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Revenge of the insiders: Meek, McCollum back up in new Q poll

by George Bennett | August 18th, 2010

Three weeks after a Quinnipiac University poll showed outsiders Jeff Greene and Rick Scott holding double-digit leads in their Democratic Senate and Republican governor’s primaries, a new Quinnipiac survey shows their establishment-backed rivals are back on top as next Tuesday’s elections approach.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek now holds a 35-to-28 percent edge over Palm Beach investor Greene in the Democratic Senate primary — reversing Greene’s 33-to-23 percent lead in late July.

In the GOP governor’s primary, Attorney General Bill McCollum has opened a 44-to-35 percent lead over Naples businessman Scott. Scott had a 43-to-32 percent lead over McCollum in the July poll.

The latest poll was taken Aug. 11 through Monday. The sample of 807 likely Republican voters has a margin of error of 3.5 percent while the 814-voter Democratic sample has a 3.4 percent margin of error.

11 Responses to “Revenge of the insiders: Meek, McCollum back up in new Q poll”

  1. Ron Says:

    The only poll that counts is the one called a ballot box. Rick Scott and Jeff Greene will win their races.

  2. uh, what? Says:

    How is it even possible that Meek gets ANY votes?!?!? Haven’t you people had enough angry black guys in politics yet?

  3. V Says:

    How anybody could like McCollum is beyond me. His ads are so disgusting and full of hate and lies. I can’t believe anyone could stand there, stare into a camera and flat out lie like he does.

    If he should win another office in Florida, especially this one, this state will truly become Flori-DUH

  4. Steve in WPB Says:

    Greene and Scott are both rich dirtbags that will thankfully fail in the upcoming primary.

  5. Ha! Says:

    A rich jewish guy against an angry black guy…I’ll skip this election thank you

  6. ken11 Says:


  7. maggie Says:

    Did I hear right? Jeb climbed aboard the McCCollum train to stop Rick “the thief” Scott. I think Jeb’s only helping because Rick’s Company didn’t put him on their board of directors. Jeb haven’t you done enough for Floridians.

  8. Vote the bums out. Says:

    Florida politics as usual then…..unless someone gets caught with child porn or something as heinous, there’s no way a poll swings from a double digit lead to falling behind in such a short time. Anyone who votes for McCollum is an idiot, not that I’m a big fan of Scott but he is the lesser of two evils and I believe he will address the plague of illegals we have. McCollum has no intentions, that bill he proposed is a vote getter and will be dead in the water if he’s elected.

  9. American Patriot Says:

    There is no way this is accurate.
    This smells like the Bush election that was rampant with Fraud.

    McCullum is your typical corrupt scumbag career polotician.

    Rick Scott is your typical I AM OUT OF TOUCH WITH WORKING PEOPLE Corporate Liar.

    Meek, well he is just a dumb— in the making to become a crook polotician and is out for himself.

    Jeff green, just another RICH guy that has forgotten what it is like to work for pay that does not pay your bills.
    He has big parties and has been out flonting his money and trying impress people and WOMAN for years now.

    Theres your choices people.
    How about that, good bunch of average citizens wanting to be in charge of your state and what IS BEST FOR YOU.

    These clowns fighten me and we should hold a vote of NO CONFIDENCE and throw them all out and hold new elections.

    No matter who wins, they are going to screw everyone.

    If you believe what you here on TV, thank again. It’s all false.

    These type clowns are exactly why our country is in the sahpe that it is in.

    Because people like you keep electing losers that are self servinf and only want the paycheck and the insider trading stock tips.

    Good luck your all going to need it

  10. Bill Says:

    5. Ha! Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 10:02 am
    A rich jewish guy against an angry black guy…I’ll skip this election thank you

    How much racism is enough? What is your IQ, about 10?

  11. Huh? Says:

    Just wondering how pointing out an angry black guy is racist? Is pointing out an angry white guy racist?

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