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West says name-calling won’t distract him; calls Klein ‘pathetic liberal’ and a Pelosi ‘Mama’s boy’

by George Bennett | August 30th, 2010

Republican congressional challenger Allen West’s latest blog post on his campaign website blasts U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, for starting the general election campaign with an attack ad against West last week.

“Message to all liberals, name calling and petulant simpleton gimmicks dare not distract me from my mission; destroying the liberal progressive socialist machine and its legislative agenda……Klein is just a stepping stone to that end,” West writes.

West refers to Klein as “inept” and “little Lord Ron” and “this cretin” and “the pathetic liberal Congressman against whom I run.” He also calls Klein “little Ronnie” and a “Mama’s boy” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

40 Responses to “West says name-calling won’t distract him; calls Klein ‘pathetic liberal’ and a Pelosi ‘Mama’s boy’”

  1. ticktock Says:

    Ah west, Lt Col Hypocrite back at it….

    PS, Josh still waiting, TICK TOCK



    He flirts and tells other women that he hasn’t slept with his own wife in years.


  3. To Allen West=Bad Husband Says:


    Wow what a loser you are. Get a life. No one knows what you are talking about. You have to be a dumb broad

  4. rukiddingme? Says:

    I sure would like to see the PBP do an article on Kleins voting record. Also why not post exactly what Klein said about West in his ad?

    While the hypocrisy of Wests’ comments are not lost on me I think the bigger issue is why the PBP is so biased?

    The real story is not Wests’ unfortunate rant…rather it is what is missing in your article,

  5. Luv it Says:

    Mama’s Boy, PERFECT description of Ron Klein. Not a man that served, but a man with a mouth and religious backing.

    West is the guy for me. Not going with the democrat. Klein WILL SUPPORT NANCY PELOSI.

    WE, as a STate and a nation, can’t afford to send ANY MORE DEMOCRATS to Congress. They WILL support Pelosi and Obama’s policies.


  6. Mark Says:

    A potential Congressman with the maturity of a 5 year old….how Allen West gets away with selling himelf as a statesman is beyond me.

  7. Off target Says:

    Ron Klein attacking the black man for mortgage problems and attacking the black man of marital issues.

    How about OBAMACARE, Ron? Did YOU support ObamaCare? YES!

    How about Stimulus, Ron? Did you support the Stimulus? YES

    How about putting our children and grandchildren in DEBT for decades, Ron Klein, did you vote for that? YES

    Ron Klein, the mama’s boy, is not addressing the state and America’s problems, but attacks MR. West personally.

    Ron Klein obfuscating his history of supporting ObamaCare, stimulus, TARP

    NO to Ron Klein/Pelosi.

  8. West4President Says:

    Allen West will show these jews and liberals whose boss!

    West is a patriot who will destroy his competition and will never back down!

    Go West. Go West. Go West.

  9. V Says:

    Alan West? Wow. What a jerk. And, I see, his supporters are just as immature and uneducated as he is. I was never a Klein fan but if this is the guy that was picked to run against him and these are the kind of people that support him, well, I’ll say again, WOW.

  10. Clueless Repub Says:

    Is this the same guy who played Batman?

  11. ricardus Says:

    The problem with Col West is that he is a genuine 100% American. That drives the socialists mad. Just like the Koran is in contradiction to the US Constitution, Socialist-Democrats can’t be Americans.

  12. Nona Says:

    Allen West is his own Worst Enemy, Perhaps that is why he lays awake at night dreaming up all these conspiracy plots of America being overthrown.
    The War is over for you West. The military roundly rejected your antics.
    Seek some Help.
    Florida does not need your brand of unethical hateful leadership.

  13. Einstein Says:

    Right on “Ricardus”….the democratic base here in South Florida is frustrated bad. A true American hero, who served his country in time of war will defeat a hand picked Pelosi/Reid/Hussein yes man. Wexlers lil boy is pathetic with the baseless ads on the tube now. Ill be voting for Colonel West.

  14. Shame on West Says:

    Shame on you Mr. West for using so few irrelevant labels to describe the “liberal progressive socialist machine”. If you knew anything you would have called it a “liberal progressive socialist communist fascist anarchist syndicalist and other irrelevant-labels whose-meaning-I don’t-know machine.” This is one Tea Party voter who will not vote for you until you commit to using more useless labels in describing this “neo-fascist communist socialist anarchist anarcho-syndicalist leninist marxist gramscist administration” to scare and befuddle the masses into voting with me for you.

