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UPDATE: Two GOP attorney general candidates’ websites attacked, Bondi’s untouched

by Dara Kam | August 24th, 2010

UPDATE: Hackers didn’t limit their targets to candidates last night. Online thugs also penetrated the conservative Florida Family Policy Council website’s firewall, according to director John Stemberger. Hackers got into the organization’s page where voter guides were located and replaced the council’s donor banners with “bizarre images,” Stemberger said.

GOP attorney general hopeful Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp’s campaign website was attacked by hackers who got into the candidate’s calendar and e-mail, his campaign spokesman David Bishop said.

Online culprits also attacked Holly Benson’s website yesterday but were unable to breach the site‘s security, her web master said.

“We had suspicious behavior with our online calendar and email. Appointments would be canceled. Someone even called to send regrets for an event we accepted earlier in the day,” Bishop said.

The two are in a race too close to call against opponent Pam Bondi, whose website apparently remains unscathed.

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One Response to “UPDATE: Two GOP attorney general candidates’ websites attacked, Bondi’s untouched”

  1. whasup Says:

    Why does this sound like dirty tricks sanctioned by Doster, the loser, on behalf of her girl-toy candidate, Bondi?

    If this pans out, she’s dead in the general election, not withstanding all the predictable vehement denials.

    I think I may actually know the skeevy person instrumental in this.

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