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Crist and Sink send bold letter to BP claims czar, ask for Cabinet appearance

by Dara Kam | September 15th, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink want BP claims czar Ken Feinberg to appear before the Florida Cabinet and explain why his revamped claims process is in such a mess.

In a letter sent today, Sink, the Democratic nominee for governor, and Crist, the independent candidate in the three-way race for U.S. Senate, also asked Feinberg to immediately hire more people and spend more resources processing claims.

“Floridians continue to tell us that they cannot get their claims paid in a timely fashion,” Sink and Crist wrote. “Many Floridians who have been impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill need immediate relief just to make their next mortgage payment or make their next payroll.”

Feinberg met today with Attorney General Bill McCollum, who said afterward that he was “cautiously optimistic” that Feinberg would tweak his claims process to make it more Florida-friendly for folks trying to get tourism-related losses paid.

Claimants have complained that Feinberg, in charge of doling out much of the $20 billion Gulf Coast Claims Facility fund set up by BP, has reneged on his earlier promise to pay individuals 48 within hours and businesses within a week of receiving their claim.

At yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Sink read an e-mail Pensacola business owner Jeff Elbert, also head of the Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce, who said that he doesn’t know of a single beach business that’s been paid since Feinberg took over BP’s botched claims process on Aug. 23.

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11 Responses to “Crist and Sink send bold letter to BP claims czar, ask for Cabinet appearance”

  1. Obama's Cabinet At Work Says:

    So the Obama people are hard at work to save the people so we can get some education!

  2. Unreal Says:

    They ask Feinberg to get more people as he is in the process of laying off Worley people who are processing mostly individual claims.
    Why not ask him instead to let the Worley adjusters in the field offices to make the claim determinations and order issue the checks. This isn’t rocket science.

  3. Answer Says:

    Agree with Unreal…..there are 2 possible solutions here…
    #1- Utilize the extensive network of field offices full of adjusters that currently can only send claims in to Mr Feinbergs Dublin, OH office to be “processed”. The are fully capable and trained and under utilized. With today’s technology, claims could be reviewed locally and determinations IMMEDIATELY sent to the main GCCF office.

    #2 – Thousands of us have “Letters of Determination” from the BP Claims process stating our monthly benefit amount. We should be paid that amount NOW while Feinberg continues to fumble through his new process. If he can’t figure out how to pay us, at least use the BP determination as an interim payment amount. One months continued payment of what we were ALREADY getting from BP is better than 6 months payment of ZERO from GCCF!

    We are literally looking at over 3 MONTHS to just process the current claims the have been filed with GCCF, based on their current daily claim processing!!

  4. PLEASE Says:

    The news keeps reporting that Feinberg has “revised” his promise of a 2 day or 7 day claims processing for individuals and businesses respectively. The truth is that all he did was cancel his promise. There is NO revision, NO new time frame established. All the GCCF says is “We have no timeframe…we’re doing the best we can”! Well, it’s not good enough for the hurting people who have been devastated by this oil spill. At least get Feinberg to be HONEST and tell people what the are looking at for a revised timeframe!!

  5. Unbelievable Says:

    Everything that comes out of Feinbergs mouth is unbelievable. Having him appear before the FL Cabinet will only result in more lies being told!

    This transition should not have happened (from BP to GCCF) until Feinberg was READY to pay the people. He is supposed to be a seasoned expert at administering “funds”. How then can he be “caught by surprise” or “over promise” about processing claims. It is simple mathmatics…

    He knew how many claims BP already had, he knows how many claims can be processed per day, per person = how many people you need to process those claims!

    So, why the surprise!

  6. Unreal Says:

    So if we all agree that Feinberg is not ignorant. And an expert at dealing with these situations, then his negligent behavior must be intentional.

    If it is intentional, what benefit does it serve for him to run the claims center so poorly.
    It may serve him to make more interest on the fund, but honestly I doubt that.
    The only other party that this benefits is BP.
    He is a lawyer, it sounds like Liar . He has his clients to protect, and will say antyghing to do so.
    This isn’t a mystery and our state leaders are morons if they believe anything he says.
    McCollum should arrest him for fraud, and making false statements to a law enforcement official and see what happens from Washington. Our leaders have no guts.

  7. What's the answer? Says:

    This is an excert from an interview with Feinberg on Wednesday –

    He also said he has a fewer than “a dozen or a dozen and a half people” finalizing requests for payments.

    What’s the answer Mr Feinberg? If you only have such FEW people making payment determinations… can you not know the number ….why give 2 answers …, talking out of both sides of your mouth AGAIN??!!

  8. Emerald Coast Beach Weddings Says:

    Nearly 3 months and STILL waiting on our business claim payment from BP/GCCF. Sigh—-it was a long summer and will be an even longer winter waiting for these liars to make good on the false promises they had no intentions of keeping.

  9. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Who is going to advocate for the fish?

  10. Zade Marcrie Says:

    Now that the census is over Obama is using the oil spill to hire temps. Make no mistake about it, Feinberg is getting his directives from Obama and his motivation isn’t to see the claims handled expeditiously. Calling for more people to be hired is counter-productive because the next excuse will be that they need to be trained. The GCCF website lists the formula for determining compensation. All they have to do is punch in the relevant information and send out the checks. Interest is just a bonus. The real motivation is eating up as much of the 20 billion dollars as possible, even it means more suffering by the victims of the spill. Bush was portrayed as hesitating because the majority of the people who couldn’t help themselves weren’t ‘white enough’. Why isn’t Obama being held to the same level of scrutiny?

  11. catzclaimz Says:

    So much going on behind the scenes, I doubt that anyone (at this stage of the game) can know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Here is just a little insight into the GCCF situation which of course is just one piece of the puzzle. Worley Catastrophe Services is handling the claim processing in Hammond, LA. Whenever you hear someone talk about their claim being handled by (BP, ESIS, GCCF) it’s always been the Worley people behind the curtain, processing the claims. Mike Worley hired a lot of extremely young personnel with absolutely NO experience in the claim handling process. Many of the management positions are actually filled by young men and women that only have experience as waiters/waitresses, bartenders, cooks, kitchen workers, farmers, employees from home depot and pizza hut…. Mike Worley explained that they wanted to “groom” the inexperienced people. So the claimant’s have been used sorta like guinea pigs ? And even though they have been on board with the oil spill claim process since May/June, they still lack the experience, knowledge and skill that is needed to efficiently and fairly respond to the task at hand. In essence, Worley is using this catastrophic situation to train a group of young people who are claim adjusters/examiners wannabeez… And at the height of the claim report influx, Worley cut the claim staff by 300 to 400 adjusters. Instead of selecting the inexpereinced personnel for the scale down, they selected the expereienced claim veterans to be terminated. Management explained that it was simply a random selection and it had nothing to do with the fact that the experience claim adjusters were being paid more than the rookies. So this is just one problem in the grand scheme of things. While claimants along the gulf coast are waiting desperately for help, their claim will remain idle for who knows how long because Mike Worley and crew continue making very poor decisions at the expense of so many people and no one will make them stop !

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