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AG candidate Gelber joins chorus pushing for broader BP claims payments

by Dara Kam | September 29th, 2010

Add state Sen. Dan Gelber, the Democrat candidate for attorney general, to the list of pols criticizing BP claims czar Ken Feinberg for his handling of payments to Floridians harmed by the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

Gelber, a former federal prosecutor from Miami Beach, sent a letter to Feinberg asking him to include the costs of preparing claims to payments to individuals and businesses. Feinberg said he won’t pay for legal or accounting fees associated with the filings.

“Citizens of our state are rightfully frustrated. They see promises from BP actors in commercials suggesting the company is prepared to do the right thing. Yet on the ground, they see obfuscation, and a process that is filled with more chutes than ladders,” Gelber wrote.

Gelber also joined Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democrat candidate for governor; Gov. Charlie Crist, the independent candidate for U.S. Senate; and Attorney General Bill McCollum, the Republican who lost the primary bid for governor, in demanding that Feinberg pay damages to those located where oil never reached the shore. Feinberg’s consideration of proximity to the oil spill in paying claims has been a major issue of contention since he took over BP’s botched claims process on Aug. 23.

Sink and the Florida Cabinet slammed Feinberg yesterday and Department of Children and Families Secretary George Sheldon, a member of a statewide task force looking into the economic damages caused by the disaster, gave Feinberg just a few weeks to speed up payments to businesses on the brink of bankruptcy in Northwest Florida.

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6 Responses to “AG candidate Gelber joins chorus pushing for broader BP claims payments”

  1. davidemmons Says:

    Just wanted to finally give Mr. Feinberg credit..He made good on his promise to me and for that I thank him!

  2. Get out and vote NO Says:

    Gelber= Deutch=Robert Wexler (Md resident & ‘middle east’ executive= jewish executive=Ron Klein=Charlie Crist=Debbie’Haiti is FL 69th Co’ Wasserman-Schultz = opening the doors to immigrants/FL taxpayers footing the bill for immigrants’ Medicaid, Social Security (yes they get SS, EVEN though they didn’t contribute a dime, BUT you and YOUR children have (thank the democrats for that law)

    NO to all democrats in Novmember-not a single vote -or they WILL continue this madness.

  3. Sequitur Says:

    Ignore the naysayers – Dan Gelber is the most qualified, prepared candidate to serve as Attorney General. His opponent is too untested and has had some questions about her character. Bondi is too risky. We need someone in this job we can trust, so my vote’s for Gelber.

  4. unreal Says:

    Better late than never I guess Dan. Everyone of our state legislators should be outraged, and not let politics wiggle its way into doing the right thing. Feinberg is a liar with a bad past.

  5. Marc Cooper Says:

    From the start of the BP fiasco, Dan Gelber has fought for the citizens of Florida. Dan Gelber is an experienced litigator and politician, clearly better than his Republican opponent. The voters of the state of Florida need to defend their rights against BP and Feinberg.

    The citizens of the state of Florida need the better lawyer available to them. Dan Gelber is clearly the more qualified candidate in this race.

    Dan Gelber needs your support, Dan Gelber needs your vote, Dan Gelber needs to be the next Florida Attorney General.

    Vote for Dan Gelber, get your family to vote for Dan Gelber, get your friends to vote for Dan Gelber, The citizens of Florida deserve quality legal representation from the Office of the Attorney General!

  6. Bloggy Bayou Says:

    What Would Joe Friday Do? Answer: Arrest “THE Florida Cabal”


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