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Saying foes want to ‘distort’ his record, Allen West releases video on 2003 Iraq gun incident

by George Bennett | August 2nd, 2010

UPDATED with reaction from Klein’s campaign at end…

Saying he expects U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, to try to “distort and falsify my service in Iraq,” Republican challenger Allen West this morning released a video giving his side of the 2003 incident that led him to leave the U.S. Army.

As a battalion commander, Lt. Col. West supervised the interrogation of an Iraqi police officer suspected of having information about an assassination plot against West. West fired a pistol near the man’s head to get him to talk. After a military hearing, he was fined $5,000 and allowed to retire with a full pension.

Here’s one news account of the incident from 2003.

In the video, West says his actions were intended to protect the troops under his command.

“If it’s about the safety and the lives of my men…I would go through hell with a gasoline can,” West says in the video, essentially repeating what he said at his 2003 hearing.

Klein spokeswoman Sarah Rothschild offered this response: “Congressman Klein’s campaign has never made Allen West’s service or record an issue in this campaign. It is Allen West, who apparently is raising the circumstances regarding his retirement from the military, as an issue. Congressman Klein plans on campaigning on his record of fighting for South Florida and we would assume that Allen West will run on his record.”


96 Responses to “Saying foes want to ‘distort’ his record, Allen West releases video on 2003 Iraq gun incident”

  1. mike Says:

    He’s got my vote !!

  2. ricardus Says:

    Col West is a great American hero. Ronald Klein is part of the evil administration in Washington. He is not
    a legislator but a lackey of the evil machine of Hussein Obama. Klein is an evil man.

  3. Rick Garr Says:

    This guy just doesn’t get it. Is he dense, or what? He clearly abused a prisoner and violated the uniform code of conduct, which is about like a police officer abusing someone in his custody, which I assume West would condone. Why do the Republicans keep offering us misfits, psychos and criminals?

  4. Jay Says:

    He has my vote also. Klein is on my fridge with a list of all the things he voted for I was against.

  5. made up my mind Says:

    Yea, I agree. West is just another misfit looking for a job, even as a Republican, I cannot support this guy. I will vote for Ron Klein.

  6. Yolanda Mercedes Says:

    Allen West is a Great American.
    Hi is part of our Great Nation.
    He is full of merits. He is very honest American. We want you !!!!

  7. Louie Says:

    West is at a Town Hall tonight at the Borland Ctr, 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

    4885 PGA Blvd at The Borland Ctr in the MIdtown Complex.

  8. paranoid west Says:

    Allen West is paranoid. He is saying Klein has “made it clear” he will falsify West’s military record when no one on the democrats side has even said anything about it at all, let alone attacked him on it. I guess West is just as paranoid as when he thought Al Jazeera news network was trying to kidnap him. What a nut.

  9. Yolanda Mercedes Says:

    Allen West, you got the hell in Iraq defending our Country. Defending America and Americans. Now we needing you in the Congress because you really love our Country.
    See you in Wahington Great Hero.

  10. Mr Future Says:

    Just saw the election results.
    Sorry right wingers.
    It’s Klein by a landslide.

  11. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    As a retired Marine with more than 31 yrs active service, I’ve no beef with West’s actions in Iraq. But I wouldn’t vote for such a right wing extremist as him. West is both a puppet of Israel, and proponent of further U.S. military adventurism instead of defense (ready…fire…aim!). Pandering a sense of fear, he only seeks power for himself and for his party over what is right for our nation. Other than that, I still thank him for his past military service.

  12. Yolanda Mercedes Says:

    Klein with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1979.

    Klein also spent time during college as an intern at the Ohio General Assembly. Klein attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law and graduated with a law degree in 1982.
    Mr. Klein you are career politician.
    You dont know being in the WAR defending
    American people after 9/11 or any war.
    Your long life in a nice cool office.. and Allen West on a blooded field honoring American People. You are so corrupted person without moral

  13. Yolanda Mercedes Says:

    Allen West Great, Great, Great, Valient American Hero, God Bless You and America.

  14. not good Says:

    Only a coward would allegedly do that…..its even against military law…..these guys who do wrong and then wrap themselves in the flag to defend it are not good.

