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Aaronson says Meek must prove viability or Dems will consider Crist

by George Bennett | September 6th, 2010

Palm Beach County Commissioner and influential Democrat Burt Aaronson didn’t voice support for the party’s Senate nominee, Kendrick Meek, until an activist in the audience put him on the spot at a party “unity rally” last Thursday night in West Delray.

“I’m supporting Kendrick,” Aaronson replied.

But for how long?

Aaronson says Dems should consider indie Gov. Charlie Crist if Meek continues to be a distant third in the polls.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.


24 Responses to “Aaronson says Meek must prove viability or Dems will consider Crist”

  1. Independent voter Says:

    This is what’s wrong with with the broken down political Parties. The Party hacks are trying to herd us like cattle for their so-chosen candidate.

    I’m joing Sachs and voting for the person over Party.

    Give em hell Charlie!

  2. Sit in the Back Says:

    Excellent point, the old guys verus the new guys/gals.

    and it’s in both parties. They don’t want to share the playground.

    Aaronson, said the SAME THING when Meek was running against Jeff Greene. And Meek ran away with that vote.

    Aaronson doesn’t want the black guy, that’s how it seems. Meek proved himself against Greene.

    And still Aaronson is sending Meek to the back of the bus over and over.

    Don’t listen to the old goat.

  3. JRD Says:

    Aaronson is a Raaaaaaacist!

  4. choicey Says:

    I have a problem with Aaronson, whom I voted for, deciding another party member needs to prove himself. Aaronson can’t throw stones or even sand when it comes to a lack of consistency or loyalty. Meeks won the nomination from the party. Why can’t Aaronson accept that point. I would hate to think that race has anything to do with this decision. After all, George Bush didn’t need to prove anything and Charlie Crist supported him.

  5. Bad Job Says:

    Kendrick Meek HAS proven himself by blowing away Jeff Greene who Aaronson was also endorsing.

    Aaronson just represents HIS candidates. He doesn’t have room for any other candidate under the tent.

    Aaronson is a polarizing and is NOT inclusive.

    The black man doesn’t get a break from Aaronson. Just has to prove himself over and over and over again.

    Aaronson needs to be booted out and new young leadership needs to take over.

    Just remember: Democrat Joe Abruzzo supported Jeff Greene and also threw Meek under the bus.

    NO to Abruzzo, too! And Maria Sach, another acolyte of Aaronson also has thrown Meek under the bus.

    NO to Abruzzo
    NO to Sach

    Either support the democrat candidate or get out of the democrat party leadership.

    Aaronson is a poor leader. He is splitting the votes. New leaderhisp is needed.

  6. jac Says:

    What has Crist done for this state as governor? Is property taxes equal (fair). Why because it is not what is needed for this state to get back on track it is about votes. Listen to all of the state and local employees constantly wanting 5% raises and entitlements. Has this governor been fiscally responsible for this state ills? Women’s rights? Who would want him in Washington or anyone like him. Let’s get REAL on our economy.

  7. True Blue Says:

    November election results:

    Crist – 42%

    Meek – 33%

    Rubio – 25%

    Teabaggers – 0%

    jeb bush – less than zero.

  8. denny wood Says: is the correct web site. My error. Denny Wood

  9. RJN4181775volunteer Says:

    Read this

  10. Henry C. Brewster Says:

    Burt Aaronson looks as white as a sheet.

  11. Charlie Is a Dancing Star Says:

    Dancing With Charlie Crist and Friends

  12. Moderate Democrat Says:

    No Party boss or insider can tell me how to vote. The Republicans expelled those who voiced support for Governor Crist went he went Independent. Our Party is better than that.

  13. Rob Says:

    As as African-American, I see nothing racist at all with Aaronson’s comments. The last thing we need is Rubio in the Senate. And if Meek can only barely poll 20%, it ain’t cutting it.

  14. Tanner Says:

    It appears Aaronson is a racist. He questioned Meek’s viability against Greene and Meek showed his strength in the primary

    And now Aaronson is demanding that Meek do so against Crist.

    Aaronson must go. He shouldn’t be the face or voice of PBC democrats.

  15. Prudent Man, CFA Says:

    Has anyone asked Aronson if he voted for Crist as governor? He certainly must have been happy when Crist stabbed Giuliani in the back during the Florida Republican Primary and supported the sure-losing McCain.

    What makes Aronson think Crist is going to be trustworthy for Democrats, or anyone for that matter, than he has been to those who gave him contributions as a Republican and wants the money taken under false pretenses back.

    Politicians like Crist, in all political parties, is what is wrong with the country. Support a Referendum for Congressional Term Limits.

  16. Sam in Boca Says:

    No Party hacks are going to tell this Democrat who to support. I am voting for the best person regardless of color or party.

    If that person happens to be White and Independent so be it.

  17. brigitte Says:

    Meek is the one who has a problem not Aaronson. Go Charlie!!!!!

  18. Dotell Says:

    I hope Laxer runs against Sachs.
    Why didn’t she run this time?
    Aaronson is a crook, so is Sachs, Rader & Deutch.

    I know I work for a Congressman.

  19. Goodbye Crist Says:

    I love…another big democrat throwing his hat behind Crist. How is Meek going to prove himself when Dems keep lining up for Crist. It just goes to show you that Crist was never a republican. And why Independents or Republicans would vote for Crist is beyond any rationale. And you folks think that Charlie is Independent because he has the backing of the Democrats. Charlie never been about anyone but himself and his political ambitions. Just take a look at his flip-flop on Obama Care.

  20. stuntmanmike Says:

    Clowns to the left; jokers to the right.

    Give em hell Charlie!

  21. Caveman Says:

    Didn’t you see the TV ad of Meek on the bus with a group of his elderly supporters? He wasn’t sitting in the back. Probably because Burt wasn’t driving. Why don’t you Democrats use your brain for a change, instead of listening to a few corrupt so-called leaders.

  22. Klein's wife Says:

    What the hell does Ron Klein’s wife do? GO get manicures and pedicures and drink?

  23. John Says:

    Burt Aronson is a “legend in his own mind” and an “almost has-been” in the history of PBC politics. He should keep his opinions to himself. He certainly does not speak for all Dems and I am not even sure for what small segment he does speak. Many are very disgruntled with Burtie; he needs to be investigated. May he ride into the sunset quickly and quietly.

  24. Concerned voter Says:

    Meek is done. Today his chances were dropped to only 1.1%.

    We need to unite now and jump on the anybody byt Rubio train with Governor Crist.

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