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West sounds economic theme in second TV ad

by George Bennett | August 30th, 2010

The abstract “constitutional principles” and “core values” of Republican congressional challenger Allen West’s first ad have given way to an economic message in his second spot, released today.

Many Republicans believe continued economic anxieties and the absence of a promised “recovery summer” will be the key to GOP hopes of picking up congressional seats in 2010 from incumbents who have backed the Democratic economic plan like U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton. While West has been using his blog to rip Klein, the incumbent isn’t mentioned in this ad.

Text of Republican congressional candidate Allen West’s new TV ad:

“Working together, we can get South Florida’s economy moving in the right direction again.
“Let’s restore the control of Congress back to the American people.

“We have to close the floodgates of Government spending that threatens your future with a burdensome debt.  

“Reform the health care law so we don’t have government coming between you and your doctor.
“We must keep more money in the hands of our families, and simplifying the tax code will help.”

20 Responses to “West sounds economic theme in second TV ad”

  1. ticktock Says:

    Yes, clearly the problem is simplifying the tax code. Its just too complicated to pay your bills in this day and age…

    140 hours since Josh said evidence was on its way…TICK TOCK

  2. Mark Says:

    Still no specifics from West. No shock, considering its in his interest not to let anyone know what he SPECIFICALLY stands for. So for we know, he likes kids, he likes the pledge and he is against government debt (although not against personal debt, clearly)

  3. I'll beleive anything Says:

    Let’s all adopt the sound fiscal methods employed by Allen West. Simply ignore your financial responsibilities and keep more of the money you earn.
    Thanks Allen West, your my hero.

  4. Truthman Says:

    Does this guy seriously think he has a chance?

  5. Sam Says:

    what a joke – he’s going to fix our economy now?? the guy can’t manage his credit card bills!!

  6. West4President Says:

    The jews and liberals have no chance against Allen West!

  7. Sam Says:

    west4president: so your man said he’s provide evidence the tax lien was a mistake, and accused Ron Klein of lying about it. pathetic…

  8. Sam Says:

    west4president: Where is that evidence? Surely you have it i guess?? please provide it, he really needs your help to clear his name…

  9. Notsurprised Says:

    Shocking to see West’s staunchest supporters are Anti Semitic…who saw that coming?

  10. Mark Says:

    I’m not sure what you are all talking about. Allen West is more Jewish than Ron Klein…………….at least according to Allen West.

  11. Real World Says:

    Interesting that Klein’s first ad is a negative attack ad… Who cares about the IRS… The White House doesn’t, look at all the Obama appointees who have “tax problems”
    OK for Barry Hussein, OK for Allen West.

    And let’s see, why hasn’t Klein spoken out against let’s say, Charlie Rangel the tax cheat???? LIBTARD Hypocrate

    West doesn’t have a chance in that district. “THEY” would vote for Hitler as long as he ran as a LIBTARD or Dmocrap

    BUT the fact that this race is close at all speaks volumes.

  12. Sam Says:

    Pulled up some details from politifact website: besides the $11,000 lien and the credit card judgement of over $5k, here are the other liens:

    May 5, 2010 – $964.50 for overdue maintenance fees and attorney costs.
    * lien released on June 22, 2010
    March 13, 2009 – $611.66 for overdue maintenance fees and attorney costs.
    * no release record found on file
    Feb. 19, 2007- $995.00 for overdue maintenance fees and late charges.
    * lien released on March 30, 2007
    Sept. 14, 2004 – $295.00 for overdue maintenance fees and late charges.
    * lien released on Nov. 16, 2004
    Sept. 7, 2004 – $366.00 overdue maintenance fees, late charges and attorney fees
    * lien released on Sept. 13, 2004

    Nice vote of confidence. They even stretch as far as this year, only a few months ago! Allen West, the savior of our economy and role model for individual responsibility…

  13. You got to let them know the clock is ticking Says:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock. The clock is ticking, Josh. Still no proof.