  15. rukiddingme? Says:

    I have supported Allen West since he began his attempt during the last election cycle. He is a great patriot, a great American and his conservative views supporting more personal responsibility, less government, and less taxes is something that only morons can argue against. Of course morons are who make up the democratic party. GO WEST!

  16. nemo Says:

    How strange that pbp reports on a republican candidate in a negative way.

    Hope he beats the democratic tax & spend bum.

  17. Same old stuff Says:

    Barack Obama spent 20 years in Reverend Wright’s church and NEVER, EVER heard him say,


    you believe that?

    What a joke. That’s why Obama doesn’t go to church. He receives his ‘inspirational messages” on his Blackberry.

    NO to DEMOCRATS who support Obama’s policies.

    Keep Pelosi from being Speaker again. NO TO DEMOCRATS.

    Ron Klein WILL support Obama’s policies.

    NO to Klein.

    PB Post ONLY supports and endorses democrats.

    Can the Post show the percentage of democrRATS endorsed over other candidates?

    PB Post=democrat controlled, liberal, progressives, TAXERS and SPENDERS.

    The Post has never seen a TAX INCREASE they didn’t like.

  18. Edumacator Says:

    Col. West IS an American hero…

    He is a Republican running for office in one of the most liberal districts in the state

    Jeez… Adolph Hitler would get elected in this district as long as he ran as a Libtard or Democrap

    In January 2007… when republicans left congress, DOW was at 14,000… unemployment was at 4.4%… deficit had fallen for three years straight, down to $160B… then we got… Piglosi and Reid and the Libtards

  19. no to Klein Says:

    a vote for democrat Klein will keep American soldiers and American taxpayers, losing their lives in the Middle East for Israel and losing their savings for Israel.

    Our tax money is being diverted to the Middle East.

  20. jeff saturday Says:

    Lt. Col. West great American hero.

    Ron Klein, D right out of
    Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

  21. Mike Says:

    If Allen West was innocent he would still have his Army Commission as an Officer, he wouldn’t have been fined $5,000 and he wouldn’t be running for Congress in Florida.
    His side of the story is simply that. Allen West’s version of the incident. There were few well placed calls to Congressmen and Perhaps a Senator or two who eased Allen out of a Court Martial with retirement and a fine.
    Allen West is a lucky man to have friends in high places. They want him to join them. Don’t let this happen, vote Ron Klein.

  22. _ Says:

    A man of action! Just what our country needs at this critical time. Go West! He has my vote.

  23. JACKWEBB714 Says:

    He should have aimed a little more to the right.

  24. Western European-American Says:

    Klein is a lobbyist parasite on the country while West is a patriot. When those who never gave a thought to serving their country and have had a privileged education lie to hurt those who have put their lives on the line for them they should be barred from Congress and more. Klein is one of the most Left Wing members of Congress and has never met a spending bill he didn’t like.

    Shame on Klein and all of his supporters who Hate our Military but profit from their efforts. Of course, for political purposes only, Klein supports Israel; but not its military which does what has to be done to protect its citizens?

  25. Jim Says:

    I’m glad the post is so left wing bias. No surprise. The best thing it the post is only circulated to 154,000 in it’s area. Very small percent of readers. Their circulation is down over 35% since 2006. Apparently they still don’t get that people are not reading the left’s opinion any longer. See the circulation numbers for your self at

  26. Irish-French-German-American Says:

    Despite the efforts of the pbpravda to discredit Mr. West with this poor article and poor picture of him (gee no professionally done picture at taxpayers expense like klein????)

    He will still get my vote!!!

  27. Ex-military Says:

    West jeopardized his whole career for the safety of his troops, whilst not laying a finger on the terrorist he was interrogating. He is what officers USED to be like in the military when the military was strong, proud and feared. Now it’s a laughing stock commanded by a bunch of political ‘yes-men’ who are a disgrace to the uniform. We need a congress full of honorable and brave men like Colonel Allen West to get this country back to being it used to be….proud and admired by the world..

  28. Sam Says:

    People who support abuse of war prisoners, support the abuse of our soldiers. What our military does to war prisoners is used against our own soldiers when they are captured.

    Allen West has blood on his hands, is a disgrace to the proud uniform of the Army and shold have been stripped of his tax-payor funded pension.