  15. Robert Says:

    Go West!!

  16. RealAngst Says:

    AHHHHH, Lt. Col. West, showing that he will not give in to the name calling, while engaging in, name calling. Nothing more need be said or written. Clearly this man is brilliant and why wouldnt we vote for him. He knows what is best for us and the FACT that he is a proven hypocrite makes him highly electable. I hate Klein, but give me a break with this nonsense already. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  17. Mark Says:

    “Klein is just a stepping stone to that end.”

    This is the most interesting part. West is clearly just trying to use an elected office as a stepping stone to something else. He clearly had no interesting in representing CD-22 besides for the personal gain.

    Its funny that West complains about elitists and career politicians, but his own words show he is an opportunist and nothing more.

  18. Mark Says:

    Also, we all need to laugh for a minute at Allen West, who calls out his congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the same Congresswoman he is afraid to run against. If West were such a “intellectual warrior” or whatever he calls himself these days, he would take on his own congresswoman, not be a coward and try and represent another district.

    Again, it all comes back to West being nothing more than a narcissist and a political opportunist who has no interest in actually being a congressman. The man clearly just wants to be the next great FOX News contributor.

  19. Dems are running scared Says:

    Everytime I see Kleins photo I get hungry for Bob’s Big Boy…I wonder what’s that all about?

  20. Neal Lang Says:

    First Weekly Assessment: West vs Klein
    Share0First Week: West vs Klein

    Greetings Patriots,

    From henceforth I will provide a weekly assessment of our campaign to unseat the inept Florida Congressman, Ron Klein. This last week we secured the GOP nomination by defeating a liberal Trojan Horse, whom the Palm Beach Post endorsed, with 77% of the vote.

    Not even before the primary race had ended, Klein launched his first TV commercial, a negative attack piece, a sure sign of desperation. It is evident that the tone for Klein’s strategy has been set, “my voting record is abysmal so I will attack LTC(R) Allen B West.” What his insidious advertisement shows the viewer is that Klein has no regard for working American families – certainly not any member of the Serf class who would dare challenge little Lord Ron.

    Furthermore, it reveals how much respect this cretin has for our Military Veterans and their families who serve in order to provide the freedoms under which he lives. I will take pure pleasure in defeating Klein, as it will provide a Victory for the common American, as well as our Servicemen and women.

    As well, this week the snippy little liberal chihuahuas came out to bark at my ankles – that means you Keith Olbermann and David Weigel – of “journolist” fame. These two little boys decided to chime in, Olbermann naming me “Worst Person in the World” for a third time, while Weigel had the delusional gall to declare me, well, crazy.

    Message to all liberals, name calling and petulant simpleton gimmicks dare not distract me from my mission; destroying the liberal progressive socialist machine and its legislative agenda……Klein is just a stepping stone to that end.

    You will find that this Conservative will parry your weak punches and deliver knockout blows. If it is a fight for America you seek, you came to the right place…..and shall find yourselves fleeing in utter desperation, same as the pathetic liberal Congressman against whom I run. I invite all of you into the arena where this intellectual Warrior awaits you on the field of combat for principles of governance and ideals.

    My fellow South Floridians and Americans, the liberals have called me an extremist – Yes, I am extremely devoted to this Constitutional Republic and to protecting your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness. They have called me a radical – in 1776 I am quite sure George III and the British called our Founding Fathers the same… we call them Patriots. They have said I am a dangerous choice – absolutely, I am dangerous to President Barack Hussein Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and her Mama’s boy Ron Klein….and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, do not try to hide little Ronnie behind your skirt, your association with his defeat would not bode well for your desired future as Pelosi’s heir

    Folks, I just have to tell you, this is going to be fun because there are lots of liberals heading to the woodshed!

    Steadfast and Loyal,

    LTC(R) Allen B. West

  21. Neal Lang Says:

    Col. West is a Political Stud, and Ronny Kein is only a wannabe!

  22. HAHA! Says:

    I hope since the primary LTC(R) West has educated himself on the fact that Britain is a constitutional monarchy and not a republic, nor has it ever been, not even when according to him we separated from the “British republic”. No wait he should’ve said “liberal progressive socialist British republic.”

  23. Einstein Says:

    How can any Jew vote for someone that will support Hussein in his every move? Mr. One and Done is trying his best to defeat the Jewish state. Wake up Palm Beach Jews…Hussein is not your friend.

