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Update: Rubio says yes to seven debates, Meek to at least five, Crist mulling

by George Bennett | August 26th, 2010

Republican Senate hopeful Marco Rubio says he’s accepted seven debate invitations between now and the Nov. 2 general election.

Democrat Kendrick Meek this afternoon agreed to five of the debates and says he’ll do the other two if the dates can be changed.

Republican-turned-independent Gov. Charlie Crist has so far agreed to one of the dates — Oct. 24 in Tampa — and isn’t ruling out others, spokesman Danny Kanner said.

Check out the debate dates and which candidates have accepted them after the jump….

Scheduled Senate debates and who has agreed to them so far:

Sunday, September 5 — Rubio, Meek
NBC’s Meet The Press Debate
Moderated by David Gregory
Washington, DC

Friday, September 17 — Rubio; Meek proposes alternate date
WLTV-Univision 23 Debate
Miami, FL

Tuesday, September 28 — Rubio; Meek proposes alternate date
WTVT-FOX 13 Tampa Bay Debate
Tampa, FL

Wednesday, October 6 — Rubio, Meek
ABC News, WFTV-ABC 9 Orlando & WFTS-ABC 28 Tampa
Moderated by George Stephanopoulos and two local media panelists
Orlando, FL

Tuesday, October 19 — Rubio, Meek
Leadership Florida Debate
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sunday, October 24 — Rubio, Meek, Crist
CNN/St. Petersburg Times Debate
Moderated by Candy Crowley
Tampa, FL

Tuesday, October 26 — Rubio, Meek
NBC News & WESH-NBC 2 Orlando Debate
Moderated by David Gregory
Orlando, FL

11 Responses to “Update: Rubio says yes to seven debates, Meek to at least five, Crist mulling”

  1. True Blue Says:

    Marco’s slick as a snake oil salesman so , of course, he wants to debate a lot so he can spew his lies.

    Charlie , give him 3 perhaps 4 and let Meek take all of his hits.

  2. jimbo Says:

    7 is way too many….ABC, NBC and CNN are well known for being radically liberal and in the tank for Obamaa so keep a close eye on the questions because they most likely will favor Meek and the Democrats..

  3. Rubio and Scott = Return to Bush fascism Says:

    We could watch Rubio spew or just put on some reruns of Bush blathering the Rove lies. Same thing.

  4. john Says:

    I don’t know. Agreeing to 7 debates so quickly seems fearless and like he has nothing to hide. I’m actually impressed. Its the folks who strategically pick and choose where and when they’ll debate that I’d watch out for. To analogize it to boxing, I’d fear the guy who says “I’ll fight any man, any where, any time” over the guy who says, “I’ll only fight you in my home town, at 9pm, with the lights dimmed”. Rubio =1, Crist/Meek =0.

  5. ELC Says:

    Well I may not be impressed with Marco but I am impressed that he is willing to so
    many debates this quick. I just hope he
    doesn’t do a Rick Scott. Scott does walk
    throughs of places and then sends in his
    mommy to talk for him. He just lucked out winning the primary-lets see if he can beat the *****Alex Sink. As for Crist and Meek-either Man Up or slither
    into the holes all you politicans belong in.

  6. Independent Voter Says:

    Rubio is the cure for insomnia.

  7. Support Rubio Says:

    You gotta love this guy, Marco! He’s fantastic and will make our state and nation proud.

  8. O Really Says:

    Too much adrenaline in the tank.The Senate is a deliberative body, where cool heads prevail. 7 debates in 70 days is @ 1 / 10 days…great for sloganeering.

  9. Nelsa Says:

    Charlie Crist dodged all but one debate (which he lost) in the primary and still had to leave the republican party to survive until the general election.

    Now he chooses one debate? CNN. Just 2 weeks before the general election?

    Charlie. “The People” have spoken. They want you to go away.

  10. whasup Says:

    So it begins. We see Rubio and Meek willing to debate the issues, and the hapless, partyless, empty suit Shucking Chuckles, Mr. Cristo-Change-O, who’s got nothing but photo-ops, political stunts, and a cult of personality shucking and jiving again.

    What are you afraid of Chuckles?

    Perhaps, letting an issues debate demonstrate that you are only out for yourself, blinded by your own ambition, and not the savior of the nation, Florida, or even your own political career?

    You know you are.

  11. Pat Says:

    What’s Charlie Crist doing with Secret Service guys in Martha Vineyard?

    Visiting Obama? Obama offering him a position to drop out?

    Did FL taxpayers fund the flight for Crist?

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