  29. Jackson Says:

    District 22 will make the final decision – and the right decision! GO WEST!!!

  30. Jim R Says:

    Please talk to someone who served in Iraq. It is damn difficult, and in this case the end justified the means. The report from 2003 says that they got teh info from the detainee.
    “…not knowing where West’s gun was aimed, Hamoody (the detainee) cracked and gave information about the planned ambush on West’s convoy, thwarting the attack.

    West said there were no further ambushes on U.S. forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post on October 4

  31. Proud American Says:

    A friend of mine son servered under Col West and said that he would walk to the end of the earth for the man. B/T/W it was an ambush they were trying to stop. After he did what he did they were never attacted.
    Lisen to the man speak. He is a strong conservative who speaks for the majority of the people. I wrote Ron Kline twice about the health care bill and I recieved two responses the same day and they said exactly the same thing. A canned message.Ron Kline voted FOR HEATLH CARE.

  32. raintime Says:

    Listen up. West isnt a hero. He got busted for being a dumb ass with ego.

    However, anyone of you might have done the same thing after working 20 to 24 hours a day for weeks in a combat zone. Dont think so? His reality was different than ours. We live in the PBC luxury box that’s light years from Iraq. Most of you softie, BS artists would get sick at the sights and sounds of everyday life in combat.

    West may be a good and capable man. But he made a mistake of political correctness. Shooting a hand gun off next to someone’s ear is nothing in that world, nothing.

    West got better than he deserved – full retired pay and a light fine and he knows it.

    Would he make a good Congressman? Yes. Would he better than the man he challenges ? Dont think so.

  33. Jeff Says:

    Allen West = Scary, Extreme, Dangerous

  34. mike Says:

    Kline is a pandering politician who does not understand what it means to serve in the military to protect this country. The only thing he cares about protecting is his cushy congressional job and his free paycheck for life courtesy of the American taxpayer. Time to throw this professional BUM out on his A##!!!

  35. Max Says:

    West’s actions are similar to what the Nazi SS did to Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. SS troops often made a game of scaring prisoners by pretending they were about to shoot them in the head, then pulled the trigger on an empty chamber or fired in the air. No one who calls himself a Christian or a Jew could possibly condone such behavior.

    West’s supporters claim he was defending America in Iraq. Defending America from what, WMD that never existed in the first place? Some of West’s supporters are as crazy as he is.

  36. Frank Says:

    Klein is exactly the kind of person who is making politics his ‘career’. If we let him, he’ll just live his whole life enjoying the sweet life of meney, power, and perks up in DC, while arrogantly refusing to listen to the will of the people. We need to get rid of these parasitic bums and elect regular people who do real jobs and are willing to interrupt their lives to ‘serve’ the country for a couple of terms in Washington before getting back to normality. We need to have term limits on Congress and to dump people like Klein and the rest of his ilk who serve themselves. I’m an Independent; I’m mad as hell and will vote against Klein to get him OUT!! West will get my vote, that’s for sure…

  37. Singer Island Says:

    Last year Riviera Beach had the opportunity to hire Col West as City Manager. Imagine where the city would be now! Go West!

  38. MAx Weinberg Says:

    LTC West did nothing different than what I experienced in the military. The objective is to gain information to save American lives. The means (any means) are justified if they succeed. They were never attacked after the incident, objective attained! Battles ae won by killing or maiming your opponent, not by cajoling them into submission. Any of you who have never been in a combat situation would pee your pants (or worse) when faced with the reality.

  39. Jim Says:

    Max (and anyone else mentioning the words Jew or Nazi in current political discussions). The NEA has succeeded in their agenda to mis-teach history. Where or when has socialism EVER worked? Socialist regimes have always resulted in genocides, and no thinking person can deny the current regime is socialist/communist in it’s direction. Mr. Klein, try being a Jew first, and a Liberal second. Read history. Think.

  40. Einstein Says:

    Ill vote West.

  41. Max Says:

    According to the articles I’ve read about the torture West perpetrated, the tactic failed. West tortured the suspect to gain information about the insurgents attacking his unit. The suspect he tortured was later released without providing anything of value and nothing was ever proved against him. Did West torture an innocent man? If he did, what should be his punishment?