  24. Nona Says:

    Neal You are a Gullible Brain Dead Douche.
    As long as we are pulling out the names today.
    If the Irony of your post and West’s comments are lost on you, well then that says it all.
    West is a disgrace to our military and Nation.

  25. NOWEST Says:

    Why does a moderate district have such a crazy radical like Allen West running in our District? Because he was hand chosen by Right Wing Media Elites to try and overthrow our democratically elected Congressman. This district is not West’s, so why is he running here? It was targeted by disgruntled Right Wing PAC money.
    These self-righteous, radical, racist, xenophobic, fear mongers do not represent our Community.
    It is a disgrace to our nation and dangerous for our community to propagate such radical leaders who wish to bring the front lines of the War on Terror to South Florida.

  26. rukiddingme? Says:

    NoWest- You write excellent fiction. There is no truth or fact to anything in your last post. The PBP should hire you, you fit right in.

  27. Al Says:

    Mr. West could have been a contender. But the more we see of his military issues, his financial issues, and his immature, juvenile, grade school level name calling and rants, the more he proves himself to be unworthy and unacceptable to represent Florida. He should fire neal lang as a supporter; a net negative for sure. A Ron Klein supporter who is masquerading as an ugly extremist West supporter would be just as effective against Mr West. Many normal people are sick and tired of lunatics pretending to be patriots.

  28. Straight Facts Says:

    A Pelosi Mama’s Boy. C’mon, you liberal idiots, you gotta admit that’s a good one. You always want to label people and call names and when the shoe is on the other foot, you get all whinny and cry hypocrisy. You’re just like Ron, a Pelosi Do-Boy.

  29. David W Says:

    West was forced to retire from the Army and fined $5,000 after he admitted to apprehending an Iraqi policeman he suspected of planning an ambush, watching as his troops beat him, and then firing a gunshot by the Iraqi’s head in order to scare him into divulging information. West said the decision saved lives by preventing an ambush. But no plot was ever discovered and the policeman in question later told The New York Times that he had no knowledge of any attacks

  30. ellid Says:

    This so-called “intellectual warrior” is a coward. I e-mailed him about ten days ago about his ridiculous “the Co-Exist bumpersticker is the sign of a traitor” rant, and he hasn’t responded. Chicken!

  31. General Grant Says:

    Is Artemus Gordon going to be Colonel West’s chief of staff? Does West still have that tricky derringer up the sleeve?

  32. Sam Says:

    Pulled up some details from politifact website: besides the $11,000 lien and the credit card judgement of over $5k, here are the other liens:

    May 5, 2010 – $964.50 for overdue maintenance fees and attorney costs.
    * lien released on June 22, 2010
    March 13, 2009 – $611.66 for overdue maintenance fees and attorney costs.
    * no release record found on file
    Feb. 19, 2007- $995.00 for overdue maintenance fees and late charges.
    * lien released on March 30, 2007
    Sept. 14, 2004 – $295.00 for overdue maintenance fees and late charges.
    * lien released on Nov. 16, 2004
    Sept. 7, 2004 – $366.00 overdue maintenance fees, late charges and attorney fees
    * lien released on Sept. 13, 2004

    Welcome to Westenomics.. They even stretch as far as this year, only a few months ago! Mr. Allen West, the savior of our economy and role model for individual responsibility…

  33. Shivany Says:


    Is he running for congress or trying to achieve knighthood. Hello, this is the 21st century and maybe it’s time someone check to make sure he isn’t off his meds.

  34. You got to let them know the clock is ticking Says:

    Tick Tock Joshie boy. Release the “documents.”

  35. Bob Knox Says:

    This is a very interesting article particularly regarding Allen West’s not wanting to run against Debbie. He cannot run against Debbie as he does not live in her district. You should get your facts straight before making accusations.

  36. Earth 2 Bob Says:

    Allen West does live in debbie wasserman schultz’s district.

  37. David W Says:

    Allen West isn’t a resident of FL 22. He doesn’t live here!

  38. NOWEST Says:

    Bob You are an Idiot maybe you should pull him up on property appraiser web site and do the address check yourself you moron. He is not a resident of District 22, and is a short term resident of Florida that’s why he could care less if he endangers our community with his rhetoric.

  39. Nobama, Nopelosi,Noklein Says:

    Ron Klein is a stooge of Nancy Pelosi and the far left. Go West!

  40. Zaposlitev Says:

    zuumthjankayayyzpwor, delo, nUaVSyS.

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