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CNN polls: Sink leads guv race; Rubio 36, Crist 34, Meek 24 for Senate

by George Bennett | September 8th, 2010

A new CNN poll of registered voters — as opposed to likely voters — shows Democrat Alex Sink with a 49-to-42 percent lead over Republican Rick Scott in the governor’s race.

In the Senate race, Republican Marco Rubio has 36 percent, indie Gov. Charlie Crist gets 34 percent and Democrat Kendrick Meek polls 24 percent.

The Sept. 2-7 survey of 899 registered voters has a 3.5 percent margin of error.

23 Responses to “CNN polls: Sink leads guv race; Rubio 36, Crist 34, Meek 24 for Senate”

  1. denny wood Says:

    Rubio’s numbers will begin falling when women and men learn how brutal he was to women as Speaker. He would not refer the Federal Equal Rights Amemdment to a committee where it could be killed off. Rubio’s dirty little secret is being leaked to women’s organizationa across Florida. I should know as I am responsible for the “leaks”. And the ERA information posted at

  2. denny wood Says:

    Crist and Sink’s numbers will fall weekly as more people visit the ADA Capitol Report at Our cabinet members are ADA violators, they do not have restrooms, newly rennovated restrooms, that people in wheelchairs can access the toilets. They may as well hang out a sign “Wheelchair users not welcome”. Their hiring practices are reflected in the ADA Capitol report. 20% of Florida are people with significant disabilties and they vote disablity first and party second. Both Sink and Crist are doomed.

  3. denny wood Says:

    And what if the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division acts on the ADA Capitol Report before the election? They have the complaint. I should know,I authored the complaint. Denny Wood

  4. denny wood Says:

    And what if the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division acts on the ADA Capitol Report before the election? They have the complaint. I should know,I authored the complaint. Denny Wood

  5. Two way race Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  6. Biill Neubauer Says:

    I saw a Crist TV ad showing him accepting the “ideas of both parties.” Actually what it shows is that he doesn’t stand up for ANYTHING and does not commit to ANYTHING. That’s precisely what is wrong with our long-term politicians now. They are nimble but not dependable–and most of them don’t LISTEN worth a darn.

  7. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Comments made by a republican lawyer lobbist to my wife who is disabled. “Are you lucid?” “Who am I talking to today?” “You can hear can’t you?”

  8. Marty in Boca Says:

    The two parties are broken and controlled by special interests that is why I am considering Independent Crist.

  9. NO to Crist Says:

    Charlie Crist doesn’t know where he stands on too many things. From personal decisions to poltical decisions.

    Rather have the truth than this futzing around.

  10. Rick Scott Leads In All Polls That Count Says:

    Why is it that all the lame stream media with their noses up Butt Krak Obama’s butt always come up with polls that have there ahead? Alex Sink has sunk millions of my Florida retirement funds in NYC. She lost 5.7 million of our Florida dollars to Lebanon by way of a scheme hatched right in her office under her nose! This dim wit wants to be governor of Florida and she can’t even keep up with my money!

  11. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    CNN/Time: Either Do An Honest Poll In Florida Governor and Senate Races or I’ll Burn This Comic Book


  12. Karen Says:

    I like anybody willing to stand up to the insider political hacks.

    Go Charlie!

  13. Obamasupporter21 Says:

    Come on Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist. Your parties are the ones that put aside politics; and came together to solve problems; Republicans still play the same old politics of the past.

    I don’t want to see you guys fight each other; I want to see you guys come together to fight against Marko Rubio and expose him for the criminal he really is.

    I don’t care which one of you win; I just want Marko Rubio to lose so that the seat is for the people of Florida.

  14. Obamasupporter21 Says:

    It does NOT matter if Kendrick Meek or Charlie Crist win; I just want Marko Rubio to lose this election. You guys need to form an alliance to beat Marko Rubio. Republicans are NOT forming any alliance; they’re going for the kill; the Republicans are NOT helping each other win; they’re fighting each other to be the best.

    Unity conquers all; Crist and Meek coming together will be a plan to beat Marko Rubio.

    If Marko Rubio wins then he will corrupt the people in Florida.

  15. kola123 Says:

    Obamasupporter21, I agree with you. It is vote AGAINST Rubio at all costs and right now it looks like Crist is the one to vote for.

  16. brigitte Says:

    Crist and Scott will be the winners.

  17. obamasupporter21 Says:

    Brigitte, Let’s spread the word out and let everybody know the LIES of Rubio. I don’t care if Crist or Meek win just as long as Rubio loses. I would love to see Meek and Crist form an alliance against Marko Rubio.

    Democrats, Independence, Liberals, and Green Parties and Moderates have put aside politics of the past; came together to work on solutions.

    If Crist does win I will be happy.