    West’s behavior was exactly like the behavior of the SS and so are the morals of West’s supporters. “The end justifies the means” was the philosophy of the Nazis, and anyone who agrees with their philosophy should be labeled as one of them.

  42. Ron Says:

    Ron Klein will raise your taxes, raise your health care costs, increase govt. control over everything in your life.
    Allen West will cut your taxes, lower the cost of govt., stop bailouts of govt. unions and Wall Street thugs. West will support the AZ illegal immigration law for Florida, while Klein will support the criminal aliens and the corrupt businesses that hire them. Klein will support the corrupt Obama, Reid, Pelosi agenda in lock step.


  43. _ Says:

    Max, your argument is ridiculous. Comparing Mr. West to the SS is insulting to the memory of those who suffered during the Holocaust.

  44. Max Says:

    Comparing West to the SS is perfectly appropriate since the tactic he used was a favorite of SS guards in the concentration camps. Where do you suppose he heard of it – does the US Army teach classes on torture? If West uses the same tactics the SS did, neither he nor his supporters have any right to complain that they are labeled as Nazis. That’s exactly what they deserve.

  45. West is From the West Says:

    Allen West Doesn’t even live in the Congressional District he is running for.
    He is a carpetbagger sent here by the national right wing media with campaign money raised from out of state to disenfranchise the democratic will of the electorate of District 22 in Florida.

  46. Jerry Says:

    The key issue here is, West is lying when he says Klein is trying to distort his military record. All of what happened is well-documented in public record so everyone can judge for themselves how they feel about West’s actions.

    If West were so confident he did the right thing, why the need to lie about what Klein has said on his record? Just offer a defense and stop making it a political issue, which is what West has done.

  47. Steve Anton Says:

    I have been in the military. I have had good and bad commanders. The difference is that the good ones will protect their men and do the job…Whatever it takes! That is called war. Politics is easy after people try to kill you.
    I will vote for Mr. West because he has been to war and has a better perspective of the world, that a stay at home, political mattress doesn’t. He makes sense and is about getting the job done. I hate to say this…but Mr. West is a lousy shot…but dead terrorists don’t tell you much and the results of what he did matter. His men lived. I’m sure when he gets to congress, Mr West would like to use the same interrogation technique on some of the other political mattresses there (a mattress doesn’t care who it sleeps with) War is hell and politics is a form of war that Mr West will excel at. Once you’ve been to hell and back it’s hard to get the crap off your boots from kicking butt! So get get some more mud on your boots Mr. West and expect my vote

  48. NOWEST Says:

    Allen West
    A disgraced soldier found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and a single count of communicating a threat, and relieved of his military command.
    Believes you should tax the poor more, the rich less, and provide no social benefits to Citizens who cannot afford them.
    Is a Revisionist Historian trying to wipe away the Racist past of the Party and people he now represents, pointing the finger at the only ones who have fought for civil liberties in this country in the past 50 years.
    Supports Zenophobia, racial profiling, & Religious bigotry.
    Represents the interests of the wealthiest most powerful and influential Americans.
    Believes he has the right to offend or cross any line in the name of his personal beliefs.
    War Monger that Supports Military Aggression.
    Possesses some serious psychological issues, that manifest themselves through his faulty logic and emotionally charged tirades.
    A Puppet of the Right Wing Media Circus.
    Will do or say anything for attention.
    Has no humanity for his fellow man.
    Believes we should put Oil Rigs off palm Beach.
    Called for the closure of the Federal Department of Education and Energy.
    A short tem Florida Resident.
    Has threatened his political opponent and detractors.
    Has a bad temper.
    Is an immovable Ideologue and not a constructive diplomat.
    Would be a rubber stamp for John Boehner and the Corruption of the GOP.
    Bashes Federal spending but politically wrangled to maintain his pension when court-martialed by the Military.
    A Fearmonger.
    Incites racial discontent toward the President and the African American Community.
    Provides racial cover to right wing racists.
    Supports proven failed economic policies of the GOP.
    Opposes healthcare reform.
    A life long Federal Military employee who bashes the Federal Government and the President of the United States during a Dual Warfront, Real Patriotic.
    Is a Divisive, partisan, hateful, spiteful, Bitter, Angry, Violent, Right Wing Nut Job.
    Go West, back to Texas, Kansas or wherever it is that you come from.

