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Attorney general debate scrubbed, Bondi won’t appear

by Dara Kam | September 22nd, 2010

Organizers canceled an Oct. 5 debate at the University of Florida between attorney general candidates Dan Gelber and Pam Bondi because Bondi won’t appear.

GOP hopeful Bondi, a former prosecutor from Tampa who’s never run for office before, has a “scheduling conflict” preventing her from participating in the debate hosted by Leadership Florida and the Florida Press Association, her campaign spokeswoman Sandi Copes said. Copes could not immediately say what Bondi had to do that trumped the debate.

State senator Gelber, a former federal prosecutor who also served as House Democratic Leader, earned a reputation as one of the legislature’s top arguers during feisty floor debates.

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11 Responses to “Attorney general debate scrubbed, Bondi won’t appear”

  1. Boycott Marco Rubio Says:

    That’s right !!! Any business that has a Rubio sign, refuse to do business with it. They have a right to their sign, and we have a right to take our business elsewhere. Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Boycott Marco Rubio !!!

  2. Scoop Jackson Says:

    Bondi is a coward! Why won’t she come out of hiding and tell Floridians her (lack of) vision for being AG? She’s headed for a HUGE loss in November.

  3. Dumb Blondi Bimbo Says:

    This is too funny! Yeah, she has had lots of “scheduling conflicts” when it comes to debates. She is stupid and she knows it.

    Dan, nail her on this!!!

  4. Marchand Says:

    Another registered Republican for Dan Gelber, same for my family. Not impressed with what we’ve seen from Bondi.

  5. Unreal Says:

    Bondi needs to fire her staff. Ducking out of a televised debate two months before the election, when most of the state doesn’t know who she is, is a collossal failure. Nothing is more important than one on one vs your opponent unless of course you can’t win. Her failure means she feels she can’t win. Pam you probably lost my vote because of this failure to debate. I’m an independent, but we don’t need a AG who has no spine, or can’t make things happen when it is important.

  6. Unreal Says:

    Oh and Sandi Copes. If you are going to duck your candidate out of a debate, you need to be able to have a reason at hand pretty fast. Not being able to come up with a reason makes it sound like a lie. Tell the campaign manager to get it together Sandi before you have to go out and tell a story.

  7. theloneconsumer Says:

    I thought Bondi’s campaign manager was Brett Doster? Bush friend that flopped with Delmar Johnson on Gallagher’s GOP governor bid?
    That being said, Bondi ‘s voice was quivering, on Bay news 9 interviews. Then she lickened Gelber to Spitzer, shich was a BIG mistake. He is happily married with children and a WIFE who is an atty. Bondi is NO KIDS and NO HUSBAND.
    The GOP could have stood behind a better family GOP friendly candidate.
    She is lunch meat to Gelber.

  8. Bobbie Seabolt Says:

    It would have been nice to see her answer questions such as “Exactly how do you plan to force the US Congress to protect our borders?”

    I wasn’t aware that a state AG could influence, let alone force, elected representatives from other states, to do anything.

  9. Marc Cooper Says:

    Pam Bondi is placing a bet: that the people of the state of Florida will only look to the healthcare issue and will not bother to ask more questions of their next attorney general.

    The people speak through the legislature. The Federal Congress has passed healthcare reform. The state AGs are not “defendng the people” by subverting what a majority of the people’s representatives have voted into law. Bill McCollum filed this lawsuit as a political ploy. The only beneficiary of this ploy is now Pam Bondi, who will win the AG position based on this one issue. I suggest the Office of the AG is more than this one issue. We can decide to move forward or move backward, but the movements should be done through the legislative branches and not through the courts. Vote for the candidate’s entire platform and not for the rouse they present. The healthcare debate is important but should not monopolize the race for the Attorney General.

    Dan Gelber is by far a better candidate for this office.

  10. matt weidner Says:

    My uncle ran for Congress and when Corrine Brown wouldn’t debate him he had a staffer dress up in a human sized chicken costume and he debated the chicken.
    Very powerful visual.

  11. Unreal Says:

    Marc Cooper,

    That post alone scares me away from Gelber. Its clear you work for him, and if his position is to let the healthcare law affect Florida, then Mr. Gelber is not what we need for Florida. I would rather have a brainless idiot in the AG spot who will fight Washington on this and BP on their claims process, than to have an AG that is towing the party line.
    Healthcare is a debacle. It is now clear by all expert opinions that it will drive up costs, and will not provide healthcare to all. It will further burden the citizens of the state with costs.
    The party line from both sides is what is destroying America. Most of us really don’t care if the politicians get in office or not or what happens to them. We want good government, and frankly we don’t get that when people are doing what the party wants them to do.
    FYI the majority of America does not want the healthcare bill. Our AG needs to fight against it vehemently.
    Alex will probably lose my vote for the same reason. It is devastating to employers and is an infringement on the rights of citizens.
    What is next? Force us to eat certain foods? The left has stepped way over the line.

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