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Scott’s biggest health care hullabaloo? Soda!

by Dara Kam | August 30th, 2010



Forget about the $1.7 billion Medicaid fraud fine levied against Rick Scott’s hospital chain by the federal government.

The GOP candidate for governor and former chief executive officer of Columbia/HCA apparently doesn’t think that’s as big a deal as soft drinks.

“The biggest controversy I ever created in health care was choosing Pepsi over Coke,” Scott told the Florida Realtors at their convention in Orlando this weekend.

Scott said he switched soda brands to save his company $23 million in food service costs.

His employees were not happy with the self-made multi-millionaire’s decision, he said. Scott said he received a stack of complaints more than three feet high from disgruntled workers who preferred Coke over Pepsi.

3 Responses to “Scott’s biggest health care hullabaloo? Soda!”

  1. WTF? Says:

    You call this newsworthy?

  2. Scott Skeptic Says:

    So he was involved in decisions as small as switching Coke to Pepsi and yet he couldn’t stop the thousands of abortions or fraud taking place at his hospitals? How is anyone supposed to take this guy seriously?!?

  3. Mark Says:

    Good, maybe he will learn as Governor how Coke is raping our water resources in North Florida with their ridiculous bottled water plants and paying the state virtually no fee for the water.

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