  49. True Blue Says:

    West = know nothing right wing racist, bigoted teabaggers – don’t care about the color of his skin.

  50. Mannix Says:

    I’m voting for West.

    And Max, your comparing this incident to the SS, YOU ARE NAIVE, intentionally I suspect. If not intentionally, then dash off over to Blockbuster & pickup “Schindler’s List”.
    See you in November.

  51. Real World Says:

    It was OK for Wexler to live in Maryland
    NOT OK for West to live wherever???
    Typical of the looney liberal left

  52. LO Says:

    He has my vote as well.

  53. wearethem Says:

    Edumacator said, “In January 2007… when republicans left Congress, DOW was at 14,000″, lie number one. On January 26, 2007, Dow was at 12467(Google DowJones Industrial Average). The average did not cross 14,000 until October 2007. Then Edumacator said, “unemployment was at 4.4%,” lie number two. Unemployment rate was at 5% in January of 2007(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). The rate actually dropped to 4.3% in April 2007. Therefore, using your argument, that means the United States was better off when the Republicans left Congress! P.S. Learn from the Masters (Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity), if you are going to lie then make sure the truth cannot be proven!

  54. Chapman Says:

    Thank you, PB Post. I am an indie voter and Mr. West just got my vote in the fall.

  55. Jim Says:

    I walk each morning for exercise. One morning several weeks ago I passed a condo on which a corner unit displayed a lighted American Flag in a window. The first thing to pop into my mind was…”they’re not supporters of the current regime.” The current regime consists of 100% anti-US radicals.Read history. husain o’s political career began in the living room of Bill Ayers (weather underground)”wished 9/11 had killed more” Think. Read history.

  56. JoseO Says:





  57. West is Dangerous Says:

    The actions of Allen West not only threaten the lives of troops currently on the ground but make South Florida a potential threat of terrorism if we elect a man accused of these military infractions and his rhetoric against Muslims.

  58. JoseO Says:


  59. JoseO Says:




  60. Exnjcop Says:

    I will vote for West. Klein is Nancy Pelosi’s puppet. He voted for healthcare, stimulous, cap & trade without reference to his constituents wishes. Klein hid and continues to hide from his electorate because he knows how angry they are. Klein must go and sanity must be brought back to Washington. West faced our enemies overseas and now he is facing America’s domestic enemies by opposing Klein.

  61. Klein's Meeting Says:








    Vote OUT democRATS and that MEANS RON KLEIN.

  62. Klein=Pelosi Says:

    Barack Obama=Ron Klein

    gas prices are up, Obama is president.

    Federal gas taxes=OBAMA=DEMOCRATS

    healthcare costs=Obama=DEMOCRATS

    Medicare CUTS=Obama=Klein=DEMOCRATS

    A vote for KLEIN gives NANCY PELOSI another democrat to KEEP her as Speaker of the House.


    DemocRATs have control of the House (Pelosi=Klein), the Senate (Reid) and the Executive branch=Obama


    an out of balance government = tyranny

  63. Jews before other minorities Says:

    In South Florida, which has a high minority of latinos and blacks, the democrats can ONLY find white jewish guys to run for office.

    If a black man, whether democrat (Meek) or republican (West) runs the jewish democrats demean, degrade, and devote negativity to them.

    white jewish guys before black guys whether their party is democrat or republican

    Where’s the media when it comes to the demeaning of these black candidates?

    Klein=demeans black candidates

  64. Klein's a military Coward Says:

    WEST served his country in battles.

    Klein hid in college, he NEVER serve on the battlefield, but yet has the NERVE to attack a soldier who put his LIFE on the line for us.

    WEST serve on the battlefield and fought for America.

    Klein never served, he just uses his mouth and money to attack a soldier who risked his life for us.

    What a coward Klein is.

  65. Jim Says:

    Jose O, what’s your REAL name?? You are no more hispanic than me. Read. Think.Who has divided this nation with labels and class envy? You libs have created the sub cultures with the entitlement mind sets for one reason…to KEEP them enslaved to big government. Fifty years of lib government handouts (trillions of $$$) how much better off are you and your kids?? Capitalism works. Read. Think.

