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Slosberg drops effort to toss Dem primary rival Klasfeld from ballot

by George Bennett | August 13th, 2010

Former Democratic state Rep. Irv Slosberg has dropped his efforts to get educator Sheldon “Klassy” Klasfeld tossed from the Aug. 24 Democratic primary ballot in their state House District 90 race.

Slosberg claimed paperwork errors by Klasfeld disqualified him. He filed a lawsuit against Klasfeld, but today filed a voluntary dismissal in Leon County Circuit Court.

Klasfeld, already an underdog, accused wealthy former House member Slosberg of “bullying” him.

Klasfeld said the legal filings and depositions brought about by Slosberg’s action hindered his campaign, raised his blood pressure and cost him about $20,000.

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4 Responses to “Slosberg drops effort to toss Dem primary rival Klasfeld from ballot”

  1. Kmom Says:

    Greene and Slosberg are two of a kind…..

    Thanks Wexler,Aaronson and Deutch.

    The three of you are selfish and you have left your district to suffer with Republicans: Greene, Sachs, Slosberg and Abruzzo….

    Deutch you are a sell out.

  2. condos going latin Says:

    Yep, Aaronson had Irv kiss his shoes and was given the nod to run.

    Tired of the carved out voting districts for religious groups.

    Too bad Wexler couldn’t find ANY democrat Latinos or blacks to run, they always seem to be…jewish.

  3. Carol O Conner Says:

    This people do not represent the Jewish community just like Rubio does not represent the latin community.

    They are all pro-themselves period. Do not kid yourself or blame a community or a demoographic.

    Aaronson is Irish, Wexler is screwed up, Deutch is German, Slosberg ok, Abruzzo and Sachs Italian…so your statement is false and a sterotype that no one should believe.

  4. the electorate Says:

    see what klassy has to say about the issues:

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