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Yet another Palm Beach County commissioner jailed

by George Bennett | August 3rd, 2010

2003bccblogpic-300x212 Check out this picture of the Palm Beach County commission from 2003. Three commissioners (Tony Masilotti, front right; Warren Newell, front left; Mary McCarty, back left) have gone to federal prison on corruption charges.



A fourth, Jeff Koons (back row, second from left) was booked into the Palm Beach County jail early this morning and is expected to appear before a judge today on charges of extortion, perjury and violating Florida’s open-meetings law.

Click here to see the sheriff’s booking information on Koons, who checked into the Gun Club Road jail at 3:41 a.m.

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12 Responses to “Yet another Palm Beach County commissioner jailed”

  1. Charges not environmental Says:

    special jailing time to avoid the cameras…please do that for EVERYONE, not your pals in political office.

    That STINKS and tends to want to focus on those that ARRANGED for that booking time.

    Charges are perjury and extortion, not wanting to build some environmental cove.

    Just because one has held office for a long time doesn’t mean one gets to elbow their projects forward.

    Damn shame that another commisisoner gets booked.

    Jeff is a rich stupid KID.

  2. You forgot to mention Says:

    Addie resigned.. why? To save her pension. She publicly SOLD her scripps vote and you morons let her go.

    There are two left – Aaronson and Marcus. Saving the BEST for last. I like it.

  3. South Fla US Atty Hates Corruption Says:

    Too bad the middle district of Florida doesn’t have a go getter US atty that supports suppressing public corruption like this one in south Florida. Central Florida Orange, Seminole, Osceola. Lake, Marion is loaded with corruption supported by Disney and the Villages developer. They control everything including the news media. It would be nice to see this culture of corruption busted wide open but it’ll never happen. Tey buy the politicians just as fast as they get elected!

  4. Fred Baum Says:

    Palm Beach County has the best commissioners that money can buy!!!

  5. Shame Says:

    This is sad. But it reminds us why we need to elect people who are not part of the system.

  6. Indignant Says:

    What about the $3 million that Koons bullied this South Cove Project for. This money could go to homeless in the County or for teachers and Police. They are being cut back but projects like this get funded and go forward. Where is the public indignation.

  7. Sandy Says:

    got another one. good good good

  8. Sandy Says:

    got another one good good good

  9. nancy Says:

    boom….boom….boom….another one bites the dust! ANd another ones gone and another ones gone and another one bites the dust. Who is next? Arronson? Frankel???? Addie got out of Dodge before they came after her. What a shame.

  10. Greg Says:

    Aaronson…where are you?

    Come out come out wherever you are.

  11. Carl Hoffman Says:

    Party please?

    Why not identify?

  12. Fed up! Says:

    This is too good! The snot nose poor little rich boy gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar………….McCarty was the best catch, but still hoping Aaronson, Marcus and Greene get what they deserve too. Keep up the good job! Be thankful that Crist is not appointing the next one, as it would be one of the same, just as replacing McCarty with Abrams. Look out come Nov.,as the good ole boy crumbles. Let us pray!

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