  66. WESTand his wingnuts Says:

    West sure brings out the lunatics, the bigots, and the right wing nut jobs. The incendiary spiteful rhetoric of You right wing commenters shows precisely why West should not be elected. How can someone who ridicules the majority of his constituency be trusted to serve the people of his Congressional District?
    That’s Funny he does not live in his district, wonder why he didn’t run against Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Maybe he was afraid he would get beat by a woman half his size.
    Courageous? Or a cold hearted, calculating, Right Wing attack on true democracy in Florida by Republican money once again.

  67. chrissy Says:

    Col. West is a True American Hero he does what he needs to save his men. That is what a True Leader does. He has my Vote!!!!

  68. WESTand his wingnuts Says:

    New Times provides better insight into this video

  69. Wally P Says:

    Col West is a true American Patriot and he will defeat klein in the fall election.

    Godspeed Sir

  70. _ Says:

    JoseO, Stop being a MORON. West’s average contribution amount is about $86 dollars! That doesn’t sound like BIG OIL! That sounds like TROUBLE for KLEIN!

  71. Max Says:

    West’s behavior is very similar to that of SS guards in concentration camps, who often tortured prisoners by pretending to shoot them in the head but then fired away or fired on an empty chamber. That doesn’t come from watching “Schindler’s List” or any other movie, but from reading accounts of the Nuremberg Trials like Telford Taylor’s “Nuremberg Diary.” Idiots get their history from the movies. The rest of us read history books.

  72. Mannix Says:

    I read plenty of history Max & you’re still out in left field. Google the Holocaust if you want find more books about WWII: the freight trains, babies being ripped out of their mother’s arms, enslaved jews, oh let’s see, zyklon b, and on and on. Very fundamental history there smart guy.
    1. Schindler’s List/ Thos. Keneally
    2. The Pianist the true story/ Szpilman

    Hey Jim- welcome JoseO’s postings! A marxist on display can only improve November’s outcome.

  73. Treat Says:

    Max is correct, anyone who has read the history of the camps knows that West’s actions are similar to what the guards there did. Of course pretending to shoot prisoners is not all the guards used to do, but it was one of their favorites.

    The point is that West is not a hero. A hero is someone who upholds the principles he’s fighting for even under great pressure. West caved in under pressure and started behaving just like the people he was fighting against. That is not something to be proud of.

    Klein is no hero either. On the other hand, Republicans who nominated two draft dodgers like Bush and Cheney in 2000 and 2004 shouldn’t criticize Klein just because he didn’t serve either.

  74. Joan Says:

    This is my district and I am a registered democrat who voted for Ron Klein against Clay Shaw and West. Those days are over. I just finished watching the video and was very moved. Sorry, Congressman Klein, not this time!

  75. _ Says:

    To Max, Treat, and the rest of the kill’em with kindness crowd, you would be slaughtered if not for people like Allen West. The lot of your ilk are naive ingrates.

  76. Treat Says:

    To the fool who said I would be slaughtered if not for West, I ask: slaughtered by what? Am I supposed to thank Allen West for fighting to protect me from WMD that did not really exist?

    West and other troops went to Iraq because Americans were told we were in danger from WMD. When our troops got there, we learned no WMD existed. Then the people who actually live in that country started shooting at our troops because they did not ask us there and they did not want us there. I don’t see anything in that story that makes West a hero.

  77. Luke Says:

    West is a war criminal. His actions did nothing to help his men. He got no information of any value, merely demonstrated to Iraqis that Americans can be just as brutal as Saddam’s troops.

    Some people have values they stick to no matter what, and others throw their values out the window and resort to brutality the moment something happens that really scares them. West is one of the second group. That group is called cowards, not heroes.

  78. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    All you saps who’ve never been in combat can just chill out and have a nice hot cup of STFU. In combat, no one fights for Mom, Apple Pie, finding WMD’s, freedom, or democracy. Ya fight only for EACH OTHER and do whatever it takes to try to bring everyone home safe. Since war is about killing people and breaking things, then everything else, including Allen’s actions, are minor chump change. That said, I still will NOT vote for Allen for my own reasons. But if you ain’t seen the beast up close and personal, then your words and opinions on the subject of the beast are empty.

