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Scott +7? McCollum +4? Tuesday GOP primary will test pollsters’ accuracy

by George Bennett | August 23rd, 2010

Public Policy Polling and Quinnipiac University both surveyed Florida Republican voters over the weekend on the Bill McCollum-Rick Scott gubernatorial bloodbath. They came up with vastly different results.

As noted earlier this morning, Democratic-oriented PPP found Scott with a 47-to-40 percent lead over McCollum in the Republican primary. Quinnipiac’s poll shows McCollum with a 39-to-35 percent lead over Scott.

One huge difference: PPP found Republican voters have an overall positive view of Scott, with 46 percent expressing a favorable view and 33 percent unfavorable. Quinnipiac found GOP voters with an overall negative view of Scott — 31 percent favorable and 40 percent favorable.

McCollum’s favorability ratings are underwater in the PPP poll — 38 percent positive and 45 percent negative. In the Quinnipiac poll, McCollum’s favorable/unfavorable score is 39/37.

PPP’s Republican sample was 304 likely voters and has a 5.6 percent margin of error. Quinnipiac surveyed 771 likely GOP voters and has a 3.5 percent margin of error.

Both polling firms find Kendrick Meek with a double-digit lead over Jeff Greene in the Democratic Senate primary.

6 Responses to “Scott +7? McCollum +4? Tuesday GOP primary will test pollsters’ accuracy”

  1. jean paul Says:

    any poll with 5.6 pt margin of error is obviously not precise and is shameful to publish

  2. How About Some Honest Poll Numbers Instead of no call Jim Greer Polls Says:

    Funny How The GOP Culture Of Corruption always pays for their polls and gets the numbers they want! On The PPP polls
    RICK SCOTT did not have to pay for them to get honest poll results! Honest People support RICK SCOTT in his fight against the orgainzed Florida GOP corruption Club!

    The Republican race for Governor in Florida remains close headed into the final day, with Rick Scott holding a 47-40 lead that’s within the survey’s margin of error. If Scott does indeed end up as the GOP nominee on Tuesday night it will be because Bill McCollum couldn’t keep up with conservative voters. Scott has a 50-39 lead with them even as he trails McCollum 44-39 with moderates. There is a major divide along age lines between the two candidates with McCollum ahead by 13 points with senior citizens and Scott up by 16 points with everyone else. The older the electorate is on Tuesday the better McCollum’s chances of pulling it out will be. Whoever emerges as the winner on Tuesday will have a lot of healing to do. Both candidates generate pretty lukewarm feelings with the party base.(I guess this means the RPOF insiders!) Scott’s favorability is 46% and McCollum’s is 38%.

  3. And That is cmoning from Jean Paul Who supports Jim Greer's culture of corruption and no call polls for Charlie Crist which he billed him for anyway Says:

    Jean Paul ~ You culture of corrupticans have got to get your 2 cent’s worth in on everything! All of Jebbie’s friends always get the good poll results just before the culture of corruption thanks to Tom Feeney fixes the election! Why didn’t Jebbie fix the election for McCain? Because CharLIE Crist got pissed at McCain for not getting the VP spot even after he went to all the trouble to p/u a beard! Then after the election he was obligated to marry “it.”

    Not to worry, He’s “sucked up” to Obammy now and all is well!

  4. K Clifton Says:

    So, when McCollum is leading in the polls, it’s a fact but a Scott lead means the poll is in question?

  5. Remember The Architect Of The Bush Corruption Karl Rove Is In The Shadows Says:

    The Architect of the Bush Dynasty of ongoing corruption one Karl Rove is right there nowadays living beside Jeb in Miami and coaching Jeb to look presidential! They know in order to ever pull that off they will have to control the leadership of the “swing states.” And be able to fix the votes! The majority of the people in this country, while them might not like Obama and his socialist direction, they are also darn well tired of the Bush dynasty in control also! Karl Rove is a master of “smoke and mirrors.” By using the Tom Feeney obtained programs and Jeb Bush’s administrative order disallowing paper ballot recounts, these corrupt controller will fix this election once again! If Rick Scott does not win tomorrow, you can bet the election was rigged!

  6. Do Better Says:

    Why are you publishing the PPP poll, which interviews callers with a pre-recorded voice? That’s bogus polling. You don’t even mention that distinction in this story. Are you so desperate for material that you’ll publish anything? The Q-polls have a history of being on target, so why would you decide to use a robot-conducted poll? You’re surrendering your journalistic integrity with dumb choices like this.

    C’mon, do better!

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