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CFO Sink opens BP claims complaint website

by Dara Kam | September 30th, 2010

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink has setup a web site to let disgruntled Floridians vent about their problems getting paid by BP claims czar Ken Feinberg.

Her new website – – invites visitors to share their stories “if you’ve filed your claim and provided the documentation requested to the best of your ability but have not received a response or are getting the runaround.”

Feinberg, who took over the Gulf Coast Claims Facility on Aug. 23, this week promised larger, faster claims even as he tries to manage a backlog of more than 10,000 claims, many of them in Florida.

Sink and the Florida Cabinet are demanding that Feinberg speed up the payments and want them to show up at their next Cabinet meeting next month.

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8 Responses to “CFO Sink opens BP claims complaint website”

  1. Shari Says:

    Attorney General’s never act unless it is for PR.

  2. When do these bloggers come from that don't know who they are talking about? Says:

    #1 ~ Alex Sink is supposed to be the Chief Financila Officer of the state of Florida “SHE IS NOT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF FLORIDA.” She is presentl the Obama supported candidate for governor of Florida! Therefore as you stated her act is for “PR.” However if her PR act turns out like all of her others “deals” the Bank of America will somehow be on the receiving end of any moneies she can conjure up! Every action she takes is cloaked in suspicion due to her history of insider dealings with BOA, her former employer and the fact that thusfar her dealins with same have been of a criminal nature!

  3. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    What Would Joe Friday Do? Answer: Arrest “THE Florida Cabal”


  4. Unreal Says:

    Maybe it would be better if Alex’s office realized that many of the people that have been paid, have only received a small amount of their claims, and that businesses are going to continue to fail coming winter.
    OPA is a horribly written law, and is being strictly interpreted by Feinberg. That isn’t cutting it.

  5. Sheila Williams Says:

    In an effort to change BP’s image, BP’s new CEO Bob Dudley acquired the BPCares domains. The domains are an important acquisition to BP in restoring the Brand’s image and leadership moving forward, so said a member of the PR team to a TV reporter for HRT Group. She comtinued, BP has been defined by the press wrongly and we intent to reverse the ill feeling that has been projected towards BP.
    The domains that were acquired are:

    The new website is expected to be up within 30 days.

  6. Unreal Says:

    Reverse the ill feeling of being total irresponsible in managing their drilling rig? Irresponsible in managing the cleanup? Corrupt in their dealing with the Corexit? Completely sinister in the way they are hiring experts to deny potential litigants from testifying against them? For failing to properly compensate claimants? For hiding their findings from the population? For demanding that hired experts hide their findings for 3 years? By retaliating against naysayers?

    Oh yes they have been the model of transparency and concern for the lives of the people in the Gulf. Maybe they should spend less on damage control and return Gulf residents lives back to the shape it was in before the spilled oil all over our Gulf.

  7. windy bailey g Says:

    It is understandable for certain documents of proof to be a file claim requirement, however, it seems that the victims of this misfortune are often treated like it is meant to be a game of scavenger hunt, while precious time wasted slips away. It is much easier I am sure, to not have a sense of urgency when its not them suffering the hardship. In these tourist attracted ocean front jobs, that is what we do. Work nonstop all season to be able to survive the fall/winter OFF season. It was devastating to learn of the oilspill and it happened the worst time of the year, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Somehow I dont think were gonna get compensation with a smile

  8. Doreen Peppas Says:

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