  79. Klien is history Says:

    This will be a simple decision in November.

    The nation can no longer afford professional politicians…of either party!

  80. KNOW WEST Says:

    Know West, know Peace. No West, no peace.

  81. Luke Says:

    Hey BustedUP, one of the reasons our forces did so badly in Iraq and are doing badly now in Afghanistan is attitudes like yours. Counterinsurgency campaigns are not about how many people you kill, but about convincing the local population they are better off with you than with the insurgents. This may be hard for you to grasp, but you don’t accomplish that by killing and torturing the local population, which is what West did.

    The surge in Iraq was basically about getting rid of commanders who had your (and West’s) mindset and replacing them with people who understand Petraeus’s approach. The same process is happening in the Afghan war now. We’ve already been in Afghanistan longer than it took us to beat both Germany and Japan, and if we listen to you we’ll still be there when your grandchildren are ready to retire.

  82. Vet Against West Says:

    As a former Vet I believe that West was wrong for what he did, he should have received a stiffer punishment, many others have for less infractions, and he should not be celebrated as a hero or one who has the strength of character to hold public office.
    The actions of West were counterproductive to the United States Mission in Iraq. The rumor was that is life was under threat not his troops. This was as unprofessional and selfish as a commander can get. He put even more lives at stake by his actions.
    His lack of remorse for breaking the Uniform Code of Military Justice shows that he still does not get it.
    I suggest West get checked for PTSD. He has something eating away at him on the inside. And it is most likely throwing away his entire career for a stupid mistake.

  83. Cary Nation Says:

    What a lot of opinions! Just because someone served in the Army does not make them qualified to serve in government. I for one DO NOT want to see taxing go up to 23%, oil rigs off my coast and socical security being privitized. Don’t confuse the real issues with the rhetoric. Klein does work for the working class and will continue to do so. West? Doesn’t seems to have only controversial ideas. Scares the heck out of me.

  84. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Hey Luke

    As you know, whether the strategy is hounter-terrorism, humanitarian assistance or even, yes, counter-insurgency in a hostile place, NOTHING negates our force’s responsibilty to make force protection and self-defense the #1 priorities. So like I said, in combat ya fight only for EACH OTHER and do whatever it takes to try to bring everyone home safe regardless of the grand strategy. Since your son, Corporal Luke was West’s top gunner in West’s HUMVEE, I’m surprised that you appear to question the measures that West used to uncover the details about the planned ambush on West, thus enabling your son to come home to you alive. After all, IED’s and RPG’s don’t discriminate between the targeted commander and others in the same vehicle. In closing, West did what was necessary in combat, but I’m still NOT voting for him.

  85. Jackson Says:

    What is scary are the ignorant comments by ignorant individuals. Their comments don’t deserve to be aknowledged. You can’t/won’t change them and some do it just for the attention. Allen West is an outstanding American Citizen who is willing to step up to the plate and get America back on track. I thank him for his military service and for protecting OUR freedom. Not only do I thank him, I thank every individual who has proudly served out country. What Allen did is in the past…get OVER IT! MOVE ON! Allen will represent District 22 with honor and integrity. He doesn’t need to low his standards to get votes! GO WEST!!!

  86. Luke Says:

    If saving the lives of our own troops is the number one priority, then we should simply keep them at home. Those who are in favor of throwing our troops into a vicious insurgency are showing that saving our troops’ lives is NOT their first priority.

    Our political leaders decided to put the troops in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan to achieve missions they thought were worth sacrificing the lives of the troops. BustedUp keeps telling us that those missions are of less importance than keeping the troops safe. If many have an attitude like that, it’s no wonder our troops are not getting the job done over there. You can say that our troops are brave, self-sacrificing and lots of other nice things, but one thing you can’t say is that they are winning these conflicts. We’re bugging out of Iraq at a time when there is still plenty of violence directed against the government by insurgents – we have never succeeded in defeating the Iraqi insurgents militarily. In Afghanistan we are no closer to victory than we were in 2001. If the mission doesn’t matter, then we shouldn’t be over there at all. If it does matter, we should do what is necessary to execute it.