  14. Mike Says:

    Allen West is attempting to hoodwink the low information voters of CD-22 into believing he is an All American, Blue Sky and Apple Pie Republican.
    While he really is one of the mouth pieces from the American Right. The type that speaks of Freedom & Liberty for all except for Americans he politically disagrees with. Allen West sees these Americans as “the enemy”.
    I have a huge problem with Americans who fail to value everyone’s Constitutional rights.
    Mr West’s personal history has been and will continue to be laid bare for the purpose of enlightening those low information voters who will be kept from the real Allen West.
    Mr West has trouble of his own creations littering his entire life, from financial problems to a career ending event in the military where he was a third generation American soldier.
    Allen West is not the right man to be my Congressman and I have a vote in his election.
    You can count on it being a vote for Ron Klein.
    When the guy running for Congressman sees his millions and millions of his own Countrymen as the enemy he shows a lack of understanding of what it is to be an American.

  15. NOWEST Says:

    The largest portion of the current National Debt is the Bush Tax Cuts for the WEALTHY that were given during wartime.
    Is the “patriotic” Allen West proposing to end those?
    Republicans created the present financial crisis and West wants to turn the clock back to the failed principles of the Bush Administration.
    The Party of NO Accountability

  16. Nevin Says:

    It seems that Rep. Klein and his support network is placing politics above that of making the necessary changes to reverse the plunge to the far Left in this country. By smearing Lt. Col. West, Rep. Klein provided cover for an Administration whose foreign policy placed this nation in a vulnerable position and domestic actions placed the hands of our economy in the far Left and Clinton-Bush Wall Street globalists. We don’t need more of the same oligarchy, but true people’s government which respects constitutional principles, a regulated nationalist free enterprise, and an assertive foreign policy.

    A sampling of Lt. Col. West’s positions illustrate his non-allegiance to GOP or Democratic Party orthodoxy. This could provide appeal to independent voters and conservative Democrats. For example,

    1)Lt Col. West the “radical” and “extremist” was quoted as stating that while he is against socialized medicine, people with pre-existing conditions should be covered by insurance companies. He was quoted as stating that we should “not throw the baby with the bathwater” concerning government health care policy.

    2) In a Town Hall Meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Lt. Col. West supported “fair trade” as opposed to “free trade” and destroying American manufacturing.

    3) Spoke out against the “teaching to the test” philosophy dominant in GOP and Democratic Party and the poor financial and resource support given to public school teachers at a Town Hall at the Fort Lauderdale Christian School.

    Problem is, Lt. Col. West is a threat to both the GOP establishment and the Left because he is an independent nationalist who desires the regeneration of our nation on the political, spiritual, and economic levels.

    What is truly disgusting is the fact that Rep. Klein, the left-wing bloc, and David Brady hammered at Lt. Col. West’s overdue credit card bills and lien. It appears that the West family has paid off or is paying off these bills. Unlike our major financial institutions, the West family did not ask for a bailout. Perhaps these expenses could be the result of paying for the costs of their higher education (Masters Degrees/Phd), private schools for their two daughters, and possibly medical bills related to Angela Graham West’s cancer. Thankfully, she has survived thus far. They are not a family of highly paid politicians or lawyers. They are ordinary folks, who have ordinary problems and challenges that every middle and working class American faces. Welcome to the real world of everyday America. Before you judge the man, please take the opportunity to meet with him. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  17. Earth 2 Nevin Says:

    Nope, last time i checked, Homeowners fees having nothing to do with medical costs, or student loans. Sure everyday people have finance problems, but most arent hypocritical enough to #1 lie about it, 2, build an entire campaign about personal responsibility, and 3, ironically when pushed against the wall regarding their hypocrisy, PASS THE BUCK regarding their OWN RESPONSIBILITY. LT. COL Hypocrite, is just as full of crap as the rest of them.

  18. Jeff Says:

    I pay my bills and taxes Allen West. Why can’t you?

  19. NOWEST Says:

    Nevin Who are you kidding?
    Allen West takes his talking points straight from the Republican National Committee.
    Remember the scandal of the leaked RNC Powerpoint in March 2010?
    Here is a reminder

  20. constitution 101 Says:


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