  18. WWMD? Says:

    See DEMOCRATS (I’m one), Kendrick has no chance. He has no where near the money that Marco or Chalie have an he can’t get up past 22-25%. He needs much more to win this race, that is why as DEMOCRATS we must vote for Charlie. We can not afford to have Marco win this race. A VOTE FOR KENDRICK IS A VOTE FOR MARCO…VOTE CHARLIE

  19. Loss Rep For Our Florida Tax Dollars Says:

    Alex Sink as Treasure of the SBA the Florida board that invests public money bet $266,780,948. million on a huge Manhattan real estate deal and lost every last penny
    of it.
    Included in the money lost, Florida paid $16 million in fees to real estate developers, bankers and Wall Street money managers who persuaded the state to make the deal.
    State elected leaders with potential influence over the pension funds’ investments received campaign contributions from some of those same corporate giants. BlackRock, which is 49 percent owned by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, gave $500 to Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink (her former employer) during her 2006 campaign.
    The chief of staff of CFO Alex Sink recommended the law firm of embattled attorney Scott Rothstein Sink’s deputy helped law firm of Rothstein get a shot at representing the state in some potentially lucrative legal work.
    On Sept. 9, the state Democratic Party received a $200,000 check from Rothstein’s firm, money he had pledged at a fundraiser he hosted at his home for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.
    About three weeks after the $200,000 contribution was recorded, Rothstein’s firm landed on a list of law firms being considered for potentially lucrative work with the State Board of Administration — with an assist from Sink’s chief of staff.
    Sink’s Department of Financial Services has purchased 182 assault rifles – costing $255,000, according to Sink’s office – in the last two years. Sink, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says the rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators, but the Legislature’s Republican budget writers argue the rifles are expensive and unnecessary. Typically, fraud investigators have carried pistols. Sink bought the rifles without competitive bids from Tampa-based SRT Supply, Inc.,
    A scheme to defraud state taxpayers out of millions of dollars was thwarted by some alert Regions Bank employees and one of the state’s biggest road contractors — but not before millions of the money was transferred to Beirut, Lebanon. FBI agents caught Ali Hassan Hammoud, 35, minutes before he was to board an Air France flight to Lebanon, but they were too late to stop the transfer to Lebanon of some of the $5.7-million stolen from the state treasury transferred in four installments after state officials in Alex Sink’s office received bogus paperwork directing them to ship the money to an account Hammoud controlled instead of sending it to Anderson Columbia. Company officials began calling Sinks office on July 22, 2008 to determine why they had not been paid. Brian Schreiber, comptroller for the construction company, said they initially had trouble convincing Sink’s department that the company had not changed the bank accounts. “It took a while to convince them to forward us the documents, he was also troubled when he learned the state would change bank accounts without contacting the company that was supposed to receive the money. ”
    Florida CFO “Alex Sink” was on that “GOVERNING BOARD OF THE DIVISION OF BOND FINANCE” on September 1, 2008 and She approved the 2008A Bond to finance the “Taj Mahal”… the new courthouse of extravagance in Tallahassee for the 1st District court of appeals.

  20. Idiotic poll Says:

    These poll numbers are completely useless for the governor’s race because they only ask about Sink or Scott so these numbers are artificially inflated because voters were not given other choices. There are more than two candidates in this race and two of them, Independents Michael E. Artha and Farid Khavari have AT LEAST equally, if not more so competent and well informed positions and solutions to public policy problems. Both have conducted and published extensive policy research on their solutions in the past, which is more than the useless talking points Sink and Scott offer. At the very least CNN could have included those two Independent candidates. This poll is idiotic and victimizes voter’s intelligence. This poll is absolutely not informative.

  21. obamasupporter21 Says:

    WWMD, it’s a neck to neck with Crist Vs. Rubio. I’m a full Democrat Party. If Crist or Meek win I will be happy. RIght now I see Crist gaining and if he wins I will be happy.

    WWMD, the most important thing is for Marko Rubio to LOSE BIG TIME. It’s about making Rubio LOSE that is important. Rubio is ready to screw around; it’s most important thing for Rubio to lose. Since we both support Democrats and right now Crist have a chance to win, we should be happy for that.

    WWMD, the Democrats, Independence, Moderates, Green Parties, and Liberals have all listened to us by putting aside the politics of Democrat idea vs. Indepndent idea; these parties united to solve problems.

    Republicans are the only group that divided themselves from all the other parties continuing Democrat idea vs. Republican idea. Republicans are NOT helping each other; they’re fighting each other like dogs and cats to prove who is the best for the seat. Republicans that lost the primary refuse to endorse the Republicans that won. Republicans go for the kill.

    Crist and Meek should NOT focus on fighting each other; only to focus on fighting over Rubio. Either won that wins are ready to join Dems to provide solutions; Rubio is the one to lose because he’s the one ready to screw around.

  22. obamasupporter21 Says:

    It is NOT for Crist and Meek to fight each other. These 2 have no need to waste their energy fighting each other because they’re the ones ready to provide solutions. Right now in this General election, Crist and Meek only need to focus on fighting Rubio; bang Rubio out and if they have to form an alliance then they must form the alliance.

    Message to go to Crist and Meek is to NOT waste time fighting each other; to come together to fight over Rubio.

  23. obamasupporter21 Says:

    I’m a full Democrat. A goo strategy for this election is NOT for Democrats and Independence fight each other for the seat. The strategy for you people in Florida is for you Democrats, Liberals, Independence, Moderates, and Green Parties to all March together with your party symbols to go on the offense against Marko Rubio. I don’t care if Charlie Crist or Kenneth Meek win; I just want Marko Rubio to lose. Join an alliance to attacking Marko Rubio to make him look bad to help him lose.

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