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Two new bad signs for congressional Democrats

by George Bennett | August 31st, 2010

Gallup finds the GOP taking an “unprecedented” 10-point advantage over Democrats in the generic congressional ballot question — 51 percent to 41 percent.

And the latest monthly Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds support for the new health care law — the signature accomplishment of the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress — dropping seven points in August to 43 percent approval, with 45 percent disapproving. Among independent voters, Kaiser finds the health care law is viewed favorably by 41 percent, unfavorably by 48 percent.

Generic ballots and national surveys are one thing, but congressional races are of course decided by voters in 435 separate districts.

In Florida, the national trends put a greater spotlight on four Democratic U.S. House incumbents who face stiff Republican challenges — U.S. Reps. Ron Klein of Boca Raton, Alan Grayson of Orlando, Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach and Allen Boyd of Monticello.

13 Responses to “Two new bad signs for congressional Democrats”

  1. James Says:

    Accomplishments for Democrats.. The takeover of US company’s, Socialized Health Care, High Taxes, Massive Layoffs,Trillions of dollars in deficit, Blame Bush, etc..

  2. Vulcan Says:

    Most Independent voters are falling back on the age wisdom of ……….Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me !
    The lies, are now obvious to those who were hoping for change. BTW, Hows that change you can believe in thing working out ? Not so good huh !

  3. Mike Says:

    Yea and everyone in COngress is a criminal. Due away with partys and everyone can vote for the person not the party.

  4. Real World Says:

    Hopefully after November all the Liberals really will move to France this time

  5. NO to democrats Says:

    Other countries are showing growth, but not the USA. Overspending, not reducing taxation has caused the US to stagnate and worse.

    Stop spending the money of those who work to give to those who don’t work.

    Vote in November. Break the domination that is in place.

    Democrats are in control of the Congress and are led by Nancy Pelosi.

    Democrats are in control of the Senate and are led by Harry Reid.

    Democrats are in control of the Executive branch and are led by Obama.

    Democrats nominate LIFETIME judicial nominees.

    This is NOT healthy. It is lopsided.

    Vote out ALL democrats to JUST rebalance this country.

    Your local votes need to oust your local democrats. They give the numbers to allow Pelosi to remain in power.

    A democrat governor will be shaping the voting districts as a result of the 2010 census. That would mean 10 years of MORE democrat domination. BALANCE our government.

    When a president hires an ADMITTED tax cheat as SEcretary of Treasury it is indicative of trouble.

  6. Einstein Says:

    Ole “One and Done” is quaking in his shoes. This incredibly inept POTUS has got a couple more years to continue screwing up till hes out the garbage dump of history. By November he will be rendered virtually powerless. Its called a lame duck before he actually became a duck.

    As a reminder to the Jews in Palm Beach…keep voting for that clown Klein who supports Hussein and his mission to destabilize Israel…our best friend in the world. Colonel West should be your vote in a landslide.

  7. ted Says:

    Ask one question? What has Ron Klein done for South Florida in his tenure???? easy answer….NOTHING but spend money and support Nancy, I shouldn’t say “support” it should be live in fear of Nancy. How did that stimulus vote supporting the Chosen one work out for us? Vote out the parasites.

  8. mike Says:

    I expect “no to democrats” will vote out the Republicans in charge of Florida controlling the House, Senate, and Governor’s office.

    Every word they wrote applies to the Republicans in Florida.

    I bet they don’t see it that way.

    But logic isn’t partisans strong suit at all times.

  9. Exnjcop Says:

    Klein put the wishes of Nancy Pelosi ahead of the desires of his constituents by voting yes to every piece of liberal legislation despised by his right leaning district. He does not deserve re-election. He hid from his voters in the run up to the healthcare vote. He has kept a very low profile since his vote. I bet he will not debate his opponent because he cannot justify his votes on healthcare, cap& trade as well as the stimulous. he will be the stelth candidate hoping people recognize his name and puul the lever for him as a reflex. People are angry at Klein and his Washington buds. November 2nd will allow the ignored voters to be heard loud and clear.

  10. Nevin Says:

    It seems that Rep. Klein is placing politics above that of making the necessary changes to reverse the plunge to the far Left in this country. By smearing Lt. Col. West, Rep. Klein provided cover for an Administration whose foreign policy placed this nation in a vulnerable position and domestic actions placed the hands of our economy in the far Left and Clinton-Bush Wall Street globalists. We don’t need more of the same oligarchy, but true people’s government which respects constitutional principles, a regulated nationalist free enterprise, and an assertive foreign policy.

    A sampling of Lt. Col. West’s positions illustrate his non-allegiance to GOP or Democratic Party orthodoxy. This could provide appeal to independent voters and conservative Democrats. For example,

    1)Lt Col. West the “radical” and “extremist” was quoted as stating that while he is against socialized medicine, people with pre-existing conditions should be covered by insurance companies. He was quoted as stating that we should “not throw the baby with the bathwater” concerning government health care policy.

    2) In a Town Hall Meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Lt. Col. West supported “fair trade” as opposed to “free trade” and destroying American manufacturing.

    3) Spoke out against the “teaching to the test” philosophy dominant in GOP and Democratic Party and the poor financial and resource support given to public school teachers at a Town Hall at the Fort Lauderdale Christian School.

    Problem is, Lt. Col. West is a threat to both the GOP establishment and the Left because he is an independent nationalist who desires the regeneration of our nation on the political, spiritual, and economic levels.

    What is truly disgusting is the fact that Rep. Klein, the left-wing bloc, and David Brady hammered at Lt. Col. West’s overdue credit card bills and lien. It appears that the West family has paid off or is paying off these bills. Unlike our major financial institutions, the West family did not ask for a bailout. Perhaps these expenses could be the result of paying for the costs of their higher education (Masters Degrees/Phd), private schools for their two daughters, and possibly medical bills related to Angela Graham West’s cancer. Thankfully, she has survived thus far. They are not a family of highly paid politicians or lawyers. They are ordinary folks, who have ordinary problems and challenges that every middle and working class American faces. Welcome to the real world of everyday America. Before you judge the man, please take the opportunity to meet with him. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  11. Einstein Says:

    Heres to you “Nevin.” Well written and very true.

  12. Opportunity knocks! Says:

    Let’s not forget about all the other democratic strongholds in this area. Constituents are fed up and ready to make a REAL “change.” If you tired of status quo vote for JOE. This BUDD’s for you! Joe is running for US Congress District 19 and is a great candidate.

  13. Sam Says:

    Dream on – West is an Idiot!! See the fact link below – West is going to fix our economy now?? Fix your credit card first, dude!! What a joke,

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