advocates Universal Retirement Savings, TOO!

    As a matter of fact, Rahm’s book, also advocates for hybrids, Universal College Access, Universal Citizen Service…sound familiar?!?!? and funny this book was written in 2006 WAY BEFORE OBAMA decided to run on these SAME platforms. Copycat!?!?!? LOL!

  4. ELC Says:

    You have to wonder if Crist is for real.
    He needs so much help that he had the
    idiot Wexler come to Florida to convince
    people that Crist is what we need. What we need is to kick Wexlers ***back to Maryland where he belongs. If Choo Choo
    can’t make it now-he just can’t make it.
    He lies so much that he can’t tell fantasy from reality-is this what we
    need as a Representative in the Senate
    from our state?I think not. Crist is a
    loser and will become a bigger loser once Marco wins-GO MARCO!I’ll even take
    MEEK. Anybody but Choo Choo.

  5. Irish Mike Says:

    So Charlie is standing up for the status quo? No new ideas, not no way, not no how!

    SS is a Ponzi scheme, with current workers subsidizing current benefits. We can make changes now to preserve the social compact, unless defenders of the status quo continue to demogogue the issue.

    Charlie is a demagogue, with his finger in the wind.

  6. RD Says:

    We need a Senator like Charlie Crist who will defend our Social Security benefits. How are those 401K plan run by Wall Street doing ? Social Security has provided a stable retirement for the middle class and must be continued.
    Marco Rubio cannot be trusted. Anyone familiar with his radical right-wing ideology knows that Rubio and his ilk would love to dimantle Social Security and ther rest of the public safety net.

  7. Rose Says:

    As a Democrat and a lady in her 80′s my vote goes to Meek. Charlie is a nice guy but I just cant trust him. One day he says one thing and then he says another. Plus Charlie is falling in the polls and Meek is gaining fast and in the end us Democrats will pull for the real Democrat and that is Kendrick Meek. Sorry Charlie..

  8. Moderate Democrat Says:

    Supporting Crist who is the only chance to stop Rubio.

  9. Clowns to the left; jokers to the right Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  10. Lady Says:

    I’ve been a Dem 50 years but the time comes when country comes before party. Thinking what’s Meek done for Florida?-I cant name a thing.Thinking what has Rubio done for Florida. – not much except gain lotsa $ and cushy “payback” jobs for himself.
    What has Charlie Crist done for Florida? From Attorney General to Governor: protected the people of Florida, stopped oil drilling close to shore so we wouldnt suffer like the people of the Gulf,raised homestead deduction for Seniors,brought industry here,promoted solar energy to create jobs(not that FPL helps)vetoed laws (republican) hurting children & teachers.I have to think Crist’s done lots for me, and the state of Florida and I trust him to be my Senator and protect Social Security.
    Posted by: Lady | September 28, 2010 at 11:37 PM

  11. I sue to be a democrat in the George Wallace days Says:

    9:49 & 12:00 You nice old ladies sure do stay up late! Me I’m an old man who goes to bed early and gets up early so I can be awake and don’t have to take the first worm that comes my way! I left the democrat party after George Wallace’s run for president. I woke up one morning and saw the likes of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Kerry, ( I still don’t buy Heintz products!) Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton standing by me in the democrat party and said Lord; if you get me out of this place I’ll keep myself out in the future! The Lord has kept his promise and so have I. Today, there are not real parties! They are the parties of “ME” the candidates. Anyone with brains can look at something like CharLIE Crist and his thousands of “I THINK” statements over the years and realize he is of no substance! The same voters who put th elikes of Obama in the Whithouse might love something like CharLIE because he is worthless and disruptive like Alan Grayson! If these same voters don’t get their heads back into daylight soon their welfare and food stamps will be cut off and they will have to work even harder stealing and pilfering! What they are to dumb to realize is the likes of CharLIE Crist and his democrat friends in Washington are making it impossible for poeple like us to get the work it takes to pay for all the freebies they want!

  12. JACK GILLIES Says:


  13. RealAngst Says:

    CHARLIE CRIST! Thats who! Rubio is a clown and will get 94% of the Hispanic vote, which is sad, because the people that he allegedly represented, he RAISED TAXES on yet he reviles us with his exceptionalism when he thinks it only applies to HIM! Look at his Florida voting record before you go gaga over him. I will never vote for Meek, he name aptly describes him. At least Crist will look at the issues and vote FOR the people of Floriduh, not take advantage of them like Marco Rubio has.

  14. David W. Caulkett Says:

    Unfortunately Mr. Crist’s attempt to use AMNESTY to fix social security is not only ill-conveived but a threat to social security. The problem with his ‘solution’ basically is that social security pays out more to low wage workers than is received from them. In that illegal aliens given AMNESTY would be substantially low wage workers they would take out more than they would contribute, consequently stressing the social security system even more.
    See “What Crist is saying is baloney. Hokum.” at

    David Caulkett, VP,

  15. damske kabelky Says:

    OMG, that stuff is way too funny. I will share this.

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