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Tea Party leader questions Scott role in protest by other tea party group

by George Bennett | August 12th, 2010

UPDATED with quote from Tea Party in Action leader….

Republican governor candidate Rick Scott announced late Wednesday that he’ll be outside the South Florida Water Management District headquarters in West Palm Beach this morning with a group called Tea Party in Action to protest the proposed U.S. Sugar buyout.

That prompted an e-mail blast in the wee hours of this morning from South Florida Tea Party Chairman Everett Wilkinson questioning the Tea Party in Action group and Scott’s involvement.

Wilkinson, it should be noted, is personally supporting Bill McCollum in the GOP governor primary, though he says his endorsement has nothing to do with the South Florida Tea Party.

Says Tea Party in Action leader Marianne Moran: “Everett Wilkinson spends a lot of time telling reporters who he says are ‘real’ tea party members as if he’s the sole authority. He spends the rest of his time endorsing career politician Bill McCollum. Tea Party in Action wants to kill this corporate bailout of US Sugar. We welcome Rick Scott and any political candidates willing to join this cause.”

Read Scott’s announcement and Wilkinson’s statement after the jump…..

From the Rick Scott campaign:

Rick Scott To Stand With TEA Party in Action Against the Big Sugar Bailout In West Palm Beach on Thursday, August 12

Fort Lauderdale – On Wednesday (sic), August 12th at 10:30 am, Rick Scott will stand with TEA Party activist in opposition to the Big Sugar bailout at the South Florida Water Management District in West Palm Beach

WHAT: Press Conference with the TEA Party in Action

WHEN: Thursday, August 12th, 2010 10:30 am

WHERE: South Florida Water Management District, 3301 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

From South Florida Tea Party Chairman Everett Wilkinson:

Immediate Release: Tea Party Activists Question Rick Scott’s Actions and Demand the Release of Scott’s Lawsuit Deposition

(West Palm Beach) Rick Scott is scheduled to show up for a protest of US Sugar on Thursday with a group called “” Tea party activists have recently heard of this group formed by Marianne Moran. Marianne Moran is the former clerk of Sen. Jeff Atwater who is responsible for setting up Sen. Atwater’s website,

Tea party activists have been protesting the US Sugar Land Deal for several months. However, they question the recent appearance of non-tea party groups such as the Republican Majority Pac, YAF, “The Tea Party In Action” and now Governor Candidate Rick Scott.

“This deal leaves a bad taste in both the mouths of taxpayers and environmentalists,” said Everett Wilkinson, both the Chairman of the Florida Tea Party and South Florida Tea Party. However, tea party activists are quick to point out they are not connected to groups or candidates that are using this debate for political gain.

Wilkinson went on to say, “I find it funny that Rick Scott is coming down here and protesting the US Sugar Land Deal when Mr. Scott won’t release a deposition on a fraud case he is involved in. Maybe we will be protesting him when the information [deposition] comes out.”

Tea party activists have set up a website called “” to provide information and action items to the public.

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10 Responses to “Tea Party leader questions Scott role in protest by other tea party group”

  1. Scotthasnosubstance Says:

    Who Is Rick Scott?

  2. rpof corruption has tea bagger support from WPB Breakers meetings Says:

    This is an immediate necessity! Not just a campaign stunt like Billy Mac pulls! This long ongoing deal put together by Jeb, Crist and Lemeiux whether or not it goes through is going to cost Florida taxpayers millions of dollars! Thank you RICK SCOTT for standing up for we taxpayers on these political friends corrupt deals! Billy Mac runs around harping on the Arizon law he was against and depending on what part of the state he is in as too what he says he thinks about it now! Tuesday in Miami he told hispanic supporters he favored a watered down version! Today he favors a reeved up version! NOTICE TO EVERETT WILKINSON, you obviously have had way to many meetings with the RPOF culture of corruption folks at the Breakers in West Palm Beach! They tend to suck you into their web, don’t they? Well you are entitled to to support anyone you want too! However, at this point this is still the “US of A” and RICK SCOTT is a Florida taxpayer first and a candidate for governor second! He certainly has every right to attend this function! Even though your candidate for governor is a part of the culture of corruption that has brought this multi-million dollar scam on the taxpayers of Florida!

  3. Tea Farty Says:

    The Tea Party is funny. The spelling test approach to politics is fun to watch. They are told what to memorize and then they all get together regurgitate it in the presence of one another. That sameness in message shared among themselves often gets confused for fact. It’s always interesting to watch the weak-minded follow the ill-conceived notions of the person or persons who drafted their talking points. Hey Tea Party, here’s something for you to memorize, “I must jump into the Intercostal Waterway on Saturday afternoon so that big government doesn’t take away my right to drill for oil with my rifle and thus, deprive American’s of their right to work. Palin 2012.”

  4. Arnold Swartzenagger Says:

    I can assure you if Everett Wilkinson is supporting McCollum he is supporting SWEET SUGAR! He just doesn’t have sense enough to know it! The Jeb, Crist, McCollum, Greer, Lemeiux crooks sit this deal up! Wilkinson is obvisously about as dumb and niave as the mother Patricia Sullivan who started the north lake county tea party and quickly got enough smoke blown up her butt to challenge Alan Grason. Last year she couldn’t even spell congressman! Not to sure she can this year! Everett Wilkinson can’t have it both ways! He can’t support McCollum’s culture of corruption and oppose McCollum, Crist , Jebbie and Lemeiux’s sweet sugar deal too! He’s either in bed with the crooks or he stands for getting rid of the corrupt career politicians! Which do you stand for Everett? If you are the head of the entire Florida tea party, I resign!!!

  5. Repugnant Says:

    It looks like Rick Scott is repugnant like Doug Guetzloe and Alan Grayson

  6. Disgusted Says:

    Everett is a hack!! How dare he bring his partisan politics into something that should be a non-partisan issues…we should all oppose tax hikes and corporate bailouts. Tell this slob to go back to the rpof and his insider deals. It’s shameful to know that he’s selling the tea party down the river so he can be an “insider”

  7. Everett Says:

    Scott once called Everglades deal “great,” cautioned against cost|

  8. TruePatriot Says:

    Everett turned on fellow Patriots again. He has done this to everyone in South Florida. The issue is about the corrupt deal with taxpayers dollars paying 2006 prices for the deal to Charlie Christ’s largest donor. We need to be united on issues. If you are not behind the issue, don’t support it, but don’t attack another group for fighting for the taxpayer. SFTP must be in favor of the Sugar deal. Not to mention it was an embarrassing display. Not the actions of a True Patriot.

  9. Everett Says:

    @TruePatriot – aka Rick Scott & Big Sugar Supporter.

    SFTP was the FIRST to protest and make people aware of the US Sugar Land Deal and started a website called that resulted in thousands of emails and petitions AGAINST the deal!

  10. EdFulop Says:

    Everett –

    This was handled poorly. You are eating your own.

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