  87. Frank Says:

    West did not represent the Army with honor and integrity when he was in Iraq, and he is not capable of doing that in any other context. Soldiers who torture and commit other war crimes bring shame and disgrace on our country. That is what West did. I am embarrassed that we have people like that in our armed forces.

  88. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Ok Luke

    You win.

    You’ve totally convinced me that the aveage, individual American soldier in the Revolution, Civil War, WWI & WWII never fought for, nor cared for each other at the personal level in combat. That each and every one of our soldiers in those victorious conflicts were emotionless automatons whose only focused thoughts and constant priorities were independence for a jeffersonian democracy, emancipation, defeat of the German-Ottoman-Austria/Hungary empires, and the defeat of Nazism-Facism-Japanese Imperialism, respectively. How stupid of me to ever think that a 19 year old soldier would think of anything other than the grand political strategies and national policies of the conflict in question, while they’re being shot at. No wonder we aren’t winning today….but you know how kids are these days.

  89. Luke Says:

    Busted, your point seems to be that West’s torture doesn’t matter because while it may cause problems for his mission, protecting himself and his troops is more important.

    Let’s leave aside the issue of whether West’s torture actually did anything to protect him or his troops – so far as I know there is no indication that it did. But if West and his men are not going to fulfill the mission, then why are they there at all? Quite apart from the danger they’re in, sending them there and keeping them there costs us a bundle. Why spend it if they’re so focused on self-preservation that they can’t fulfill the mission?

    If preserving our troops conflicts with carrying out the mission, we have to decide which is more important. If preserving our troops is more important, then they just shouldn’t be there.

  90. _ Says:

    Luke, let it go, BustedUpGrunt just owned you!

  91. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Luke, I spent over 31 years active USMC, and I seen the beast. If you haven’t served in the military, and I have to explain it to you….then you’d never understand human nature in combat anyway. But I’ll give you a small hint, it’s entirely possible that some people CAN chew gum and walk at the same time.

  92. Frank Says:

    I don’t see any answer to Luke’s question. If the priority is keeping our troops safe, then what happens to the mission?

    For soldiers these days, there is such a thing as rules of engagement. They’re created because the people who designed the mission think they are necessary to achieve the mission. Soldiers who can’t follow the rules of engagement are soldiers we really don’t need.

  93. Treat Says:

    I am pretty tired of people who have served (and I happen to be one) claiming that they are the only ones who have any right to say anything about our country’s actions in war. Armies don’t pay for themselves and there are a lot of other things we could be doing with the trillion dollars we have spent on Iraq and Afghanistan (so far without winning in either place). Every American who contributes has a right to his opinion, and anyone who doesn’t think so should go live somewhere else. Try North Korea, I hear it is very nice this time of year.

  94. Ron Klein Says:

    I will not debate Allen West, I will not show up to townhall meetings, I will not return emails or phone calls, I will not vote the way of the people. The people of my district are stupid, so I will make the decisions for them. I am Ron Klein dammit!

  95. Marvin Gaye Says:

    Mother, mother
    There’s too many of you crying
    Brother, brother, brother
    There’s far too many of you dying
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some lovin’ here today – Ya

    Father, father
    We don’t need to escalate
    You see, war is not the answer
    For only love can conquer hate
    You know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some lovin’ here today

    Picket lines and picket signs
    Don’t punish me with brutality
    Talk to me, so you can see
    Oh, what’s going on
    What’s going on
    Ya, what’s going on
    Ah, what’s going on

    Father, father, everybody thinks we’re wrong
    Oh, but who are they to judge us
    Simply because our hair is long
    Oh, you know we’ve got to find a way
    To bring some understanding here today

    Picket lines and picket signs
    Don’t punish me with brutality
    Talk to me
    So you can see
    What’s going on
    Ya, what’s going on
    Tell me what’s going on
    I’ll tell you what’s going on – Uh
    Right on baby
    Right on baby

  96. John Lennon Says:

    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me out?

    Don’t you know it’s gonna be

    You say you’ve got a real solution
    Well, you know
    We’d all love to see the plan
    You ask me for a contribution
    Well, you know
    We are doing what we can
    But if you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell is, brother, you’ll have to wait

    Don’t you know it’s gonna be

    You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well, you know
    You’d better free your mind instead
    But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
    You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow

    Don’t you know it’s gonna be

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